Friday Mega Toons

October 31, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Clay Bennett editorial cartoon







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6 Comments to “Friday Mega Toons”

  1. Elise Von Holten says:

    Nailed it.
    My beloved is really interested in being of service and has talked about joining Doctors without Borders, but our last discussion circled around not being allowed back home if he did get sick, and the stupidity of everything in general…guns, facts and realities, and the elections…
    “If I am not for me, who will be? If I am only for me, what am I?”

  2. Quarantining the Bush family suits me just fine, but maybe those politicians with hoof and mouth disease and teabola could be included.

  3. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Stephen Colbert on Loopy Louie was great:

    “People have said to me ‘Stephen you gotta understand you don’t even know your history. You’re dumb, you’re dense. You’re a mental midget with an IQ of a butter dish whose mind is a black hole that sucks all surrounding thought into it in an infinite singularity of pure stupidity. Stephen I’m surprised you can dress yourself. I bet you have to rub peanut butter inside your lips to remember to open your mouth to breathe. I have never met, and I hope to never meet again, a man so pervasively, astoundingly, unyieldingly, ignorant.’ To which I say well then you haven’t met Louis Gohmert.”

  4. PKM — I watched that episode, and it was great! There were even a couple of Louie videos I hadn’t seen. Sadly, there are soooo many wackos whose name could replace Louie Gohmert’s in that quote. It’s terrifying.

  5. Corinne Sabo says:

    Abbott and Patrik are the scariest things I’ve seen on TV on Halloween.

  6. Happy Halloween, everyone. I baked apples today, with currants, pecans, maple syrup, and sweet spices. Better than all the high fructose corn syrup and GMO in the usual candy.