He’s Got a Crick in His Neck From Looking Over His Shoulder

September 29, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


The polls are showing that Bill White is closing in on Rick Perry.  Perry most certainly is going to have  a belly full of bedsprings in the coming weeks watching White move on up on the outside.

Perry is still refusing the debate, pleading instead that he’s kinda dumb and plenty scared.  It’s been said that he’s so chicken that he molts twice a year.

So, they’re having the debate without him.  His empty space will stand out like a possum at a dog show.

Perry will not even interview at newspaper editorial boards because stoopid is stoopid, even in print.

Juanita says, “Ole Rick will be sitting at the $10,000 a month rental we pay for, eating fancy, smoking big cigars, and threatening to secede unless he gets a nicer quality of wine at dinner.  He’s a pig.  He’s just a pig.”

She’s a tad peeved that the Governor of the State of Texas has loco camped out in his brain.

“Y’all, get that damn fool out of there before he does some real damage,” she begs.

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