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31 Comments to “Friday Toons”

  1. JAKvirginia says:

    The Retrumplican. Perfect.

  2. The best group of cartoons, e-v-e-r!

  3. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Miss Juanita Jean for President! President Obama will be a hard act to follow as he the alleged “lame duck” continues to act on his “bucket list.” ROFL with cartoon #1!!!! Only person I know capable of following his act is Miss Juanita Jean, her ownself.

  4. daChipster says:

    The Retrumplican looks like it’s got two heads… And they’re both up… Well, let’s just say most people have one, but the GOP went back for seconds on sphincters while the rest of us were in line for brains.

  5. A lot of people have hit on the dentist. But who has done the most to preserve big wildlife?? The holier-then-thou complainers, or the guy who did the shooting???
    It is NOT the big game hunters that have pushed various animals to near extinction, but the pirates that steal their tusks or horns for dimwitted chinese that think they have magic powers.
    As a non-hunter I don’t understand the hunters mind but they as a group do lots for conservation of animals. And anyone who thinks these hunters as bad??? Well you had better be the type that lives on sunlight, or you are no better!

  6. two crows says:

    I’ve been saying it for days: Huckabee figured out how to get his ticket to FOX’s Big Stage and say goodbye to the kid’s table. And it’s going to work a whale of a lot better than taking a chainsaw to a stack of poor, defenseless paper or tossing an equally harmless cell phone into a blender.

    I’ve been amazed that not one talking head has even mentioned The Hound’s ploy, “Do What The Donald Did Since It’s Working So Well For Him!”

    So, since the pundints won’t do it, the cartoonists step up and name it for what it is. Finally.

  7. L.Long, I’ve been a vegetarian since 1972 so yes, I can comment. Even assuming this schmuck didn’t know he was killing a protected and beloved animal, he had to know it had been baited out of the park, and he’d already poached a bear in the US and lied about where he shot it. And he brags that he can “hit a playing card at 100 yards,” but the lion had to suffer for 40 hours before finally being killed because of his bad crossbow shot. And then he wants the head and skin to show off to compensate for his “shortcomings.”

    That lion was worth at least ten times as much in tourism money as this glassbowl paid to kill him. And it was worth a thousand times as much in beauty and usefulness.

    Did I mention that all the cubs in the pride will be slaughtered by the new males who take over? So he didn’t kill one lion, he killed a dozen.

    The number of lions in Africa has fallen 42% in the past twenty years, and he added to that and contributed nothing. The only good thing will be if a lot less “trophy” hunting is allowed after this.

  8. ” as a group do lots for conservation of animals. ” Citation needed otherwise you’re making crap up.

    And, if you can’t tell the difference between a person who eats meat for sustenance and a person who pays $50k to torture, kill, skin and behead an animal (tame in this instance) simply for the pleasure of torturing, killing, skinning and beheading an animal than you are no better than the killer dentist.

  9. maryelle says:

    Sport killing is wrong. This particular cowardly exercise takes the cake and it appears Mr. Teeth is now wanted in Zimbabwe for taking this valued life. I too want to know just what hunters do for conservation of animals because the view from here is just the opposite.

  10. L. Long, I doubt that not a penny of the money the dentist paid to the people who arranged his “hunt” went into a fund for the protection and conservation of animals.

  11. Oops! Please delete the “not” in the first sentence.

  12. I am a hunter. I hunt things I can eat, and I eat the things I hunt. Not trophies. I will happily listen to criticism from vegans, all others not so much. Somebody killed that burger you’re eating. But the main problem with the chickensh&t dentist was that he baited, spotlighted and gutshot that lion. Of course, it was in the middle of the night so the wounded lion got away. If Dr. Microphallus Palmer wanted to shoot a lion with an arrow, he should have tracked down a wild one to the distance of about 20 meters, which is about the range of an ethical hunter with a bow, and let the chips fall where they may. Odds are something would have died, maybe a lion, maybe a dentist. That’s what Papa Hemingway and Robert Ruark would have done.

    This guy is a coward. He was afraid to get close enough to a half-tame lion to get an ethical shot at the animal. This is infuriating. I don’t approve of killing cats of any kind, but the cardinal rule of hunting is that you NEVER take a shot at any animal unless you CERTAIN you can kill it immediately. Certainty does not equal perfection, but it’s where you start. To say this guy is a typical hunter is like saying Bill Cosby is a typical comedian.

    If you’re going to kill a wild animal, you owe it two things, that you will kill it as humanely as possible and that you will not waste any of it. This guy makes me want to puke.

  13. Well Rhea you’re are not much different, you let others pull plants from the grown and in many cases you boil them till dead and eat them and eat their young. So because they don’t have furry faces or you can’t hear them scream, then you feel superior??? Right!
    My son-in-law is a hunter and works for the state helping to conserve many animals in the wild, how do you help glf???
    Personally I hate sport hunting, eat what you kill or don’t kill!!
    Now if this dimwit broke the laws then try & punish him, but being a hunter is not the crime.

  14. Wa Skeptic says:

    Actually, Ducks United has saved thousands (if not millions) of wild geese, ducks, swans, etc., due to working in concert with the rice farmers in the San Joaquin Valley flyway in maintaining over-wintering space in harvested fields. Yes, they do hunt, and they do eat what they hunt, and it’s a win-win everywhere. The hunters get to hunt, the animals get to overwinter, and the general population of CA no longer has to deal with the smoke-filled skies when the rice farmers burn off their fields in the spring to prep for planting. Ta Dah!

    And yes, the Dentist needs to man up and realize that his “hunting” is merely slaughter.

