Hey, Check In

October 30, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Hey, Friends in Central Texas, check in.  Bubba, Jr., left Austin three hours ago and is stuck in traffic a Bergstrom airport.  Three hours, five miles.

I hear that San Marcos is totally underwater.


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  1. South Austin here. We got over 7 inches in my neighborhood. I’m on the high point in my area. 80% of Austin would have to be underwater before I’ll get flooded.

  2. Hope Bubba packed his water wings!

  3. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    While Bubba, Jr. is waiting, someone please list all the phone numbers of TX Republicons he can call to ‘thank’ for the timely weather notices.

    Stay safe Texans!

  4. National radar does show a lot of water coming down in parts of Texas. Also at least a bit of snow in 12 states from NM to ID and NY to ME.


    Hit the “Play animation” button above the map. You can also zoom in.

    Good luck to everybody out in the weather, and even more so if the weather comes in to you.

  5. Sandridge says:

    Here’s the SanAntonio/Austin NOAA WFO (at the New Braunfels airport) Storm Total Radar screen, from yesterday evening until now, highest amounts seem to be ~8″:


    Many local rivers are at flood and beyond, and there is more coming.

    Some of the teevee stations were showing higher amounts near Hays County, etc., 12 inches plus.
    I think they get better radar data from NOAA or somewhere. But they also tend to overhype it too (esp. ch5).

    It hasn’t been made official yet, but there was a probable tornado not too far from me this morning.
    Ch12/KSAT has shown a fair amount of helicopter cam footage showing some significant damage from whatever it was.
    Have only had from less than an inch to maybe two inches around here though, so far.
    The barometer has commenced to going steeply down again, wind is increasing, so something might be on the way again.

    It ain’t over yet…big front and low are still approaching from the west.

  6. I’m here in Southeast Texas, about 20 miles away from either Galveston or Houston (Downtown), right about 3 miles northeast of I-45. We’re ok (for the most part) at the moment, but tomorrow they’re gearing up for a major rainstorm.

  7. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    SW Austin. I got 6.2 inches and we’re in a lull now expecting more severe weather later. For the first time in the 8 years I’ve lived in this house, there was water inside the garage door, very nearly approaching the height of the one inch lip. I was a busy lady “redecorating” the garage so things wouldn’t get wet if water comes in. For now the water’s receded to damp, but at the height of redecorating and checking for leaks in the roof and checking the rain gauge, I was smacking myself upside the head wondering how I could have possibly forgotten to get a husband.

    The lowest parts of the neighborhood flooded and the dry creek became a raging torrent, but there aren’t houses right there. There’s a park and the HOA maintenance shed.

  8. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    Pertinent question: why the hell was Bubba driving when all the weather people were saying don’t drive if you don’t have to?

  9. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I-35 is closed between Waco and Temple.

  10. Stay safe everyone!

  11. Washington Post Weather Gang reports:

    Through 10 a.m. Central Time, 7.51 inches of rain had fallen at Austin Bergstrom Airport, and 5.76 inches of that fell in the 9 a.m. hour alone. It became the fourth wettest day on record for the location with another 14 hours to go. At 9:52 a.m., the airport tweeted that it was closing due to weather.

    [Also numerous video clips at this site, including one of an aptly-named River Road in Wimberley, and a chart illustrating “flash flood” on Onion Creek near Driftwood, where water height goes from about 2′ to over 23′ in about no time at all, really.]


  12. Aggieland Liz says:

    Beautiful downtown New Baden has had an inch plus of rain. My better half and I were meant to be in Austin for a 2pm care plan meeting at a SkNF, but I took a look at the weather and said “how bout no?” And we cancelled the meeting. My son works in Caldwell (Burleson Co) and he reported in that everything was OK at his place but they were bracing for another round (there were tornadoes reported and he knows I am a weatherhead!)

    Reading the NWS Public info statements, a Cocorahs observer reported 16″ of rain in Hays county, looked on the RFS precip map like the bullseye was between Buda and Kyle. They were rescuing stranded motorists in Elgin. The Valley is getting clocked too, Willacy Co sounded hard hit.

