Holy Crap: Guns Don’t Kill People With Bibles Edition

January 27, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Awww, the Huckster is back in rare form.

huckabee-220x220Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) returned to one of his favorite themes at a televangelist’s conference earlier this month — the power of public school prayer to eradicate school shootings.

In video surfaced by Right Wing Watch on Monday, Huckabee said that in his day, people prayed in public schools left and right, the ex-governor told an audience at TV preacher Morris Cerullo’s annual gathering.

Okay, but then how do you explain deadly shootings in churches?  Talking about gun violence in church —

Last year, there were 115 attacks, with 75 of those ending in a fatality, he said.

I kinda suspect there’s some Bibles and praying there.

I dunno, maybe bread bags over your shoes stops school shootings?  I hear that’s a popular theory lately.

Thanks to Carl for the heads up.

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20 Comments to “Holy Crap: Guns Don’t Kill People With Bibles Edition”

  1. Adolescents–and adults who act like adolescents–do not mix well with guns. I guess we should pray that people like that can’t get guns. That would work as well as what the Huckster is suggesting.

  2. Aggieland Liz says:

    Background checks w no loopholes are a better plan. Licensing and insuring like cars is a better plan. The Lord helps them as helps themselves. Unfortunately, we look pretty helpless right now 🙁

  3. Aggieland Liz–Be aware that “the Lord helps those” isn’t biblical at all; Ben Franklin stole it from pagan mythology and put it in Poor Richard’s Almanac. Go back to the Gospels; they say the Lord helps those who love him and follow his commandments. “Shoot your enemies” isn’t one of them.

  4. Not really relevant but?
    Whenever I hear people say there is no prayer in schools I can’t help thinking of the quote (not original with me) “As long as they give exams, there will be prayer in schools.”

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if there is prayer going on when there are shootings.

    And how does he explain shootings in churches?

  5. Prayer in public schools helps eradicate witches too. At least people that some people thought were witches. Gee, they couldn’t have been wrong, could they?

    If I were religious, I’d pray for some sensible laws to prevent any unbalanced, violent, or impulsive clown from getting their hands on easy guns. As it is, all I can do is try to elect people who will pass those laws and approve judges who will let those laws stand. But too much money is on the other side.

  6. @Susie
    I heard that about geometry, as in “As long as they teach geometry, there will be prayer in schools.” I should say too that the teaching of geometry has changed since the late 60s when I was forced by prevailing State law to take it. I hated proofs. And still do.

  7. Aggieland Liz says:

    @djw, not quoting scripture; didn’t claim to & didn’t intend to! Neither is Huckabee, however much he might be claiming to! That other thing is more of a philosophy; a lot of my clients prose on about God having a plan, or God being in control, and that may not be false – but I’ve got a brain and hands for some reason, right?

  8. I’m with you Aggieland Liz. If people had to pay for insurance, the more guns, the more dollars, and everyone had to undergo rigorous registration, we might start to see progress against the NRA and gun manufacturers. The Huckster’s simplistic solution won’t make a dent.

  9. Aggieland Liz says:

    @maryelle-the sooner we stop making all of these things religious issues the better! For one thing, you start yakking on about your favorite flavor of deity and half your audience tunes you out and starts plotting their getaways. Every issue we have to decide and every problem we ought to solve is not a moral problem! There may be some ethical or moral issues that have bearing on how we do or don’t address an issue, and it would be nice if we could all agree to first do no harm, but we have got to somehow get past asking the Huckabees and Robertsons n other persons of cloth to weigh in with their interpretations of things. I don’t know how that can be accomplished when 25-30% of us think that the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is going to watch and pick the damn winner of the Super Bowl; I just know it needs to be done!

  10. JAKvirginia says:

    I love these words I found someplace:
    Prayer – doing nothing but thinking you’re helping.

  11. I graduated high school in 1978. We had a moment of silent prayer or meditation during homeroom after we’d sat back down from doing the Pledge. All they asked is that we be quiet for that moment. A lot of folks just put their head down and snoozed.

    We had prayer groups, but they weren’t any more public than the math club. They had a time and a place to meet and other than that, they pretty much stayed out of everyone else’s business. Once in a while they might invite you (one on one) to church if they were your friend. The math club was more likely to hijack someone if we came up short a person for a tournament.

    Well, Mr. Huckabee, sir, that was public school prayer by the whole student body. It was silent, but it was there. It didn’t stop the fist fights in our halls. (Guns were for hunting. I don’t think it occurred to anyone to bring them to school.) It didn’t stop the violence on minorities from the KKK (apparently very prevalent, though I was unaware). But we certainly didn’t pray “left and right” publicly.

  12. Aggieland Liz says:

    @djw: Here’s the Scripture!! You are s’posed to “go to a dark quiet place where no one can see you to pray in secret! Then your Heavenly Father, who sees what is secret, will reward you.”
    If you pray “left and right” where everyone else can see you, they all reward you and there is no need for the Father’s reward. Wonder if Huck ever knew that one or he just doesn’t like it?

  13. Marge Wood says:

    All sorts of views. Live and let live and don’t hurt anyone. Never noticed any praying right and left in public unless there seemed really good reason for it and I never counted prayers at football games because you know God just wants ’em all to come out unharmed.

  14. Angelo Frank says:

    The Hucksterberry will be in San Angelo on February 5th at 3:30PM for a book signing at Hastings. Ben Carson beat him to it a few months ago.

  15. I wouldn’t say that Mike Huckabee is dumb. One must have a BRAIN to be dumb.

  16. Does prayer have to be in school to stop school shootings? Why can’t prayers outside of school also stop shootings in schools? I thought Huckabee’s god was all-powerful, or something.

  17. Elise Von Holten says:

    I can’t remember the quote exactly, but it was a comedian that said He had read about a mega rich movie star who had said they were praying for the people in some crisis (earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc) and the comedian said, “Oh silly me! I just sent money!”
    I believe in holding thoughts correctly and miracles (results) happening out of that, but the mixing up of heaven and earth
    (samsara and nirvana) is sad more than anything. Caesar and God is another way to put it.

  18. Y’all, if irony isn’t dead it’s curled up in a corner in great agony. You know the people who rant and howl on and on about government interfering too much in our lives? People like the Huckster (I cannot call him here what I call him in private or Momma would come after me with the soap), and of course the legion of others like him. Yes, they would be the very selfsame ones who want that very said government that they claim to hate to tell us when and how and what to pray. I cannot abide their rampant hypocrisy.

  19. Just remember — Huckaback, not Huckabee. Therein lies the truth.


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