Get Your Stories Straight

February 28, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

You know, it is difficult for me to accept that Donald Trump can get away with calling the New York Times fake news when crapola like this happens.

Sean Spicer says that Trump did not know about him excluding reporters from a gaggle or about him checking the personal phones of his staff to see if they were leaking stuff.

Now we find out that Trump not only knew about both things, but that he gave it his blessings.

Look Spicer, behaving like a little nazi is one thing, but damn, Spicer, own up that you ain’t the daddy of it.

Okay, one question: who among us has the courage to watch Trump’s speech tonight? ┬áNo, make that two questions: what should the Democrats yell when they decide to return the favor of the YOU LIE outburst?


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26 Comments to “Get Your Stories Straight”

  1. I may watch it Memorex, not live; it depends on daMrs’ level of tolerance. Turns out that non-political-junkies don’t get the same schadenfreude out of goober-dammerung that I do.


    As for yelling out: I’d like to think we have a little more class than that, but it would be incredibly cathartic for “Russia!” to be heard someway, somehow throughout the evening.

    If I were coordinating any floor protest, however, I would have all the Democrats stand up and turn their backs on him, on cue, at key moments. Watch Representative Lewis: if he doesn’t outright boycott, and if any kind of physical protest of conscience occurs, he is sure to be right at the center.

    It’s kind of his thing, I hear.

  2. Dems shout “you lie?”

    Let’s not have our leaders look like an entire flock of cooped up Kellyanne Conways roosting on the Oval Office couch.

    I suggest, should it happen, someone shout “that’s the truth!” if Trump happens to make an accurate statement. It will keep House and Senate members from getting hoarse as well.

  3. JAKvirginia says:


    (Too rude?)

  4. JAKvirginia says:


  5. JAKvirginia says:

    Maybe not say anything. Just wave those little russian flags that say TRUMP on them. Hey, they had them at CPAC!

  6. I think we’re classier than yelling. How about a lot of “SAD!” under our breath?

  7. charles phillips says:

    Like many here, I don’t recommend any shouting during hi speech. However, if one feels the need, some phrase incorporating the words “mendacious,” or “mendacity” will work very nicely.

  8. Not watching tonight. Have waaaayyyyy better things to do than endangering my bran cells.

  9. Hardly able to “contain her enthusiasm,” Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) will not be attending. Good choice, Rep Waters. Donnie doing his Rancor Baby act will be significantly more painful a trip through the kennel in dog bone underwear.

  10. I feel I should but cannot bring myself to do it. Just watched a clip of trump blaming Former President Obama for leaks and had to run out of the house shrieking! Still shaking.

  11. If there is a “You Lie” moment I believe that Lyin’ Ryan and/or The Turtle will try to have that member thrown out. It’s what they do.

  12. DH and I are gonna chill out and watch PBS mysteries. No stomach for the Dumpster.

  13. Jere Armen says:

    I agree that the Dems should go high. Let Joe Wilson bear the ignominy of uncivil behavior.
    But, NO, I AM NOT WATCHING the Bloviator in Chief raw and unredacted. It hurts my insides too much.

  14. I can’t stomach watching it either. The worst thing is, he’s going to preempt “This Is Us” on NBC. (I wish that really was the worst thing.)

    Words for drinking games:

    Tremendous, big, bigly, biggest, fake, Russia/Putie ( spoken admiringly), best, unfair.

    What else?

  15. Actually, I don’t want anyone to skip the SOTU, only because snacilbupeR will use it as an excuse to do the same in 2020 when it’s a Democrat speaking. We need at least one time per year when they all come together. Maxine Waters should bring her phone on her favorite music channel, sneak the ear bud line up under her dress and hair and listen to that. Just find a spot way in the back corner and chill to some first rate Kansas City blues.

  16. Our college had a lot of discussion classes. A few people inspired me to an idea for response (never carried out) that would work here. One person starts muttering, “Bull****, bull****” very quietly. The person next to them joins in. Gradually it spreads around the table until everyone except the one person is rhythmically pounding the table and yelling, “BULL****! BULL****! BULL****!”

  17. James Pirtle says:

    A muttered “Bovine Excrement” should do. For the more creative “Equine Excrement” may be a bit classier. Either way, they should be more than enough to go around.

  18. austinhatlady says:

    Stopped viewing Trump speaking live or recorded during election. Will watch MSNBC after speech coverage. I’m going to eat pancakes for Fat Tuesday tonight.

  19. That Other Jean says:

    Not watching Cheetolini tonight. I can’t stand the sound of his voice, much less the nonsense it speaks, and I don’t want to encourage the ulcer I’m already working on.

  20. JAKvirginia says:

    Sunday night, “Moonlight” took the prize.

    Tonight, we get La-La Land. Sigh.

  21. For health reasons (blood pressure etc.); I cannot view the Liar-in-Chief live, but will be checking the clips on the internet and in the real newspapers next day. I don’t want to see chaos in our congress, but rotten tomatoes do spring to mind. Some kind of silent protest like blue ribbons would be great.

  22. I cannot stand to see or hear him. And it’s even worse if he’s reading a speech in that boring monotone. Netflix, sketching, reading…so many more interesting and worthwhile pursuits than watching 45.

  23. I would like to see it become a vaudeville show with Trump as the villain and the audience can boo, hiss, throw tomatoes and in the end “tar and feather” him.

  24. WA Skeptic says:

    I hatehatehate the Cheeto-faced Twatwaffle and won’t be watching.

    But it really bothers me that he WANTS us to stop watching; if he’s screwing us so badly while we watch just imagine what he’s doing (or will do) when we’re not watching.

  25. I’m listening to John Fugelsang’s Sirius radio show. He’s a raving liberal, very smart and very funny. He has great guests too. It’s much more fun than listening to the deranged Orange Whore.

  26. Didn’t watch. Watched a sci-fi tape; far more believable.