  13. Bubba, Jr. could walk or swim the five miles in that length of time.

  14. Susan on the Left Coast says:

    A man stuck 20 feet up the nicest tree called in to Austin news channel…they’re flooded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=55&v=0skAEQb07jw

  15. Central Austin here. My poor kids had to spend two hours in the school hallway “covering” for a tornado that was an hour gone and 50 miles away.

    But I wasn’t trapped in school like those little suckas so it was fine out here.

  16. austinhatlady says:

    Had to get out this am around the Capital Complex North (North Lamar & 45th to 51st) after waking with badly inflamed eye. Good friend in Hyde Park sheltered me for several hours between doc appointments about noon. Water on her street was over the curbs. Drove home about two pm up I-35 to Braker listening to stories about highway closed in San Marcos, evacuations in Dove Springs & Onion Creek. More on the way.

  17. Sandridge says:

    Best official place to check severe weather is the NOAA/NWS Storm Prediction Center’s :
    “Today’s Storm Reports (1200 UTC – 1159 UTC)”
    (Note: All Reports Are Considered Preliminary)

    Everything reported that meets certain criteria will get listed, eventually.

    Likely tornado nearby here hasn’t shown up yet, but the teevee news was just showing two of the restaurants (BBQ & TexMex) that we sometimes go to were flattened, along with big chunks of the new High School and other stuff around.

    For the big picture (there is more coming):

    And the really big pic:


  18. SomedayGirl says:

    #2 son at Texas State. As of this afternoon the kids were all fine but basically trapped on campus as the roads in and out were flooded. He sent a pic of the intersection of Aquarena Springs and University…more of a river than a roadway, looked like several feet of water.

  19. WA Skeptic says:

    You can sure tell who the New Guy is on the Weather Team; he’s the one standing in water up to his armpits!

    Stay safe, JJ.

  20. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    WA Skeptic, saw a similar image a few days ago; might have been South Carolina. ‘Brilliant’ of the media setting an example of what not to do in flooding situations.

    Don’t drive there, but wade on in …..

  21. DaddyWasATexan says:

    Holy crap! Glad we took 290 thru Austin & Fred Wed am on way to AZ. Son wanted to plan a side trip to the Alamo but now glad I nixed that idea. Don’t want to be on the riverwalk in weather like this.

    Even AZ was crazy yesterday. Tstorms coming EAST from Superstition Mts. What’s that, 3 times in one week for TX???

    Somebody needs to repent, & I’m looking at you Ted Cruz & everyone who voted for you.

  22. charles r. phillips says:

    Oregon here. Rained heavy all day, no flooding typical October weather.

    By the way, I heard Greg Abbott was under water as well. Might be wishful thinking, but…

  23. TexasEllen says:

    Lots of rain in Jarrell, tanks are full and with overflow as of today. A little over 5″. Rain about the same in Round Rock where we spent the day enjoying our grands. I-35 OK between RR and Jrl. Cats at both houses are acting peeved.

  24. I am in NW Austin. It’s been raining all day but the drainage ditches have performed admirably. Even got out to do last minute Halloween shopping with no problems. Most of the flooding has been south. Hope everyone stays safe.

  25. AlanInAustin says:

    Reporting from far NW Austin…

    Light/moderate rain throughout the day, punctuated by occasional downpours. My rainfall total at 9am Friday was 1.17″ and I’ll report in tomorrow morning.

    COCORAHS reports for those interested in weather:

  26. georgieporgie says:

    South Austin reporting in — we’ve had over 5″ here with more on the way. That mess your poor son was trapped in was the result of record 14.5″ rain at the airport, even had 6″ in the control tower, requiring Houston to take over control duties!

    Flooding over hwy. 71 and especially in underpasses required many rescues by emergency crews. Roads to/from Bastrop are underwater/impassable for time being with more expected tonight! TV news showed many people on Hwy. 71 to Bastrop having to sleep in their cars tonight; some returned to Austin for the night. Hope Jr. can make it home tomorrow!

