Governor Waggy Finger Has Some Tales That Are Taller Than They Are Wide

January 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Governor Jan Brewer knows something about thin skin.  She also knows about fibbing over and over and over and not minding about  being caught.

Back in 2010 as she defended her state’s harsh immigration law, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) told a newspaper reporter that she was deeply hurt by the terrible names people were calling her. The worst, she said, were the comparisons to the Nazis.

“They are awful,” she said. “Knowing that my father died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany, that I lost him when I was 11 because of that…and then to have them call me Hitler’s daughter. It hurts. It’s ugliness beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Problem is, her Dad died of lung disease ten years after WWII ended.

I think that was right after she found the decapitated head in the desert that she finally had to admit was “an error” IF she ever said it.

She lies so much that she has to get her husband to call the dogs.

The other day I was telling Thelma that we need to make some major changes in the Texas Democratic Party if we can’t even beat Rick Perry.  I think the Arizona Democratic Party needs to join in on that.  I’ll send Arizona the housecleaning broom soon as we finish with it here.

Thanks to Paul for the heads-up.

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19 Comments to “Governor Waggy Finger Has Some Tales That Are Taller Than They Are Wide”

  1. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Sounds like good VP material to me.

    A Gingrich-Brewer ticket would be just fine with me!

  2. Well, he was fighting the Nazis in Paraguay, and Mengele invented a cancer raygun. Why does “the truth” have to be limited to this dimension?

  3. Poor Jan.
    All those headless people, Nazi killed fathers and threatening
    Presidents. This child needs to get herself to a doctor–quick.

  4. Nuthin but pure publicity stunt. And by the way, what is it with all these republican governors writing letters? Is it to prove they can spell?

  5. Jan Brewer regularly gets my vote for worst woman in the world..
    I’d give it to Ann Coulter, but I don’t think (s)he

  6. When Jan was involved in a car accident some years ago she told various reasons how the wreck occurred. Of course, the officers were sure she was DUI when the wreck happened because she failed four sobriety tests, but they took her home because she was in the state legislature, which was in session at the time and couldn’t be put in jail. They never filed charges against her. Here’s one story on the matter:

  7. Everybody seems so amazed by the behavior of our “Accidental Governor”. I’m not. She is just an older and crankier version of “Quittypants” Palin. They are kindred spirits, bewildered by the meanness and cruelty of all of us sane folks. You don’t have to believe me. Just read the word salad forward Palin wrote to Brewer’s book.

  8. “She lies so much that she has to get her husband to call the dogs.” Thanks so much for the good, laugh-out-loud I needed on this dreary Monday!! 🙂

  9. “…ugliness beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.”

    That was my first reaction to seeing this post.

  10. If not just crazy, she is at least delusional, perhaps demented (which would be sad actually) The DUI case seems compelling.
    Gets my vote for Ass-hat of the century.

  11. Oh, surely not Ass-hat of the century. We’ve got almost 88 years to go and so many other candidates already. But on the list of nominees, certainly.

  12. daChipster says:

    “Fryer” Tuck stuck his head in to say: “Her book is called ‘Scorpions for Breakfast.’ That’d explain the look, ‘pertic’lurly if she had prunes for lunch.”

    I snorted coffee all over my dinette. Which I regularly do anyway, it’s cheaper than trying to buff out the cigar burns.

  13. Bev carter says:

    Okay. She was 11 during WWII (1939 – 1945).
    Wouldn’t that make her 84 to 78 years old?
    Just exactly how old is she.

  14. Terri Kaufman says:

    all i can say is bless her heart…

  15. Dave Whitefield says:

    She’s almost exactly 67 according to Wikipedia..

    Born Janice Kay Drinkwine
    September 26, 1944 (age 67)
    Hollywood, California, U.S.

    So I guess her daddy died in the Korean War? Maybe she got her wars mixed up!

  16. Ken Reddy says:

    We often think of Perry as being the worst current governor in the US, but I wonder…..he has alot of competetion. I propose an independent study. CREW had a list a couple of years ago, but it needs updating.

  17. Jan Brewer was born on September 26, 1944! She was 11 when her father died in 1954. In short, she told a big honkin’ lie, yet again! Her father fought in the war. Big deal, so did mine!Neither one of them was killed in action.

  18. Auburn McCanta says:

    I’m (sadly, oh so sadly) an Arizonan and Ms. Governor Brewer could give your Governor Perry a giant run for his money for worst governor in the world! Don’t want to start a feud with y’all, but we’re looking at two rocks and trying to figure out which is dumber.

  19. shortstuff says:

    Jan Brewer is a no-class dumb broad. Poor Arizona….they must be so conflicted. They have an idiot for a governor, John Sidney McCain in Congress (seriously past his “sell-by” date) but then they also have Gabby Giffords.

    What is it with Republicans? Do they inoculate themselves with “Stupid Serum”?