Gun Nuts, Phony News, and Weirdo Conspiracy Theories

December 07, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Fun With Guns, Trump

This week the gun culture, the proliferation of phony news, and weird conspiracy theories all collided in a pizza joint in Washington, DC, when a convicted criminal showed up with THREE firearms to “self-investigate” an idiotic story that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of a non-existent basement under the pizza joint. Oh, and one more thing – Cheeto Jesus and his merry band of weirdos constantly repost this manure. It’s a cancer on our society. ¬†Mike Flynn’s son was fired from the transition, but what about his father and Bannon himself? ¬†Breitbart is a sewer of lies, misogyny, racism, and these weird conspiracy theories.

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15 Comments to “Gun Nuts, Phony News, and Weirdo Conspiracy Theories”

  1. We cannot trust the safety of our nation to these nutjobs. Flynn, like Trump is totally unsuited for the job. Somebody help!

  2. WA Skeptic says:

    Anyone who thinks Flynn’s son isn’t going to be working closely with his dad and this administration is sucking on something called “hopium”. This apple didn’t fall far from the tree, and I’m sure his dad will help keep him in funds.

  3. Flynn Jr. was fired just like Lewendowski (Corey) was before he went to “work” for CNN as a mouthpiece for Dat Guy. After collecting paychecks from both CNN & Dat Guy, he is now back working for the scourge of the planet. Expect Flynn, the younger, will still be working, just in the background until the story dies down and the media is off to the next shiny object.

  4. e platypus onion says:

    Former dead Breitbart writer claims he was responsible for planting rw hecklers at HRC rallys. It never ends. They’re out there still. They know where you live. They aren’t human. They don’t care who they hurt or who gets hurt. The object is to win.

    ps the esteemed FBI doesn’t waste time investigating these fake stories when there are elections to be thrown.

  5. Jane & Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Donnie could fire Gen Flynn, replace him with Gen Mattis, then find someone who is eligible to be Sec D. Too much like right for Donnie?

  6. treehugger says:

    Trump surrounds himself with wackos, dimwits, and the vile because those are the people he relates to and who can relate to him. Any person with an iota of smarts, sense, decency, or morality would never work for a person like T, who has none of those things. Flynn the Younger may be off the current radar, but he’s not gone.

  7. @ epo:
    And then, sometimes, the aim isn’t to win. The aim is to get paid. And the hell with the consequences.

    I was exceedingly disturbed, this week, to see an interview of a man who had written a story about Clinton. Or a headline, anyway [the interview didn’t make clear which he had written- though it did mention that, often, only a headline is posted.]

    The headline [or article] he wrote was about a murder-suicide of a man and his wife. The man had been pressured into it by Hillary Clinton. On air, he admitted that not one word was true. He just made it up. Because easy money.

    The kicker? Well, 3 kickers, actually:
    1] The man claims to have voted for Clinton and to be adamantly anti-Trump.
    2] The man claims to believe that his articles [he wrote more than one fake story about Clinton during the election cycle] had nothing to do with the fact that she lost the EC vote.
    3] The man said that he has decided to stop writing these fake stories [now that the damage is done — no, he didn’t say that. _I_ say that.]
    Oh and btw — reddit and Facebook have cracked down on them anyway [so it’s not clear if he’s making that decision because it’s the Right Thing To Do or because he’s less likely to get them online (and get paid.)]
    Then, in the next breath, he bemoaned the fact that he will no longer be making the EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS PER POST that he was making during the election cycle which he had NO role in throwing to Trump. Because of course he didn’t.

    Yeah. That happened.
    The stupid [and denial.] It burns.

  8. charles r. phillips says:

    So, El Hefe, the the question remains; what do we do?

    The sum total of pearl-clutching and cheese-with-whining isn’t getting anything done. It is demoralizing and deadly. It is not even preppitory to a good cry.

    So…what CAN we do?

  9. epo, the esteemed FBI could amp up their efforts to catch the crook who did construction work halfway on my house and then disappeared. Craig Oliver is a convicted escaped felon and was almost nailed recently int he San Francisco area. We were all assured before the trial he did not attend as he had already escaped that with his ankle bracelet he could not get away. Yeah. The esteemed FBI told us that. Pardon me if I am fed up with them.

  10. charles r. phillips says:

    Damn, I wish we had spel chek!

  11. Jane & Polite Kool Marxist says:

    charles r. phillips, we could try something a little different. Many would say that all politics is local, others liked Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy, and facing facts people want change. What I would change is the past “top down” approach of the DNC. Organize all 50 states at the local level and tell the DNC who WE want for candidates. Won’t be the first time I’ve told the begging DNC what they could do with their requests for donations. Donate to our local and state parties, as well as directly to candidates of our choice.

    As for the snacilbupeR and their lies, particularly as demonstrated by BLOTUS it’s not an insurmountable obstacle. Offer people what they want and need. Odds are after a few months of the Donnie cabal, and even the most gullible will have grown tired of being lied to.

  12. I cannot express in words how safe I feel knowing that a peddler of crazy (and stupid) conspiracies is supposed to be National Security Adviser to a president who’s halfway there anyway. And Flynn’s position is not subject to Congressional approval.

  13. charles r. phillips says:

    Great idea, Jane & P.!

  14. JAKvirginia says:

    “So… what CAN we do?” Not much, charles r.

    “… the most gullible will have grown tired of being lied to.” I sincerely doubt that, Jane & PKM.

    We are in our own little Dark Ages here. Remember them? After the fall of the Roman Empire, not only did strong central governance disappear, but so did so much knowledge. It took a thousand years to recover most of what was lost. Some was never recovered.

    And so, a populace that has become lazy and self-obsessed, a populace that has allowed common sense, basic knowledge, and the best of humane values to slide into the abyss, must go through the slow and tedious process of relearning it all. And that process involves reliving the same mistakes of the past and the subsequent death and destruction that comes with them. Tedious. And so it goes…

  15. Mother Jones' cat says:

    I heard on NPR this morning, on a show called “the Texas Tribune” that Pizzagate is spreading to random pizzarias throughout the nation. One pizza place in Austin is receiving daily death threats because they are suspected of being a cover for a child sex ring. This brings up countless questions but mine is “Why pizza places? Why not Luby’s?”