Getting an “A” in Lobotomy

November 29, 2016 By: Primo Encarnación Category: Uncategorized

So, Dis Guy:

Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!

That was the tweet that greeted me when I pried my eyes open this morning.  In addition to the absolute anti-American-ness of the whole sentiment (I mean, come on!   Even Fat Tony Scalia ruled in favor of flag-burning!)  I say, even if we ignore the Constitution-bashing by the Resident-Elect – how utterly comical is the suggestion:


(or, ya know, 12 months at Club Fed)

As if the two punishments were remotely congruent?  What in the everlasting HECK?

Oh, Bruce McGill! You make me sad.

Oh, Bruce McGill! You make me sad.

When I was a mere slip of a boy, I thought Animal House was one of the great adolescent comedies of all times.  Little did I know, it was a blueprint for 21st century America.  First, there’s the guy on the left, who did the voice-over work for Dat Guy’s commercials in the Presidential election.  Really, D-Day?  REALLY!?!

Of course, we skipped over the Senate and went right for Resident with this next one.  What seemed like a joke in 1978… not so funny now, is it?

Shown with his non-Slovenian, non-Slovakian wife.

Shown with his non-Slovenian, non-Slovakian wife.

Finally, although Dean Vernon Wermer was the villain of the piece, he did provide this evergreen piece of advice:

Double, Secret Reprobation

Double, Secret Reprobation

Yes, fat, drunk and stupid IS, indeed, no way to go through life.  Which is why Dis Guy never drinks:

'Cuz two out of three ain't bad.  (Meat Loaf, YOU make me sad, too!)

‘Cuz two out of three ain’t bad.
(Meat Loaf, YOU make me sad, too!)

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23 Comments to “Getting an “A” in Lobotomy”

  1. JAKvirginia says:

    Heil, Hair Twitler!

    (New name for Dat Guy I got off the tubes.)

  2. Dean Dumpo is extremely uncomfortable with dissent and will try to extinguish any expression, protest or objection with the harshest of means. Trouble is, the courts have already ruled this is a constitutional form of protest. He is used to getting his way, spoiled rich guy that he is, and will no doubt try to squelch freedom of speech no matter how much it costs or how ridiculous the attempt. Rule of law and constitutionality be damned.

  3. Aggieland Liz says:

    Wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross… oh good lord, they’re BOTH burning!

  4. The Constitution is of value only when it agrees with political opinions despite constant GOP self-identification as the only party fighting to preserve the Constitution.

  5. e platypus onion says:

    Mr Loaf is great, however, his music videos remind me of William Shatner’s acting. He doesn’t act, he over acts.

    Kellyanne Dumbass Mouthpiece for Drumpf warned HRC she may face jail time if she gets involved in recounts. Isn’t there a law against threatening or jailing political opponents in America?

    Our only hope is if Dems grow a gawd damned spine and fight back.

  6. JAKvirginia says:

    What’s truly sad is Barron probably knows more about the Constitution than his sperm donor.

  7. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Donnie, visit a urologist. There’s a reason men of your age are up at 3am. Schedule a proctologist, too. Your twitter account is signaling multiple symptoms.

  8. President Bluto: And ever since the Muslims bombed Pearl Harbor… we’ve needed to build a wall on our southern border with Mexico. To keep America safe!

    Advisor 1: What?

    Advisor 2: Don’t stop him. He’s on a roll!

  9. I think it’s time to demand a psych eval, by a real Dr., not the comic one who claims to be his.

  10. I’m trying to think of a tasteful way of saying that Reagan lost his mind only toward the end of his time as Prez, whereas Donnie is starting out that way. I couldn’t think of a tasteful way of saying it; sorry.

  11. JAKvirginia says:

    Rhea: He’s nucking futs?

  12. @Primo

    Doan chew be makin’ funna Club Fed!

    Back aboot 92 or so, there was was near riot at Club Fed Seagoville. It was cook-your-own-steak night and before even the fifth or sixth inmate was seated, the line ran out of A1 and everyone afterward had to make do with 57. Oh the travesty! Oh the inhumanity! How do the inmates cope??

  13. Opinionated Hussy says:

    He may not drink, but anybody who’s ever worked in addiction can tell you what all that sniffing was about.

  14. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Apparently we’re not the only ones finding BLOTUS objectionable: “Rooling Roost Grand Poobah Gold Epaulets Sprayed Orange Comb-over Admiral President Donald J Trump.” Although I am baffled as to why Hastings didn’t stop after Admiral. But the naval references are appropriate for BLOTUS for whom contemplating his naval lint is the apogee of his intellectual capacity. “… a long affixed line of garbage barges.” That must be a reference to the flotilla carrying Donnie’s 3 wives, off-spawn, surrogates and soon to be administrative picks of the corrupt and uber wealthy.

    For Hasting’s suggestions on how we combat Donnie, here’s a positive note for the day:

  15. e platypus onion says:

    Alex Jones of Info Whores warns Drumpf that Romney might kill him. This is a guy Drumpf depends on for relevant news.

  16. And if a known bold faced liar says he does not drink, you believe him?

  17. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    e platypus onion, is Alex switching from conspiracy theory to comedy? He must be smoking what Donnie is snorting. Expecting Willard the Rat to take out Donnie Three Chins is at least four trips past fantasy land. In case Alex missed it, the Outlaw Jersey Whale fetched Donnie’s food and had the perfect opportunity to do the job. Instead, Gov Cartman rolled over like a larger version of what Donnie likes to grab. Belly up. It wasn’t pretty.

    Whatever Donnie is snorting is making those around him contact high. Best expectation of an early demise for BLOTUS would be Uday and Qusay tiring of waiting for their inheritance.

  18. Re: Hair Twitler

    Since any time is the right time for a James Bond cinema quote,
    Vesper: “I wouldn’t go as far as calling you a cold-hearted bastard…” … “But it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine.”

  19. It always upsets me the “make flag-burning illegal,” because burning a flag that needs retirement–say it touched the ground or has wear and tear–is the recommended method of disposal. Not to say it is done as a protest display, but in a respectful ceremony.

    According to United States Code found in Title 4, Chapter 1 pertaining to patriotic customs and observances:

    §8(k) The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed, preferably by burning.

    Though because of modern fabrics, alternatives to burning are being considered.

  20. WA Skeptic says:

    Trump has been a psychiatric case his entire life; why else do you think his father sent him off to that expensive reform school?

  21. Because his history in school included punching teachers?

  22. Incorporating the flag into clothing is also against to the flag code. However, since wingnuts love their flag bandannas and such, I doubt they’d threatened to deport them.

  23. The family is planning a trip to Disney this summer. If we stumble into the Hall of Presidents what quote will they use? I haven’t heard a single thing worthy of the office.