  27. Hope Bubba made it home safely. (It’s Sat AM) Watching the Texas flooding on Weather channel as I type this. Y’all stay safe. To what do all those religious gurus attribute Gods wrath on you folks?

  28. Houston is getting the deluge right now at 8:53am!

  29. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Didn’t see the call for reports yesterday. We had five inches of rain by about noon yesterday (starting at maybe 6 am?) and I was up until 2 am today watching weather radar because one little intense storm with (at one time) a tornado in it was headed this way. Our near meadow (just north of the house yards) flooded beautifully but I didn’t get a picture of it even though I got wet and then lost a sandal in a sucking mudhole in the north horse lot trying to take it with camera in a gallon Ziploc bag. It’s harder than I expected to push the right controls with wet hands through a plastic bag.

    Creek had a flash flood, but by the time I can get down there (given the chocolate pudding passing for dark clay soil right now) it’ll be long gone and down. The remaining mulberry tree stump in the back yard came down all the way (soft ground) and there may be more tree damage I haven’t spotted yet, but we have electricity and didn’t get flooded out, so…we’re the lucky ones.

  30. Juanita Jean says:

    Bubba, Jr. got back to Austin and bunked with a friend. I talked to him last night and he was so grateful not to be in his car.

  31. AlanInAustin says:

    For 24 hrs ending at 9am Saturday morning, I got 4.53″ in far NW Austin. That big line of thunderstorms around 3am made for quite a show!

    I see one of our COCORAHS reporting stations down by Kyle measured 15.63″. WOW. That seems to be the largest amount in the entire area and it’s no wonder I-35 was flooded out there as of mid-morning Friday.

    It’s 9:40 now and the sun is already peeking through. I’ll go out in a while and expect to see some localized flooding around the bayous & such.


  32. AlanInAustin says:

    By the way, if you’re interested in weather and willing to report daily rain/snow/hail reports, please consider joining COCORAHS and our international network of amateur weather recorders.


  33. Centex got slammed again with lightning, wind, and torrential rains around 3:00 am. The sun is finally peeking through at 10:00 am.

    I know we needed rain, but enough already.

  34. georgieporgie says:

    Just wonderin’ if this rain could be from an angry God/Mother Nature that has enuf of TexA$$’ top reTHUGlicons messin’ with Planned Parenthood, etc. Or could it be the panel of evangelical crazies/crooks that now represent the unlucky citizens of the state. Yes, we’re so gerrymandered that it’s a losing situation, but that doesn’t stop me n’ DH from voting anyway.

  35. Marge Wood says:

    I have to vote on Election Day–missed early voting. Clouds building again. Thought we were through with rain. (1:45pm)

  36. Stay safe, y’all.

  37. The day started out COLD but beautiful here in Northern VA but there seems to be a change underway. I am ion sensitive and am sneezing and coughing something fierce. There is definitely another front coming in and there is a chance I am not going to like it! Glad I got all my errands done earlier today! At least now I have milk and stuff! (Not cool stuff like Jeb Bush but cool enough!)

  38. Linda Phipps says:

    Terrible about the flooding, I wish that the drought areas would get some wetness, not because I have any love for gun-fondling teapartiers in the area, but I feel bad for the cows.

  39. I was in Iowa until Friday for work (nothing to do with 2016), and the flight from Chicago to Austin was diverted to Houston. The Houston airport (Hobby Field) was a mess.

    It took me about eight hours to drive home. But I finally made it.

  40. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    Glad Bubba, Jr was smart enough to head back to Austin.

  41. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Juanita Jean, thank you for the much appreciated update on Bubba Jr’s safety.

    Stay safe Texans. 12-24 hours of heavy rain is a threat. 6-7 days is a gruesome reminder of climate change. I’d have better faith in the rain deities, if all you good people were safe, while Gooper A-Butt was swimming to an island far from American soil. May the tides be with him!