Friday Toons

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17 Comments to “Friday Toons”

  1. Prup (aka Jim Benton) says:

    Guys, did we REALLY need the Superdelegate one? If it were intrinsically that funny, okay, I can laugh at us and know we can deserve it, but this is neither particularly clever nor particularly funny — and one of the few weapons the GOP has that might actually go off and cause slight damage is the McAulliffe voter rights restoration. It is a GREAT policy that I favor, but the fact that it was done by someone as close to the Clintons will make the complaints about it penetrate a little more. The fotos — fools on the other side — are already claiming that ‘all felons are Democrats.’

  2. According to the Fox blonde, Carley will help “warm up” the Cruiser. Could Cruella really be THAT warm and cuddley?

  3. e platypus onion says:

    More funnies on the way. Despicable James O’Keefe and girlfriend have made another video showing them dressed as sexual predators trying to gain access to bathrooms at UNC to video men and women in the bathrooms. Yer Wonkette is all over this story. I’m not sure what the point is. Might be they are trying to prove a Uni violates Title IX or something.

  4. Oh please. The reason Cruz announced Carly is simply so he can let her go after Hillary and avoid being called a sexist for any attacks addressed at Hillary.

    Look at how the woman card remark is SOOOO backfiring on Trump.

    Cruz is a total jerk, but I suspect he knows that to maintain a “good Texan” image he cannot be seen to verbally beat up on women. Texan’s do value politeness.

  5. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Prup (aka Jim Benton), if you didn’t like the cartoon, this Andy Levine article is really full of harsh truths.

  6. Agree with Prup. As Samantha Bee said, the Republicans would give their left nut right now for super delegates to stop Trump. Hypocrisy on the Bernie side too. Tad Devine was one of the architects of the super delegates. Sanders campaign was gonna sue Hillary campaign to stop them from stealing super delegates. Now they plan to do exactly that even if they don’t have a majority of pledged delegates or votes. Super delegates have not determined the outcome in the past and they won’t this time either. Really tired of hearing Republican talking points from Bernie Bros too.

  7. What Prup and Lucy said.
    While the pink Womancard offered by the Hillary campaign is very nice, I prefer the original (Democrat) blue one.

  8. e platypus onion says:

    The Pentagon has sent S Carolina dickhead Gowdy a polite letter basically telling him they are tired of his little gotcha games that force the Pent to waste millions of dollars tracking down and interviewing every suspect wingnuts care to name and all their offspring light years into the future. Gowdy sets a done date then moves the goal posts over and over again.

    iowa Dem guvs restored voting eligibility for felons,many of whom are minorities, and present guv Braindead rescinded their eligibility and made it even more difficult to regain it. Part of the wingnut voter fraud purge that purges only eligible minorities.

  9. VA guv recently re-enfranchised ex-cons who have kept their noses clean. This is a righteous step away from a part of the VA constitution and certain laws on the books that kept African Americans from voting. Yup. Those original “sources” were straight out racist. Gotta give Terry his street creds on this one.Now there are some Rthugs who are ganging up on this move and trying to kill it in court by insisting that the Guv does not have any right or power to do any such thing. Actually, he does if you look at the pardoning power.

  10. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    The cartoonists should have fun with Drumpf this week. The mental image of Donnie sneaking into the CA convention like a slithering snake and low life coward was priceless.

    Primo the resident World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc. witty author and master of the crunching graphics should have a great time squashing Donnie Drumpf.

    maggie, more of those magic ‘disappearing’ powers, whenever a Democrat is in office. The feds can only do so much to fix the cradle to prison pipeline and other acts of disenfranchising done at the state level. Props to the Gov Man for cleaning up some of his state.

    e platypus onion, two of the insignificant remnants of groping protoplasm in that House of Embarrassment: Trey Gowdy and that little punter from Bang ’em Young, Jason Chaffitz. They seem to think their caricature st00pid is a substitute for character. Unclog Congress. Reduce the number of govt welfare moochers each state sends to Congress by 50% or more. NV could begin the process by snatching back Amodei, Hardy and Heck. They’re not Louie’s level of C-SPAN notoriety or Steve King’s level of vile, but we in Nevada apologize for sending those 3 idiots.

  11. Well, we in Alaska have the shame of that idiot, Don Young, so I guess there’s enough blame to go around. Plus we have Lisa Murkowski, appointed to her job by her dad, who was governor at the time, and Dan Sullivan, the Koch Brothers carpetbagger from Ohio. Until the pipeline was built by mostly Southern rednecks, we were a happy blue state.

  12. I like (dislike?) the most the one of Drumpf humiliating himself by trying to make fun of others. And, No, he cannot act presidential.

    If, by some electoral snacilbupeR crimes, Drumpf is made president, I will be even more ashamed of him than I was of W. We have got to work hard for Hillary and a Democratic Congress.

  13. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    What is the definition of a bad day? That would be the morning you wake up and need geography help from Sarah Palin.

    There’s a server out there that hates me. It may be in Bangladesh. I dunno. It’s out there somewhere and it’s pre-loaded with e-mails from Debbie WTF Schultz. Whether they deliberately disable that little “unsubscribe” feature or it just doesn’t work, it ain’t helping; neither is the spam folder.

    Apparently those who work in Debbie’s Bangladesh Boiler Room do not read English, do not read, or simply for the royal sum of $.12/hour won’t read. Probably the latter, but my replies are wandering around cyberspace without a home.

    The reply today addressed her by full title: Debbie WTF Schultz and again expressed good wishes to her opponent Tim Canova. Also included was the observation that Debbie does have a good side. That would be her side seen as she leaves her office for the final time. AKA, the south side of a north bound Missouri mule.

    What next? Send Tim $20 every week, hope he defeats her, thus ending her barrage of e-mails?

  14. PKM, I hate when that “Unsubscribe” thing happens. I moved into a new state Senate district a year ago. I left a great, liberal senator. I emailed Josh, his communications staffer, to stop sending me emails. They still come and I enjoy reading them.

    Unfortunately, I get emails from my new Congressman, John Kline, telling me he’s doing his best to defund PP, end Obamacare, etc. I can’t find a place anywhere to tell that SOB how displeased I am with the shitola his is pulling and how thrilled I am that he is leaving. Dirty rotten scoundrel.

  15. BTW, I’ve never received anyour communication from Debbie WTF Schultz. I am blessed.

  16. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Debbo, one would hope the communication hive for state legislatures is smaller than the outsourced national fund raising cluster bunkers.

    If your state lege has a webpage, perhaps there’s a communication list. You should certainly send your scoundrel every thought you have on his meretricious performance.