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Y’all need to quit pestering me about Trey Gowdy not running for re-election.  I am very busy right now dancing on the table tossing glitter every which a way.


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  1. Jane & PKM says:

    Just don’t let Glen post pictures of his celebrating!

  2. What was up with Pelosi? Was she celebrating early with a chaw of Red Man?

  3. I wonder if he’s sweating …

  4. Glitter. Glitter?? Hmmm.

  5. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  6. Gowdey is the 27th rat to scuttle off the Trump-tanic – those Russian rubles just don’t have the exchange rate they used to have.

  7. Charles R Phillips says:

    Word is, a seat is opening up on the 4th circuit, and the current US Attorney is a temp.

    I suspicion, however, he’s got a serious problem that would get him imprisoned if he don’t vamoose.

  8. Ben-whatzit?

    The possibility of this bozo getting a lifetime appointment to muck with our Justice system is leaving me underwhelmed…

  9. Boy Howdy! Gooddbye to Trey Gowdy! There must be something big coming down the pike to scare so many snakes out of the vipers’ nest, something along the lines of what Charles R Phillips
    I thought he might be auditioning for the part of Lord Valdemort in the stage play.

  10. Part of my job at the office is to keep a running record of all the R’s vacating congress either immediately or at the end of their term. right now I have a count of 40: 37 House, 3 Senate. It is damn hard to keep on top of this list as every time I think I am through with it for the day, another one drops the bomb that he is not running again. My list even includes the guy who resigned his House seat in October! As for the D’s, my count is 10 that that includes Franken and Conyers.

  11. Maryelle, I think Trump has that part all sewed up. Maybe he could audition for Lucius Malfoy.

  12. easttxdem says:

    I guess that not having Hillary to impeach has taken all the fun out of being a congress-shit. After Benghazi-ing for two years, it’s been all downhill for this clown.

  13. Karen in New Mexico says:

    Maggie, did you get my congress swamp creature, Steve Pearce (R NM-2) on your list? He is running for governor. He is leaving a seat that is ranked as safely rethug. (ugh) Michelle Lujan Grisham, (D NM-1) is also running for governor. Her seat is ranked safely Democratic.

  14. So Trey can kiss the host’s Big Blue Glittered Butt on the way out the door?

  15. I won’t miss that pointy-headed weasel.

  16. Holy Moley! Just for Today-

    Carollo is going to be interrogated by Mueller.

    Strojck nuked Hillary not Trump.

    Nunes’ memo BS has the aroma of obstruction of justice.

    Trump asked Rosenstein for loyalty.

    FBI director Wray took a shot at defying Trump about memo.

    Trump’s SK ambassador nominee quit in N Korea war policy dispute.
    Trump’s CDC director quit amid conflict of interest scandal.

    Gowdy decides not to run again.

    And Mueller likely has all of the docs concerning Sessions’ resignation letter.

    If this wasn’t reality, it would make interesting fiction.

  17. Papa, a novelist would never put that many plot twists in a whole book, never mind one day.

    My hope re Gowdy Doody is that he gets out of office and can’t get a judgeship due to the D’s having to confirm him. Ah, sweet karma in the morning.

  18. Hubby says Howdy’s next job should be hunting Bigfoot because he’s really good at finding things that aren’t there.

    Howdy autocorrected, btw. Close enough.

  19. and these are the rats smart enough to run. let’s hopep the rest are overwhelmed.

  20. Genevieve Lopez says:

    Re read, re read and I’m still laughing. Just found your blog a few weeks ago via Two men and a little farm blog. You’re on my favorite bar. Thanks

  21. gabberflasted says:

    I have often referred to Gowdy Doody as the walking. talking advert for Trojan Condoms, I saw a reference to him as Zippy, The Pinhead this morning

  22. two crows says:

    OK, the news is fairly good —- only —- it woulda been a whale of a lot better if it had come 8 years ago.

    What’s that you say? That was 2009 and before he was elected for the first time?

    Your point?


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