Fun With Guns: Goodness Sakes, Walmart, Unload! Edition

April 17, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

An accidental shooting in a Walmart just north of Houston caught my attention last week and I made a note to check up on it because the original story didn’t have much information other than accidental shots were fired inside a Walmart.

So, I Googled it today to see if there’s more information about how the hell that happened.  I put “shooting Walmart” in the Google machine because I wasn’t sure which town it would be identified with – The Woodlands, Conroe, Halfway to Dallas, you know how we describe geographic locations in Texas.

Here’s what I discovered: the most dangerous place on earth is inside a Walmart.


There’s 299,000 results.

Do not go to Walmart.  Apparently, they hold target practice there.

So, I finally found what happened in the Texas Walmart —

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – Deputies are investigating after a man accidentally dropped his loaded gun inside a Woodlands-area Walmart store, firing a gunshot.

There were no injuries.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says the man is reportedly a retired Houston police officer who has a Concealed Handgun License.

Retired cop. Slippery hands. Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.


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12 Comments to “Fun With Guns: Goodness Sakes, Walmart, Unload! Edition”

  1. @JJ

    RE: “you know how we describe geographic locations in Texas”

    I was new to a small college town, working at a local grocery, taking classes, living with my uncle and aunt. One Saturday morning my aunt asked me to deliver a meal to her friend. I asked “Where does she live?” thinking I’ll get a street address. I get, “oh go out on highway 11 a mile or two and turn on the white rock road where old man X’s barn burned down.”
    I later learned that barn burned down when my aunt, who had grown up in that little town, was about 15.

    RE: Walmart Shooting
    Doesn’t surprise me so many Googley articles point at shootings at Walmart. Walmart is a pretty unpleasant experience even without gunfire.

  2. I just googled “shooting Warmart” 19,200.000. Wow, that is sure fired a lot!

  3. Yes. Walmart.
    A shopping experience that makes you think, “I better bring my gun.”

    The last true vestige of untamed wilderness in our cities and towns, similar to the experience of hiking through known grizzly territory.

  4. I’m pleased to say I’ve never bought anything from Walmart. I went to one once, when elder sister needed a bathing suit to take on a cruise. That was before the gastric bypass. She dropped 120 pounds since, so she can shop in real stores now. Although I know she was at Walmart last week, to buy plastic containers and pitchers (she loves iced tea).

    At this point, I’m sure everyone at the WMDBS has visited this site at one time or another, but in case you haven’t:

  5. Once a gun drops down on the floor of a Walmart it is not really a concealed weapon anymore.

  6. Micr, I can sympathize. I’ve gotten directions like “Ya go down the blacktop a couple miles to the lake road and turn left, and then look for the dead tree that ain’t there no more and bear right, and then when ya get to Harley’s place– you know old Harley?– well, at his place ya go right down that little narra track until ya git to where Bubba saw the big buck and then….”

    I don’t know if Walmart attracts people who carry guns, or people think they need a gun to go to Walmart, possibly because of all the people carrying guns….

  7. @Rhea

    Swear to G*d!

    Took my boys when they were Scouts to Camp Pioneer in Arkansas. The instructions to the Camp included a waypoint of “turn left at the pile of Volkswagens”. Yep 3 of ’em. One mounted atop two. Beetles. My baby boy is 32 and still talks about the pile of Vee-dubs. It may be the highpoint of the trip to Camp Pioneer.

  8. I hate Walmart, have darkened the door maybe half dozen times, nearly always because someone else wanted to go. Ick.

    Directions to my aunt’s new home included, turn east at the corner with the white horse. Nope, not a statue, a real, living breathing white horse. When I got there, sure enough, a white horse was standing in that corner of the pasture. Aunt said he always stands there, every afternoon, all afternoon, 7 days a week. If there’s a bad thunderstorm or in winter he’s not there. Weird.

  9. Just Googled “shouting at Walmart” and got a half million hits. Of course the product promotion line contained something about laundry.

  10. austinhatlady says:

    I also avoid Walmart. Got tired of the cheap merchandise, long lines at checkout, and being run down by uncontrolled shopping carts. Understand stand the second of those three items has been somewhat ameliorated. Still make emergency visits to pick up prescriptions for a fellow member of the Single Ladies Support Group and to help a friend who couldn’t afford to buy a replacement tire. There are one or two other examples, but the gist is I don’t buy things for myself there. And when I do make the unavoidable visit, I avoid the sporting goods department!

  11. @ micr. When I lived in Texas, I asked a man why no one used a turn signal. He said “I been turning there for 20 years. Everybody knows that.”

  12. Tilphousia says:

    Staying in Virginia. Safer. So far. Don’t ever shop at Walmart, don’t like the way they treat their employees.