Harvey Twice?

August 25, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Holy Crap

The National Hurricane Center is calling for Hurricane Harvey to come ashore later today, hang out for a couple of days, then crawl up the coast.  By Tuesday, the current forecast has it coming back inland around Houston.  The stall is based on the high pressure area that  sits to the northwest, keeping it from coming on inland and dissipating.  Various forecasts have rain possibilities for the Houston metro area up to 30″.

And a fun time will be had by all.  Y’all keep dry.  We’ll keep updating as long as we have access to the Intertubes.

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11 Comments to “Harvey Twice?”

  1. Good luck to everybody down there, including the pets and critters.

  2. Hope everyone has ID in waterproof bags, and also cash, toiletries, medicines. Good luck indeed!

  3. We had just moved into our house when Hurricane Agnes struck. By the time it got to us it was called a tropical storm but believe me, there is no difference between a tropical storm and a full out hurricane. Agnes moved off to Philly and then turned damn back on us! We thought we would never see the end of it. A few weeks after the storm people were still freaked. We had a brief passing shower and you should have seen the panic on the highway. Have been watching what news I could get on Harvey. It seems that some of the people who are not leaving are moms about to pop. Some hospitals have evacuated the most critical cases and are endeavoring to keep their ERs open – bless them, Lord! As for the pregnant moms, there is one nurse midwife at a birthing center. When barometers fluctuate and certain types of fronts appear, it can cause labor. I know that for a fact. It even impacts pregnant animals. My husband was holding our pregnant cat on his lap when a big fat storm ginned up outside and her water broke! Last time he ever held any damn cat.

  4. I might have warned you that Harvey could be erratic, unpredictable and sometimes dangerous.

    How do I know that you ask?

    It’s the middle name of my grandfather, father and brother.

  5. Sam in St Paul says:

    I just read that Abbott is calling for an evacuation of Houston. Does the doofus realize what a disaster that would be at this point in the storm? Of course he said that human life is more important than property which goes against the GOP’s philosophy.

  6. Y’all take good care. This sounds really scary.

  7. From Silver Spring, MD:

    Stay safe in Texas, please! Thinking of all of you.

  8. Jane & PKM says:

    Donnie is about to boot his role at Camp David where he’ll be sitting in safety or playing golf. Oh where oh where is a ‘random’ lightning bolt?

    Meanwhile he’s leaving many Texans to drown in place because they are afraid to evacuate due to Donnie’s Border Deportation thugs waiting to break up a few more families. Maybe Mr. Mueller will add callous disregard for human life to the score of Dolt45’s sins.

  9. I have a bad feeling about this. Of course, that’s because Harvey is the ex’s name.

  10. Harvey is also a big white invisible rabbit, for what that’s worth.

  11. Charles R Phillips says:

    Holy Catch a Tory. has anyone checked weather.com for Richmond, Texas? https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USTX1137:1:US

    Won’t start to dry out until NEXT Friday!