Here’s the Deal

October 31, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I volunteered to sit on the Ballot Board today.  We’ve never had a known Democrat on the ballot board in this county for the past 10 years.  The ballot board makes decisions about vote by mail ballots.

So, I will be gone all day and you won’t see me again until tonight.

Sooooo, this is an open thread.  I’ll approve comments a couple of times during the day and you can talk about whatever you want to talk about.  Keep it clean.  Momma will be watching.

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20 Comments to “Here’s the Deal”

  1. TexasEllen says:

    I’m doing Ballot Board, too. Starting tomorrow. Looks like four days worth, probably.

  2. I thought about voting by mail, but heard a story about how some Ballot Boards get very, very picky about approving mail-in ballots. So, I voted in person yesterday; the poll workers accepted my voter registration card and did not ask for an ID. I voted straight Democratic except for those races where no Democrat was running, but I did not vote for any Republican in those races.

  3. Barbara in Houston says:

    I just wanted to share a couple of Chris Christies:

    From The Onion:,30163/

    Not from The Onion, believe it or not from Fox News:

  4. I did Ballot Board one time. The GOP chairman would not let any Democrat on the committee TOUCH a ballot until a Republican had first examined it. It took us three times as long as it should have, and it was so boring, I thought I would have a convulsion just for excitement. I have not worked any job at any election since.

  5. I voted by mail. Does this mean I am leaving it up to Republicans to accept it?

  6. 1. I have heard of several people who found, in reviewing their ballot, that the machine had recorded their vote for Obama as a vote for Romney. Fortunately, they caught it and fixed it before hitting the “cast ballot” button. A supervisor in the Travis County elections department said this can happen with “emphasis voting” where someone votes a straight ticket then also casts an individual vote for a candidate. He said it is like a light switch and the second vote changes the setting to the opposite choice. Apparently this is common to most voting software and such changes happen more often than one would think. Be sure to check your ballot before casting it.

  7. Just Out: Since this is open thread, this just now appeared:


  8. SomedayGirl says:

    My son at school in Nac was concerned enough about having his vote by mail counted he’s coming home Friday to vote early in person instead. It’s his first election so he’s taking it pretty seriously.

  9. This just in time for Hallowe’en:

    Critical information with a bit of political overtones!

  10. Ralph Wiggam says:

    A couple of reminders, Don’t forget the three cornered tinfoil hat with tea bags for your costume tonight. And if you need a hand held prop, use a magic coat hanger wand shaped like the Clay Bennet cartoon.

    And if you want to make some money off the election, Romney has begun his death spiral on Intrade. Act fast of the opportunity will be gone.

  11. The GOP lady on the panel I served with took an extremely broad view of the group’s mandate and seemed intent on tossing out as many ballots as possible. My view was just the opposite and we had some spirited discussions. I will not be asked again. The whole deal semed to me a solution searching for a problem.

  12. Sam in Kyle says:

    If you’ve missed the story about Romney’s feeble attempt at a non-partisan campaign stop the Salon story is hilarious though sad somewhat.

  13. Bogus letters mailed to certain Florida voters trying to intimidate them:

    Glad the FBI is on it. Hope they find out where those letters are coming from.

  14. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, the Republicans are training their poll watchers with incorrect information. They are being taught that a photoID is required when it isn’t.

  15. What? WHAT?!? I thought you said you wanted to dismantle FEMA, but it’s hard to hear over these hurricane force winds:

  16. OK. The President is visiting disaster sites in NJ; Mittens is campaigning in OH and Mike Huckabee is telling Christians that their votes will be recorded for eternity and so should be able to withstand the “test of fire”.
    I think Jesus had a few things to say about living a moral life instead of just talking about it.

  17. Michele Bachmann at her debate last night with Jim Graves, commenting that she doesn’t do political speeches:

  18. Thank you for doing this, Ellen.
    (I’m a mine of random associations……)

    I’m so happy you were there – thank you!

  19. Thanks, Rick, for both links. Yeah, right, we don’t need no stinkin’ Federal government — we’ll just let the states take care of their own emergencies. Chris Christie isn’t really in any position to back up Romney’s theories right now.

  20. aggieland liz says:

    And Scott Brown cancalled his final debate w Prof Warren: said it “wasn’t necessary” – guess not since she trounced him twice! Can you say “yeller?!”