FBI Warned Trump About Russians in July 2016

December 18, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russians, Trump

NBC News has broken the story that Trump was personally warned by counterintelligence agents of the FBI in JULY of 2016 that the Russians would try to infiltrate his campaign.  He and senior campaign officials were told to communicate to the FBI about ANY attempt by the Russians to contact them.  There is NO evidence that any Trump official did so.  Instead of taking the warning, Trump cronies were actively communicating with the Russians on multiple levels.

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11 Comments to “FBI Warned Trump About Russians in July 2016”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    Meanwhile, the functional illiterate tweets. Apparently he has not read the GOP tax bill, because he’s ‘thinking’ there is money for infrastructure to be found somewhere in the 1.5 trillion dollars they’re adding to the deficit.


    Donnie must be learning the Dubya “put it on credit” math. Rex was correct, Donnie is a bleeping moron. The FBI cannot place cuffs on he and his co-conspirators any time too soon. Christmas is coming, let’s get this done Mr. Mueller.

  2. Trump.
    So dumb he thinks he can outsmart the FBI and Russian spies. No wonder he’ seems clueless about everything that’s about to go down the golden toilet. He is.

  3. Not really a surprise; this is apparently a standard warning kind of thing because, of course, candidates and candidate-elects are prime targets for foreign recruitment. HRC is also reported to have gotten a similar warning.

    What is surprising is that Trump & co. promptly and publicly began asking for Russian help (“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30000 emails that are missing”), as well as, apparently, making efforts to hide the more clandestine connections and communications.

  4. WA Skeptic says:

    The Traitor Trump; to be more infamous than Benedict Arnold. Bigly.

  5. Flynn was part of the campaign at that time. Did he ever get the message? As for Trump pardoning him, that won’t stop anything or improve Flynn’s chances of going scot free. A pardon won’t stop the states of New York or Pennsylvania or any other state from going after him. And without the deal he was given by Mueller, he also loses his right to take the Fifth! Of course, it is useless to explain all this to Trump. It won’t make a damn bit of difference. He just wan’t to use pardon power because it is power. Well, sometimes power comes with shrapnel.

  6. Maggie@5: Trump could conceivably commute any sentence that Flynn receives; doing so would not compromise Flynn’s ability to take the fifth. Whether he would do so is another question. Given that Flynn is cooperating with Mueller’s investigation, I’d guess that’s not on the table at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  7. Warned and ignored. Worse, they actively engaged the Russians. Can’t wait for the perp walks. Who’s next? Jared? Don Jr? Traitors & grifters all.

  8. Putin is playing Trump, his asset, like a cheap fiddle that someone threw away. Based on the legitimate national security warnings, and how Trump and his ilk behaved and continue to behave, the whole lot of them should be rounded up in an FBI sweep and jailed. No bail. No way.

  9. Remember someone else who also had the Russians in her eyes? From her front porch? Caribou Barbie. Her first born and oldest sn Track is warming a cell after attacking his father and doing some real damage. Had to wonder why this boy has been having the same sort of symptoms over the years. Well, take a look at his given name.

  10. Speaking of the Trump request to Russia to pass along the “30,000 emails” and the endless hearings from that useless Repug, Trey Godey (s?), I keep wondering why no one in Congress asked the NSA for copies of those emails. It has been revealed on more than one occasion that the NSA has routinely snagged copies of every email sent in the US for years. Given that Hillary’s email server was a private, as opposed to government, server the presumption would be that the NSA has a copy of every one of her emails yet no Repug has ever publicly acknowledged that they asked NSA for copies. What, were they afraid that doing so would acknowledge what everyone has known for years? That the NSA has been illegally stealing copies of emails without a warrant?

  11. Bob B., nope. The Repugs never asked such of the NDA cuz they are afraid of it. they know damn well what the NSA has been doing and the last thing they want to see is a freight car filled with copies of their own emails-and what the language contained.