  15. Lyntilla says:

    My comment on the dentist, how is it possible he didn’t know he was shooting Cecil? The reason Cecil was famous was because he had a distinctive black mane. As a hunter, he would have researched lions in the area and Cecil, as a famous lion, would have popped up in the most cursory study. It’s like going into an area that has a famous albino deer, and going Oh I didn’t know I shot THAT albino deer. Either he didn’t do any research before going on that hunt or he’s lying about what he knew. He also had to know that it was a lion from the preserve, since the guides would have had to set up the bait station and the spotlight and told him when he was supposed to be to shoot the lion.

  16. Lyntilla says:

    Oops!, I meant “Where to be to shoot the lion, and also when to shoot in the sense of where the lion should be for a “good” shot.”

  17. Here in Minnesota, this story has just about worn out its welcome. The pseudo hunter’s house and clinic have been marked with memorials to the animal, signs, threats to the doc and family, demonstrations, protests, and just about anything else you can think of. It’s been front page news every day.

    Letters to the editor are uniformly against the shooting, but even more fed up with the coverage. They are saying, rightly in my opinion, that it is so frustrating to see this overblown attention on an animal in the midst of genocides, child abuse, poverty, and so forth.

  18. I grew up hunting deer, pheasants, jackrabbits, ducks, geese and those darn gophers. We hunted to supplement food stores. Putting dead animals on the wall seemed bizarre to us. It still does.

    However, money from hunting licenses goes for conservation of animals and the habitat they must have to survive. Membership dues to Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited and other sports organizations go to the same uses, plus buying lands from retiring farmers and other sources to preserve it from development. Legitimate hunters are good for the environment and the wild things that live there.

    Scumbags like the dentist contribute nothing and take, take, take to compensate. We all know what they are compensating for.

  19. Nelnor Smaggasbladl says:

    Well, Debbo, let me say this and hopefully this matter will be put to rest. The “doc” is a chicken crap for hiding and not coming out to face his responsibility. I hope Zimbabwe gets him and rakes him over the coals until he is well done!

  20. Aggieland Liz says:

    If they hadn’t baited Cecil out of the park, or he hadn’t been recognizable, it wouldn’t be that bad. It’s not my cup of tea and I can’t say I approve-I think you should eat what you kill, unless you are protecting pets or livestock or fambly. It’s not that different from hunting whitetail deer in Texas though; train them to come for the corn, set up the blind, sit in the blind, take your pick, shoot it dead. That, IMO, is not “hunting” it’s “baiting”!! But I shoot dogs to protect my pets, small and large, and my views have never been universally popular!

  21. I know that money from hunting licenses goes to “conservation,” but even that’s not ideal, because the emphasis is heavily on producing more game animals for the hunters. Any animals or types of habitat that need help but aren’t, or don’t produce, animals that hunters want to kill don’t get funded, unless they heavily overlap what the hunters want.

    L.Long, yeah, I do happen to feel superior to someone who makes jokes about animal suffering. I wouldn’t have waved my being a vegetarian except that you asked for it.

    And I think the thousands of dollars I have contributed to wildlife and wild land conservation over the years have been a bit more useful than that jackwagon’s fees for his killings.

  22. Not going to join the discussion about the dentist who baited and shot and tortured an animal for a trophy. It’s just plain wrong. But I do want to say thank you to JJ for an excellent Friday Toons selection! And I gotta say, the first one is my really, really favorite! Go Obama!!! My hero!!!

  23. e platypus onion says:

    Lion prides have,mark and defend territories where other lions aren’t tolerated-male or female. Cecil would not have ventured out of his territory to follow a meat drag,so he was most likely shot in his own neighborhood-outside National Park boundaries which he can’t see and wouln’t understand.

    In National Parks not even professional hunters are allowed to carry arms and cannot shoot or pursue wounded game inside park boundaries. That is poaching and could easily cost the PH his/her licenses and perhaps jail time. In many African nations poachers are shot on sight.

  24. scottybeamer says:

    I will believe the concern about the lion when I hear the same concern for the thousands of lives of HUMANS that were killed in a war that was started with a lie. The perpetrators of that war are still walking freely, and are being paid ridiculous sums of money just to speak! Have I seen a petition to have them arrested?……Please……………people need to pay attention to what happened and what is happening in the world to other humans. If you need a “cause” for concern, you might consider humans.

  25. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    scottybeamer, empathy for other animals is what makes us human. Not having empathy for the children of other people, hungry people, homeless families and embracing the war criminals, Bush etal., is what defines a Republican.

    There are many people of good heart who would gladly pay to send the war criminals to the Hague or try them here. Some of those same people find time to care about Cecil, too.

  26. scottybeamer, I signed those petitions too, and would love to see Baby Bush and Cheney and crew in the dock, answering for war crimes. But I can also deplore trophy hunting and the agonizing death of a beautiful animal for some clown’s idea of fun. Few people are concerned about just one thing, but we don’t trumpet our causes all at once. “If you care about X, you must not care about Y” is a false argument.

  27. scottybeamer says:

    May be false to you, Rhea, but not to me. This country is so divided because of politics, it will never be the same. But I’m sure Hillary will take care of all that….yeah, sure.

  28. e platypus onion says:

    It’s a well known fact that HRC killed Vince Foster,so she has that going for her. NRA ought to love the S*** out of her.

  29. Nelnor Smaggasbladl says:

    Think you can do any better???

  30. Good collection of toons. Thanks, JJ.

    When I was a teen, a friend said, “If you can’t kill it, don’t eat it.” I’d add, if you’re not going to eat it, don’t kill it. Dr. Walter Palmer is an assclown.

  31. Thanks for using my cartoon.