Fun With Guns: “Went Off” Edition

September 29, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Wisconsin, really, Wisconsin.

A 21 year old woman came to the emergency room with a gunshot to her hip.  Her boyfriend brought her.

They said it was an accidental shooting and they didn’t want anyone to call the police.

Hazelton told police she found the gun at around 4 a.m. in an armrest compartment of the couch. She took the gun out of the holster and began playing with it.

While handling the gun, she said, it just “went off.”

Sounds like a good story, especially since her blood/alcohol level was double drunk at 0.115.  I’m just amazed that she could remember where she found the gun.


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13 Comments to “Fun With Guns: “Went Off” Edition”

  1. I wouldn’t want anyone calling the police either, would you? No telling what else they might find out about her.

  2. Call me cynical but for some reason I’m thinking the guy was the one who accidentally shot her.

  3. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Her BAT was 0.115, Wisconsin doesn’t know what his was; the dude who drove her to the hospital. Yet, some wonder why we need federal laws. What happened to hospitals treating gunshot, knife wounds, etc. being required to notify the police?

    If Jane and I lived any further north in NV, we’d be able to skip Idaho on our way to Canada. Yet, we have almost decent gun laws, despite the efforts of our wacky legislature to dilute the laws. Then again, looking at Cliven Bundy and the Gang of St00pid, we in NV obviously have some deformities in enforcing our laws.

  4. I’d like to think more of my fellow Wisconsinites, but hey, we elected Walker, didn’t we?

  5. “These People”. Sigh.

    Someone who shows up “accidentally” shot should be automatically removed from the gun owners list.

    And this pair needs to seriously examine their commitment to this relationship.

  6. JAKvirginia says:

    Okay. Let’s assume she’s telling the truth. Found gun. (In the couch?! Oh sweet Jesus…). And she started “playing” with it. (Along with Barbie and her Malibu Beach House, I’m sure.) And it just “went off”. (Possibly winging Ken in the process.) Now NRA, please explain to me again why everybody has a “right” to a gun? Sheesh…

  7. Yet more proof that WingNuts genuinely believe that guns are toys.

  8. I wonder how anyone knows what her blood alcohol concentration was that morning? For instance, if she was driving and I pulled her over at 4am and she blew 11, I’d be taking her to the hospital for medical observation because this doesnt add up in my mind. Too high a score for 4am. IF she had been driving and operating a motor vehicle.

    I guess the two could have been home drinking all evening as opposed to being out at bars that quite selling in Texas at 2am.

    Just a weird story.

    So I guess you just don’t ever cram a loaded handgun in the “armrest compartment of the couch” like these edge livers in WI!

  9. Well heck, .115 is legally drunk but not snookered.

  10. JAKvirginia says:

    Micr: To answer your question, no. Sorry. I also don’t have a couch with an armrest compartment. Yes, I know. I’m just white trash. What can I say?

  11. Seriously, if those people don’t want the makeover they so desparately need, then the apartment should get one. Those overstuffed pieces with the armrest compartments were actually made only for a hiding place for the TV remote! They weren’t very big as there had to be room left on the armrest for the cup holders that would accommodate a beer bottle or beer can and maybe a doll house size coffee mug. So I’m not really buying this story! GLF is spot on. Somebody aimed at somebody else, but dang, she moved! Instead of a gut shot, she got pretty close to a butt shot!

  12. Her story smells of coercion.

  13. Elizabeth Moon says:

    My guess: She’s living with an ex-con who isn’t supposed to have a firearm, so that (plus his threats) is why she didn’t want the police called and why the shooter wasn’t available to make his statement and why that firearm will mysteriously vanish and never been found again until it shows up a couple of years later in the investigation of a gas station/convenience store robbery by someone she claims not to know. Obviously the hospital did call the police or she would not have been interviewed by them.