Here Ya Go

February 07, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


And Memorial Day, and pretty much the 4th of July.

Thanks to Tony for the heads up.

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21 Comments to “Here Ya Go”

  1. I love Jim Wright at Stonekettle. He is spot on.

  2. Let’s not forget to honor our Commander in Chief for his service to America through avoiding STD’s, his own personal Vietnam.

    Hail to the chief.

  3. He77 with the Chief.

  4. Tilphousia says:

    Jim Wright is on target as always. Traitor trump is feeling unloved so he needs to waste millions of our tax dollars and destroy the major roads in Washington DC. The Resistence has volunteers who will lay down in front of the tanks, etc. petitions are being sent to DC Mayor Bowser to not issue permits.

  5. Micr for the win!

    Yes, Jim Wright is amazing.

  6. Wright wrocks!
    Also, Daily Kos- Retired major general torches ‘wannabe banana republic strongman” Trump for military parade plan.
    It rocks too.

  7. And also the 7th-inning stretch at every damn baseball game.

  8. He’s not wasting enough taxpayer money on his golfing trips?!? Really?!? Now he wants his very own parade — is anybody else thinking of the film footage from the parades in North Korea? So we need to spend millions on a Dear Leader parade? As if this idiocy is meant to honor our military — what a joke! Jim Wright is spot-on, as usual. Andy Borowitz also chimed in concerning “bone spurs” — ha!

  9. Hey, Sen Graham, how about honoring our vets by making sure they have the support they need when they leave the military. Like health care, jobs, housing. A stupid parade won’t do that. Besides, Cadet Bonespurs only wants it for himself, so he can puff himself up in a reviewing stand to review “his” military.

  10. Frank McCormick says:

    Miz Juanita Jean, don’t forget Labor Day and every NFL football game as well!

  11. you left out Armed Forces Day, when civilians are invited to come on the nearest military base, and meet the men & women in uniform up close and personal. kids get to climb into the cockpits of planes/choppers/etc., and, the best part, refreshments are served.

  12. Linda Phipps says:

    Since when does he embrace things from France except for the fries?

  13. He would feel inadequate if he didn’t keep up with Kim Jong-Un.

  14. He really needs to be on meds. Actually, he really needs to resign from office and as the rest of us from his grossness.

  15. agree, agree, agree.

  16. Send the bill to Trump.

  17. We do not need a multi million dollar parade in DC that few can attend. Lets keep are thank you to the military small like in your local parade for the whole town to see. Really what an idiot!

  18. The streets in DC are in godawful shape already without running tanks, APCs, and other tracked systems down the streets. I’ve seen little comment on how much money would be wasted by this idiot propagandist boondoggle.

  19. Get the tech wizard to issue him his very own special VR headset with all the parade footage and lavish praise he could wish. He’d likely never leave his room and cause more problems.

  20. @Cyranetta, that’s the best idea I’ve heard. Get him stuck into that with an IV of Diet Coke and we can replace him with somebody who has a functioning brain.

  21. Coprolite says:

    Dump had loads of money left over from his inauguration fund. He can pay for his own Parade and invite all his Thrumphumpers.


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