How Much Fun Is This?

January 03, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Steve Bannon spills the beans and Trump says Bannon has lost his mind.

Two disgusting men fight!  Can they both lose?

I’ll update as news arrives.

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24 Comments to “How Much Fun Is This?”

  1. I know, this could be a whole lot of fun! I was thinking of popcorn and a beverage fun, let the tweets fly.

  2. I have two hatchets. Can we tape their left wrists together and give each a hatchet? We can count on them to settle their differences quickly. Equitably.

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    Micr, what’s the over & under on one or both of them having a stroke or fatal heart attack after less than two minutes of intense huffing and puffing?

    Actually the odds on Donnie making it through today have decreased significantly. Seems Jughead and Popsicle have stepped on Daddy’s winkie with an assist from Ryan Zinke. The kids are renting their Dee Cee bungalow from Chilean billionaire Andrónico Luksic (Antofagasta PLC and Twin Metals Minnesota LLC ). Zinke is trophy ‘hunting’ pals with Dimwit, Jr. Shaded shenanigans of collusion and nepotism, the Dotard45 maladministration moved Friday to renew leases for a copper and nickel mining operation on the border of Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, reversing a decision made in the final weeks of Barack Obama’s tenure in office.

    The daily tangled Tango of Donnie reversing all that was Obama, while his kids profit. Are you listening, Mr. Mueller?

  4. Repubanon says:

    This seems to be following the normal Trump enterprise timeline.
    First, convince the desperate to enter into a deal.
    Next, make more big promises and do a bunch of boasting of how things are great.
    Meanwhile, cracks start appearing due to incompetence and disgruntled employees/ contractors.

    We’re about at the point where disaster dooms the enterprise and the whole thing goes down the tubes.

    The big downside: this time, the Trump enterprise heading for disaster is our country.

  5. 1smartcanerican says:

    Oh, I hope this brings big changes to the administration! I love how they are turning on one another. May it be a disaster for them and a win for us. Been a long time – like never – since we have enjoyed a win compliments of the winningest Dotard ever!

  6. Micr:
    While this is only partially related, I’ve got to thank you. Your suggestion of weapons reminded me of a story I hadn’t read in decades. “The Great French Duel” by Mark Twain. I haven’t laughed that hard for awhile, and I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t plan on drinking liquids while reading it.
    And folks, today’s developments are proof positive. When JJ shows back up, it’s entertainin AS HELL!!! If she’s only operatin at 50% now, then we better break out the riot gear for the day she’s firin on all cylinders.

  7. Excellent recommendation PP, here it is!

  8. slipstream says:

    Awwww, isn’t that sweet? It looks like an early Valentine’s Day for Donnie and Stevie. It is always inspiring to see such a deep level of mutual respect between two who know each other well.

  9. e platypus onion says:

    Drumpf claims he knew Bannon was leaking stuff to the media so why didn’t he fire the leaker like he threatened?

    None of this adds up.

  10. epo@9:

    It adds up… to a circular firing squad. It seems to be the natural result of a lot of grifters who didn’t expect to win winning, and playing musical chairs to see who can avoid indictment the longest.

    It’s even more abundantly clear that Drumpf has always been entirely out of his depth, and that those closest to him knew it best.

  11. You gotta know that the merd is going to hit the oscillating blades soon when the swamp rats begin eating one another.

  12. @PP and @Deb

    Thanks to each of you. I read Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn a lotta years ago in middle school but never Tramp Abroad. I will try to find a paperback copy at Half Price Books.

  13. I’ve been laughing since dawn when I switched on the electric TV and everyone was talking about the great Steve and Donnie hand to hand mud slinging contest. May they bury each other in it!

  14. Honest questions, now that Trump and Bannon are getting a divorce who gets custody of the Nazis and the KKK? Who gets stuck with the Mercers and Betsy DeVos?

  15. It should be very interesting as it escalates. I suspect Bannon can be as nasty as Trump and won’t be cowed by any Twitter attack. Trump may just have met his match (a dubious honor I daresay.)

  16. Could all the Obama-haters at least step forward and give him credit as an able administrator? He may have turned America into a Kenyan Socialist Paradise but he did it without drama, leaks and publicly aired internecine warfare.

  17. I knew long ago that putting this many ratf***rs together would get entertaining as they ratf***d each other.

  18. @ deb. Custody battles are always the worst. Love is grand. Custody battles are always 30 grand!

  19. Coprolite says:

    Maybe we could get the two of them to call in a swatting on each other.

  20. slipstream says:

    That screaming noise from the White House Donnie crying “What’s the use of having a Secret Service if they won’t whack somebody for me?”

  21. Chloe Bear says:

    IF Bannon suspected that the meeting with jr and the russians was treasonist, etc. why when he became aware of this meeting, did he not contact the FBI?

  22. Chloe Bear:

    Perhaps Bannon isn’t as stupid as he looks and realized what a vile ratf***** Rump was. Perhaps he did contact the FBI. We’ll never know that. The FBI isn’t into giving out information. Bannon is probably much better at keeping his cards close to his chest than the Rump. Bannon stuck around long enough to see it all go down. I think we could almost bet that Mueller and the agencies will want a deposition with him. And he will give evidence for immunity. Just sayin’.

  23. Papa:
    Too true. And nobody holds their cards closer than Mueller and his team. The really good stuff won’t be seeing the light of day until they’ve got enough to be beyond question. That’s what they do for a living.

  24. I am so glad you are back and kicking those who need it!!! Got the f/f book on Kindle……he must be at the top of NYT book list by now. Hooray!


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