For Pete’s Sake

June 29, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Pete Olson is my own personal congressvarmint.  I don’t talk about him much because he’s furniture. No, seriously, he does nothing in Congress and can only rarely be identified from his desk.

But, he’s gotten a little feisty lately.  He took his little anti-choice self and went on the electric radio to announce that he shouldn’t have to pay for pre-natal care health insurance because he can’t get pregnant.  In fact ….

Olson laughed about it and said, “We have what’s called an X chromosome . . . which means we can’t have a baby. Why do we have to pay for that coverage we can’t use?”

Well, wait a minute.  Didn’t you use it as a fetus?

And secondly, an X chromosome doesn’t make you a man, and apparently a suit and a seat in congress doesn’t either.  Honey, it’s the Y chromosome, but I’m perfectly okay with whatever he wants it to be.  Maybe he marches in the Chromosome Pride Parade and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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29 Comments to “For Pete’s Sake”

  1. I’m not a Republican Congressman.
    Why do I have to pay for mental health care I don’t need?

  2. “We have what’s called an X chromosome . . . which means we can’t have a baby. Why do we have to pay for that coverage we can’t use?”

    Wow. In only 2 sentences, he has proved:
    1) He failed science
    2) He failed as to an understanding of how insurance works
    3) He failed as a human being

  3. Wow! Don’t you just love those back benchers? My God, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd had more brains respectively than this guy and they were dummies. Oh, wait a minute . . .

  4. Gosh, that’s a statement worthy of Gohmert. However, ignoring the X thing and the fact that he obviously didn’t give a rat’s behind about the health and well-being of his own two children, I will say this: I don’t have a prostate, but never had any problem paying for coverage for prostate problems. That would be because I had a father and a husband, and sons, and grandsons and great grandsons whom I love/d. I’m also not a heartless piece of furniture.

  5. Jane & PKM says:

    Yeah Pete, what’s up with all the prenatal care stuff, too. Those babies aren’t even born yet. So what a waste, right Pete? /s

    Heckuva job opening your mouth and removing all doubt, Pete.

  6. And I shouldn’t have to pay for his Viagra either, but I didn’t notice any of them taking that off the table.

  7. Darn. All the good stuff is already said or taken.

    Mortimer Snerd! +1

    Women not paying insurance portions for prostrate care and Viagra/Cialis/etc +1

    snacilbupeR general failure as human beings +1

    This WMDBS post: PRICELESS

  8. Sandridge says:

    That worthless PO S needs a good swift double-hooved kick to the danglers from a real live jackass (a male donkey, and symbol of Democrats).

    Besides, Republicans are reptiles (snakes) and birdbrains, they have a ZW chromosome system, not an XX/XY one like mammals. No X’s to be found in their slimy DNA.

  9. Well a female doesn’t get pregnant without the male contribution. Pete forgot about that part where he’s there for three minutes. Pete went to the abstinence ed class instead of real sex ed. If females can’t get BC, then males might not have a need for those little blue pills…just sayin’

  10. Haven’t several GOP idiots used this argument by now– “I won’t get pregnant so I don’t want to pay for maternity care, har har har”? Passing around the dumb joke as if it matters to their personal fat wallets.

    Let’s not overlook the fact that the GOP Screw Your Healthcare bill would let states omit to pay for maternity care for those who *can* get pregnant. Then they claim they want to defund Planned Parenthood because of the helpless little unborn — about whom they’ve proven they don’t care worth a bullcrap.

    And y’all should watch Joss Whedon’s 3-minute video tribute to Planned Parenthood and why we need it, without a word spoken:

  11. floridalinda says:

    He also talked about how he doesn’t need mammograms. I tried this morning to communicate with his office but they won’t accept comments from outside his district. Could someone in his district please inform him that one out of every 100 breast cancer patients is a man. My (male) husband died of breast cancer.

  12. floridalinda, I am sorry for your loss. I’m sure this moron doesn’t help.

  13. That PP video is outstanding. Thanks Rhea.

  14. Old Fart says:

    This guy represents the useless dregs of anti-

    Anti- intellectualism
    Anti- women
    Anti- Science
    Anti- sense

    With luck and Anti-cipation of his removal from office, he and the little fingered vulgarian will be swept into the dustbin of History…

  15. Neighborm says:

    A significant improvement of the ACA is the elimination of gender rating which produces higher premiums for women. The ACA has been a tremendous benefit for women. Perhaps behind all the stupidity of this Congressman lies the misogyny that defines the Republican party.

