How’s That Guns Galore Working Out For You, Georgia?

April 29, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

So this morning some guy decides to shoot-up a Fed Ex shipping warehouse just northeast of Atlanta.

A package handler with an assault rifle and bullets strapped to his chest “like Rambo” injured six people at a Georgia FedEx facility early Tuesday before he was found dead of an apparent suicide, authorities and witnesses said.

Okay, let’s just say there was a police officer right there on duty watching the parking lot.  That officer would have no right to stop this dude or question him until the guy starts shooting.

You can walk around like Rambo in Georgia and they even give you time to aim and a couple of shots head start.  Not only is gun toting legal, it’s encouraged by the Governor and the Legislature.  If you go to Georgia, they stop you at the state line and loan you a gun.  And Rambo crap if you want it.

Way to stinkin’ go, Georgia.

Thanks to Old Mayfly for the heads up.


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19 Comments to “How’s That Guns Galore Working Out For You, Georgia?”

  1. Marcia in CO says:

    Yup … we kinda knew all this would be the start of something not so good … for anyone!!!

  2. Sane people of Georgia, take your kids and leave. This is only the beginning.

  3. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Well, that didn’t take long.

  4. donquijoterocket says:

    I’m sure the gunhumpers in jawja will claim the new law has nothing to do with it. The guy was obviously off his rocker and we need to enforce mental health laws more stringently. It’s about the only law I’ve ever heard them actually cite despite saying we don’t need any more gun restrictions we need to enforce the ones we already have while not specifying which”laws” they mean. This guy was a good law-abiding citizen right up to the time he pulled the trigger.

  5. Mary Reynolds (BloodyMary) says:

    Bloody Mary is not surprised that bloodshed, perpetrated by mentally unstable persons in the entire increasing The US has arrived at the vicious state that every morning headline cites another carnage Sorry to say that it has taken even less time than expected to take place even though it was inevitable when extremists’ ultimate goal was to arm all their crazies and saturate these dangerously potential murderous paranoids with their completely false and manufactured allegations that the government was coming to get your guns. Nothing could have been more inherently vicious and detrimental to our country than to turn brother against brother You know who you are…..

  6. Yep, any good law-abiding citizen should be able to walk around in public with an assault rifle and ammo bands strapped to his chest. Nothing to worry about at all. And of course the gun’s loaded; they’re ALL loaded, in defiance of safety rules and common sense. So if those bullets start flying and you’re in the way, it must be your own silly fault.

  7. OldMayfly says:

    Gov. Nathan Deal signed the “guns everywhere” law last Friday afternoon. The next day we had that fool at the little league game. Today is only Tuesday.

    What if that “like Rambo” guy had been speeding to the Fed Ex? I guess a cop could have stopped him and given him a ticket for speeding–but that is about all.

    “Here’s your ticket, Sir. Drive more carefully and have a nice day.”

  8. And the topper is the town where it happened has a law requiring every person to own a gun. Definitely a look at things to come.

  9. I’m with @OldMayfly (7).

    It’s going to be a gun disaster a day.

    Totally senseless. Totally irresponsible.

    Worst of all….. Totally deadly.

  10. That Other Jean says:

    Miemaw, you left one out: totally predictable.

  11. e platypus onion says:

    Next week they work on tort reform so if you are an innocent bystander and get hosed by a crazy gunman,you’ll get hosed by the justice system because you won’t be able to sue. That should bring down the cost of buying more guns and ammo.

  12. Marge Wood says:

    Maybe we could combine both blogs for one crazy movie. That is terrible. Terrible.

  13. Ben Shub says:

    E. Platypus,

    As you know, the price doesn’t come down. That’s just a selling point to the clueless lawyer-haters (like the the tort-deform myth of lower premiums, more doctors, no lawsuit tax built into the price of you-name-it). Instead, the profits go up, contributions get made to 2d amendment rah-rah’ers, and the show goes on.

    The cost of injuries has been externalized, i.e., shifted onto the rest of us, who don’t own stock in Colt, Browning, Glock, Charter Arms, the Carlyle Group, Lockheed, etc. ad nauseum.

    Of course, the real price of guns ‘n ammo is directly rated to the level of Obama-hate, and the Faux-fact that the Department of Homeland Security is snapping up ammo for the coming show-down. Really, if Uncle Sam wants to shut down Bundy’s Militia, they’d send in stuff those cowboys would melt and go limp in front of. They gonna stop an Abrams tank or knock down an Apache with their little phallic peashooters? Puh-leeeeze!

  14. Cindy Mac says:

    Perhaps we should start wearing Kevlar fashions…sigh.

  15. I live in GA. The “Atlanta Journal Constitution” has a feature known as the “Vent” where people can comment on issues. Well, low and behold, one of the comments today was from a woman who lives in Kennesaw where the FED EX shooting took place. She wrote,”I live in Kennesaw; it used to be a safe place to live. There has been 3 murders in as many weeks. What has happened to people?” Duh. What is going on is that Kennesaw is that it is one of the regions where the county commission voted to force every citizen to be armed, if they want to be. This woman is clueless. What did she think w/could happen in a place where guns are more important to citizens than Jesus?

    Jim Galloway wrote an article today entitled, “A workplace mass shooting in Georgia’s Gun Central.”

    The lesson to the woman who left the comment in the vent should be “be careful what you wish for,” but I seriously doubt the incident at the FED EX in Kennesaw will compel her or her buddies to reconsider having everyone in GA armed.

  16. I meant to write—” What is going on is that Kennesaw is one of the regions where the county commission voted to force every citizen to be armed, if they want to be.”

  17. “force” . . . “if they want to be” Been awhile since Logic I but ain’t that kinda contradictory? But, hey, thats the way things seem to be these days.

  18. Here’s the real irony,the only place in GA that you CANNOT be armed is……wait for it. The Capitol building! WAY TO GO BRAVE LEGISLATORS! BRAVO!

  19. Zyxomma says:

    Meanwhile, washed up, has-been, neverwas, wannabe, ex-governor of Alaska, $carah Pay-me equated waterboarding with baptism at the NRA convention. The best coverage of it came from Jeanne Devon (of course!); she’s a friend of the WMDBS: