Hello, Karma, Come Right On In

January 31, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Now, I do not wish ill-will to anybody (okay, almost anybody) and I think innocent bystander are the saddest two words in the English language.


If Karma comes a’knockin’ as it did after the horrible tornadoes in Georgia …

Sadly, the Republican Congressman who currently represents that district, Phil Gingrey, voted against Sandy aid as did the Republican who represented that district until recent redistricting, Robert Woodall (GA-7, Adairsville). Woodall is on record as voting against aid for Hurricane Sandy victims. He explained this in a newsletter, writing, “(W)e almost always serve one another better locally than we do with a check from Washington, D.C.”

Good luck on that bake sale, Buddy.

Thanks to Carl for the heads up.

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12 Comments to “Hello, Karma, Come Right On In”

  1. Yup … that karma is a real bitch, isn’t it?!?

  2. Sure hope both of them are out in shirtsleeves shoveling debris- Gingrey is another one of the medical doctors who does NOT believe in science but believes in RUNNING WOMEN’S LIVES~

  3. When oh when are these idiots going to understand that it is not a cold hearted piece of paper emanting from Washington, D.C.? It is your own tax dollars coming home to roost when you need it the most! Why anyone else should keep you from that is beyond me! Oh, wait! Its called highway robbery and the unmasked villain is a Congressman!

  4. Several of the Congresspeople in states that were affected by Sandy have said that they were going to karma those that voted against Sandy relief. Although I do understand their sentiments, you have to feel for the people that will get hurt in those states by the next disaster.

    They should have jumped to pass relief- those NE states affected are states that give more federal dollars than they ever get back – they just want some of their money back. Oddly, it’s mostly the welfare states that are being obnoxious.

  5. Those Congresspeople in states affected by Sandy were not the creators of that Karma. I hope the stupid congressmen from Georgia got the message. Hang together or hang alone.

  6. Uncle Dave says:

    Dr. Gingrey is one of the Republicans who, momentarily infilcted with courage, criticized Rush Limbaugh. Once the moment passed the good doctor joined the gaggle of craven Republicans who kissed Limbaugh’s backside, and begged forgiveness. Interestingly, while many of those poltroons had a lip lock on Limbaugh’s butt, their spines mysteriously dissolved.

  7. Mary Ramos says:

    Does this story give anyone else a flashback to Slick Rick Perry during all the fires in Texas during the recent drought? After Rick made a huge public display of turning down the idea of accepting any dirty old federal dollars for anything that would help the citizens of Texas, he called on the federal flying firefighters to help us do something we couldn’t do for ourselves after all. We can have only pity for the people of Georgia, plus a wish that next time they vote they remember what their chosen representatives did to them. We should wish the same for the (other) people of Texas.

  8. I have no doubt that Georgia’s current reps will ask for federal aid and maintain, with an absolutely straight face, that it’s just the right thing to do. People who can’t flip-flop on a dime tend not to go into politics.

  9. We have the same problemo here in Tennessee- all REPIGS voted NO on Sandy and lookey here:



  10. Wonder who they are going to blame the tornadoes on: the gays, women, atheists, or minorities? And how long will it be before they start complaining that Obama hasn’t done anything for them? Or are they still busy investigating his skeet shooting?

  11. I don’t see this as karma– the houses destroyed didn’t belong to the congressman who voted against Sandy aid. Unless they were his big supporters.

    Let’s not be like the folks who blamed Katrina on the gays, when most of the victims were poor blacks who were probably nearly all straight.

  12. scottybeamer says:

    Mz Karma gave me my middle name…….:trouble:………don’t ask!!……:)