  16. Lunargent says:

    Hey, I’m totally with this guy.

    Men shouldn’t have to pay for any pregnancies, except for the ones that result from eggs fertilized by male sperm donors. So all you cloned or Pod People babies, you’re on you own.

    Just saying, this dish doesn’t get made without the Special Sauce.

  17. Loud and clear.
    Repeat often.

    No prenatal care results in sick, disabled or dead babies.
    Why do Republican hate children?

  18. Republican women should stop having sex with their man.

    Solves 2 problems.
    No need for maternity rider on insurance.
    No more republicans.

  19. Those R men conveniently forget that no woman –since the one who gave birth to the central figure of one of the world’s great religions-has gotten pregnant without a contribution from a man (even if the contribution was in a test tube). I guess they get to just have fun, and it doesn’t matter what happens to their own personal incubator. Isn’t that all we are to them? An enticement to sex, followed by months of incubation. Sure, let women carry ALL the burdens.

  20. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Putting aside the fact that everyone has at least 1 X-chromosome, the fact that pistol Pete has a Y-chromosome means he can inseminate a woman who will then become pregnant. I guess even if it’s his wife she’s supposed to have her own policy. Or maybe he’s impotent. Or maybe he doesn’t like doing “it” with XX people.

  21. Satire. This is satire. Has to be satire. He is an ally.

    Satire in the world of Louis Gohmert is dangerous, but no one can be more misdirected than Gohmert, so by default it is satire.

    If I am wrong, please, no one tell me.

  22. maryelle says:

    Just another apologist for the “I’ve got mine, the hell with you”
    Reublican syndrome. Unfortunately, he is too stoopid to carry it off. Men count, women don’t, according to the Rethugs.

  23. Gail kelly says:

    With restricted access to care, Texas now has highest rate of maternal death in US.

  24. Sadly, I live in his district, too. I say sadly because he doesn’t represent me. No way.

    I used to work for Boeing at Johnson Space Center. One day, not long after he was elected, he came to Boeing to talk to a few Boeing folks. I wasn’t there, but I did see a video of his little speech.

    First, he talked about having played basketball for Coach Bill Krueger at Clear Lake High School. That’s a pattern for him. Every time he gives a speech in the Clear Lake area, he mentions that so that the locals will think he’s one of them. He’s not.

    After his speech, the first question asked where were the U.S. experiments aboard the International Space Station. The questioner mentioned the U.S. node has more experiment racks but fewer experiments than any other node, so we’re loaning experiment space to other nations. Why didn’t we have more experiments?

    In his answer, he said he had a great deal of concern about buying rides to the ISS aboard Russian spacecraft. He said not one word about U.S. experiments, so the questioner asked the question again. The second time around, he mentioned the experiments but made it clear he was basically clueless.

    And to think, this guy actually graduated from Rice. I thought they had higher standards than that.

  25. Well, its like this. The num-nuts refuse to learn that the word science, in Latin, means knowledge. That is what scares the hell out of them. As for where you got your sheepskin, there are plenty of Ivy Leaguers on Capitol Hill who may even wear a Phi Beta Kappa key dangling from their tie slip who haven’t read a daily paper in years. You see, they went through all that mess with kindergarten to 12th grade and then university. That was more than most of them could take. Now they’re done with all of it. Cue their theme song, “we don’t need no education “

  26. Well, I’m glad that somebody else noticed the X-chromosome thing. This guy is an idiot on so many levels it’s hard to know where to begin.

    To start with, was he ever a baby? If so, I assume he was, at some point, in a womb, specifically one owned by someone with two X-chromosomes and upon whose health baby Pete depended on for his very life.

    But that’s science, so obviously he wouldn’t understand.

  27. Linda Phipps says:

    Is Viagra still free? I don’t use it.

  28. Old Fart says:

    @Linda Phipps #27:

    You should understand, to die from an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours is a non-issue to these guys.

    I mean they’ve been docks their whole lives…

  29. Old Fart: I’ve definitely been a victim of my phone’s suggestive word feature that kicks in after a few letters. That was a well crafted joke. I tried to think of a nautical phrase to salvage it but failed. Sorry, sorry everyone.