Happy Easter From Truman

March 31, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Who is not very excited about the demeaning task of lowering his place on the food chain.


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11 Comments to “Happy Easter From Truman”

  1. Happy Easter. Oh my, poor Truman. Give him a treat from me and tell him we know he still is a fierce dog.

    hippie in the hollar

  2. Miss Prissybritches..... says:

    My little blonde Lhasa didn’t like his ears much either, so he convinced our rescued Mexican Street Hound to shred them to bits while I was putting new batteries in the camera. LOL

  3. Kate oDubhagain says:

    Every time I put something like that on Maeve the cowdog, her mate and best buddy, Sam the Lab, calmly walks over and removes it.

  4. But he looks adorable.

  5. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Poor Truman. Look at that sad face.

    Can you walk him past Tex Cruz’ house tomorrow so he can leave some little Peeps on the lawn?

    That should cheer the little guy up.

    Happy Easter, y’all.

  6. Marge Wood says:

    Cheer up, Truman. Tomorrow will be a better day.

  7. JJ, I’m contacting PETA. That’s cruel & unusual punishment for man’s or woman’s best friend.

  8. Sorry it took so long to post this, but I tried to put bunny ears on my cat yesterday and I’m having to type with one finger.

  9. Elise Von Holten says:

    Well, at our house the two year old swiped the egg from the Seder plate, locked the matzoh in her stroller because she wanted to take it for a ride, and poured her Keifer drink into the Elijah cup– we were ( my daughter and I ) laughing so hard we forgot to discipline her (what, for being 2?) althought the men in the family were not as amused, however after the requisite 4 glasses of wine and some songs, everyone was fine..she bit the ears off her Easter bunny so her fathers family traditions are handled as well, and as the sun set everyone was happy–I even got an Easter egg! Nice ears, our litte dog didn’t like his either–but he’s a good sport! Happy Easter to those who celebrate it…

  10. One of our altos arrived with bunny ears on but wasn’t allowed to wear them in church…too bad, as a nearly six-foot tall blond police officer with bunny ears wearing a burgundy choir robe and long white cotta is…something to see.

    Truman, you’ll survive. Learning to take humiliating circumstances in stride is part of being a Democrat in this state.