Giving the Fox a Map to the Henhouse

December 29, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


Here’s the deal:  incumbent Democrat Donna Howard of Austin won her lege seat by 12 votes.  Her challenger, Dan Neil, is dead but he won’t lay down.  He’s rattling around all over Texas claiming loud enough to embarrass thunder that he sees illegal people, ballots were discounted, some ballots were lost, and 1,900 ineligible people voted.

Dan Neil, Loser

“I have no idea where he got that number but it appears that 1,900 somethings are missing from his beehind,” Juanita reports.

“So, in that way that Texas Republicans seem to love, fair and balanced just hopped a train to Mexico.  Republican Speaker Joe Straus appointed Republican Rep. Will Hartnett of Dallas to supervise an investigation of the election,” she continues.  “Harnett’s decision will be final.”

“Donna Howard represents Austin, fergoshsake.  If a Republican represents Austin, the Brazos River will run backwards and Blue Bell ice cream will taste like crap.  It’s the law.  Look it up.”

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