Greg Abbott Once Again Brags That He Made the Sun Come Up

July 31, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott can puff himself up better than any man I know.

The latest is outlined by Houston Chronicle reporter Lisa Falkenberg on the danged top front page of the Texas section of the Chronicle this morning.  The Chronicle ain’t a bastion of liberalism so it was nice to see the Attorney General Wanna Be Governor take to task over clams that his office obtained Medicaid  fraud settlements.

Although the government agencies were required to sign off on the settlement, there’s no evidence of Abbott’s claim that he alone “obtained” the settlement.

and …

As for Abbott’s own investigation, it doesn’t appear to have generated much of a paper trail.

When I asked for memorandums, emails or any kind of documents that would show the Planned Parenthood affiliate intended to defraud the Medicaid program, Abbott’s spokesman Jerry Strickland told me the whistle-blower’s attorney “would have that information” and “we do not have those documents with us right now.”

Yeah, right, they were too busy writing press releases to actually do any investigating.

Now you people from foreign states need to listen to me.  Greg Abbott makes Rick Perry look like Mary Poppins.  He is an entitled, bitter, and dangerous man.  I ain’t saying he’s Hitler but Hitler is saving him a seat in hell.

Thanks to a whole mess of people for the heads up.

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14 Comments to “Greg Abbott Once Again Brags That He Made the Sun Come Up”

  1. OH, Lordy! (sigh) So much of the same stuff has been going on all throughout the history of this country. Its the Baseless Claims tap dance. I vividly remember Tail Gunner Joe doing much the same thing with his hallucinatory claims that there were X number of Commies working in the government. Wasn’t long before the drink took him. Anybody checked the bottom drawer of Abbott’s desk? That’s where they usually hide the stuff. Folks should follow the example of that newspaper and keep on calling him out on every damn syllable out of his mouth! What a putz!

  2. Aggieland liz says:

    Dang it I’m wishin that tree had had better aim again!

  3. JJ.. Hitler must have an entire auditorium full of seats reserved for TX Republicans…. there isn’t a single one of them who isn’t going to burn….

  4. He does run a close race to Cruz on self puffing.

    I love the way your mind works…

    “I ain’t saying he’s Hitler but Hitler is saving him a seat in hell.”

  5. Marge Wood says:

    Now Brian, there are lots of nice Republicans. They just don’t run for office and they watch way too much Faux News. My good friend with MS, a single mother, says she can’t stand Abbott because of how he treats folks trying to take care of their kids. That ain’t judgment, them’s facts. I’m trying to get her to put it in writing.

  6. Marge Wood says:

    Greg Abbott | People For the American Way‎
    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is to be honored by a far-right group whose leader has a history of comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler and attacking …

  7. Some snippets from his campaign announcement in San Antonio. Frightening stuff.

    “When it comes to our freedom and our future I will never, never stop fighting.”

    “The future of Texas demands better education, safer communities and smarter government,” Abbott said. “The children of Texas deserve it, and we will deliver it.” [Has he ever put his money where his mouth is on this one?]

    Abbott called for an economy with a “level playing field that gets government out of the business of picking between winners and losers, and by reducing taxes on employers.” [So we can blow up places like West and then not pay to have them rebuilt.]

    “Our water supplies are going too low. You know by traveling the highway that our traffic congestion is getting too thick, and our schools must do better. We can solve those problems not by raising taxes, but by right-sizing government and putting real limits on spending in Austin, Texas.” [All those children that flunk out of school can go work on road projects.]

    On the news broadcast I saw (maybe after this announcement), he was also bragging about how many lawsuits he’d filed against the feds to “protect us.” [Protect the 99% by keeping the feds from lowering medical bills, for instance? Protect the 99% by denying access to care by closing clinics all across the state? Taking funds from SMART and CHIP and prenatal programs? Do we need that kind of protection?]

  8. Hi Marge.. .you’re right.. there are probably at least several decent republicans in Texas, I even know a few… but you’re also right about them not be elected officials… 🙂

  9. daChipster says:

    I was checking the reservation on my front seat for hell, and I asked the demon on the customer service line about this. Turned out she wasn’t a demon, but a very nice lady named Magdalena, from Manila. Yeah, Satan invented outsourcing customer call centers. I shoulda seen that coming.

    Anyway, Magdalena PROMISED that there’s no way in HELL I’d be anywhere near Greg Abbott. It seems that, with the burning pit of fire and all, that there are environmental concerns about a flaming Greg Abbott, not to mention the smell!

    In fact, Satan is in serious negotiations with St Peter and others about where he is eventually going to end up. None of the afterlifes of the other major religions want him, so they’ve agreed to reach out to the Dalai Lama to see about this whole reincarnation thing.

    The argument now is whether to bring him back as a dyspeptic dung beetle, or as a poor minority woman having to live in a red state under rules promulgated by Greg Abbott and his friends.

    That sounds like hell to me!

  10. I vote he comes back as a poor minority woman! That’s genius, daChipster!

  11. Uncle Dave says:

    daChipster, Let him return as he is today, the badly injured victim of someone’s negligence. But let him discover that he cannot recover for his injuries because of an opinion of the Texas Supreme Court in which he voted with the majority while a member of the court. No, one shouldn’t wish that would occur, not even to as dishonest a whore as Greg Abbott.

  12. Marge Wood says:


  13. Abbott smugly realizes that he is in the driver’s seat to become the next Governor of the State of Texas. Simply having an (R) behind your name on the ballot, more than $20 million in a campaign war chest, the willingness to lie one’s hind-end off in any interview, and a hard-right group of lemmings ready to vote for him is really all it takes. I’m already seeing the “Abbott for Governor” bumper stickers on cars being driven by people that should have had their keys taken away from them years ago.

  14. Too bad the “Texas Miracle” did not include any children, minorities or women folk. It also did not include any state parks, schools, roads or the air and water quality. What, pray tell, did it include other than Republican cronies, and who has been in charge over the last 16+ years? Abbott is a bitter man, who will be no better for Texas and Texans than Perry was. Reading the “Tea Party Leaves,” he’ll probably be worse.