Fusion GPS Hits Back

January 03, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Russian Hacking, Trump

Today in the NY Times, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch of Fusion GPS hit back at congressional Republicans attacking them and selectively leaking their testimony to far right propaganda outlets.   Who’s Fusion GPS?  They are a political research firm who engaged former British spy Christopher Steele to research Trump’s business ties.  The principals of this firm have become the punching bag of right wing media and congressional Republicans, and they’ve now had enough of it.  In their op-ed today, Simpson and Fritsch are demanding that Congress release their testimony to the public.

In the piece, they talk about how they testified that Steele ran across multiple occasions of Trump’s ties to dubious Russian characters that likely involved money laundering.  They also talk about how Congress has ignored their advice to subpoena Deutschbank records of Trump’s transactions, but the only bank records that have been subpoenaed are their own.  Congress has done nothing to advance an investigation of Trump and have only sought to shoot the messenger, seek to discredit Fusion GPS.

They claim their testimony to Congress included details of Paul Manafort’s cozy relationship with the Russians and evidence they discovered of the Trump campaign’s coordination with Russian to get His Orangeness elected as president.  The fact that the Republican controlled houses of Congress have not released this testimony is all you need to know about the content of those transcripts.

Republicans have been actively covering up the reality of Trump’s collusion with the Russians and clear corruption.  Clearly they are putting party and self-interest before the needs of the American people, and their actions have destabilized our own government and damaged our reputation worldwide.

Congress must release these transcripts immediately.  Our democracy, or what’s left of it, hangs in the balance.

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13 Comments to “Fusion GPS Hits Back”

  1. Please contact your congress person and ask that Fusion’s testimony be released immediately.
    We have a right to know if Russia interfered in our elections and our POTUS collusion with foreign government.

  2. linda phipps says:

    I think Mueller is keeping things under wraps until he has a BOMB to drop on Trump’s corruption, and that the insects in congress won’t be able to do a thing.

  3. By not releasing they’re effectively pleading the 5th. The GOP is in this up to their eyeballs.

  4. Guilty as sin, I tell you! guilty as sin!

  5. Kate Dungan says:

    I suspect a fair number of congresspeople are involved, clear up to their eyeballs, with Russian money and the corruption of our democracy.

  6. If there is any lower life form than republicans, I know not what.
    While Liar-in-Chief plays, “my button’s bigger than yours” with Kim Jong Un, we run the risk of a nuclear war. Mueller’s results are needed ASAP. The Repugs don’t want to do anything to protect us from another stolen election because they stand to benefit as they did in 2016. I know we won’t have a Congress willing to impeach or indict until near the end of this year, but we may not last that long.

  7. Lunargent says:

    Well, the hot ticket right now is “The Post”, the story of how the Washington Post published the Pentagon Papers.

    Sounds like an ideal opportunity for a real-life sequel. And they don’t even need to worry about legal jeopardy for a newspaper. Post that puppy on the net, and let it propagate.

  8. Great piece.
    A couple of other things the op-ed points out which are criminally overlooked by repugnantcans:
    1. The Clinton campaign was the second group to fund the research by Fusion GPS. The first was The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news site.
    2. Critics love to keep the “golden” aspects of Fusion’s report alive, even if under the radar, to paint the whole report in a salacious light, thereby discrediting everything else in the report as bottom feeding dirty tricks. Which brings us to
    3. While simultaneously downplaying the actually important aspects of the Fusion’s investigation, repugnantcans seem to be painting them as the main, if not sole source of the damaging evidence. When in fact, the importance of Fusion’s investigation is that it CONFIRMS EVIDENCE BY MULTIPLE SOURCES!!!!!

  9. Heavens to Betsy! Donald Trump sought out and is involved with a wide variety of questionable Russian characters in Putin’s inner circles and strongly suspected of money laundering.

    Well someone ought to be! Have you ever really looked at money? It’s filthy, and *someone* should clean it. Clearly, our government can’t be trusted to keep our money clean and sanitary, so it’s up to private enterprise and entrepreneurship. They’re performing a public service, and should be honored.

    Can we get them to iron it too? Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell? I’m looking at you.

  10. These aren’t your parents’ Republicans.

    These aren’t the same Republicans (joined by some Democrats) who insisted that those of us who protested the war in Vietnam were “getting our marching orders from Moscow.”

    I’m waiting for the opportunity to say “It’s Mueller Time” because the Republicans want oligarchy and oppression of the populace, just the way it is in Vlad’s Russia.

  11. eyesoars:
    That was worthy of the Gilda Radner award in the Emily Litella category. Thanks.

  12. Excuse me, but the Democrats have access to those transcripts as well. One leak begets another and this shit is not remotely classified.

  13. I try and avoid getting too caught up in conspiracy theories, but several GOP members of Congress act like they have their own Russian ties to hide.


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