Every Once in a While, the Truth Slips Out

December 24, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

After hastily signing the Make America Poor Again bill on Friday, His Orangeness fled to Cheeto Lago to defile the Christmas holiday on home turf among his sycophants.  In his wake, he left fellow Republicans who were also getting the hell out of Dodge to get away from inquisitive reporters.  All during this debacle, there was one BIG LIE that rose above all other lies, and that was that this bill was focused on tax cuts for the middle class.  Anyone actually paying attention knew that assertion was completely false, but Trumpists and billionaires alike supported it for obvious reasons.

Trump, as we all are painfully aware, is in constant need of praise and admiration, and their is no better place for him than Cheeto Lago, where he surrounds himself with his own rapacious crowd mingling within the cheesy gold-plated walls and dining on “beautiful chocolate cake”.  In these surroundings, when he is immersed in praise and adoration, Trump often lets the truth slip out; Friday was not different.  When mingling among guests Friday night, he told them, “You just got a lot richer.”

And there it is.  This bill was not about kick starting the economy, because it doesn’t.  It’s not about companies creating new jobs with the billions of dollars in tax relief, because they won’t.  The deficit hawks cowered under the Trump McConnell cabal, blowing a trillion dollar plus hole in spending.  This bill was about one thing, and one thing only; fulfilling promises to donors.  It repeals the healthcare mandate; makes the corporate tax cut permanent; it puts over a trillion dollars in the pockets of the rich; it forces mandatory cuts in medicare and other social spending; it even opens the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve to oil and gas development.  What the hell do any of those things have to do with improving the lives of Americans?  Answer: Nothing.

It was never about the middle class, and those people in that class who voted for him were (and are) chumps who inflicted this regime on the US and indeed the world.

Thanks for nothing.

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16 Comments to “Every Once in a While, the Truth Slips Out”

  1. And yet, those chumps will still vote for him again.

  2. My dad, the immigrant, always said that the Rethugs were morally bankrupt. Moreover, where he came from whenever the conservatives were in power, all but the rich felt the constant miserable pinch and when the liberals were in power, the entire country could breathe a again. My, how times haven’t changed!

  3. “You just got a lot richer!”
    Ebenezer Scrooge could not have said it any better.

    Here’s one for the new year:
    “Get a job Tiny Tim! You’re old enough to work and pay your own medical bills!”

  4. Thanks El Jefe for pointing out more in the continuous deluge of reasons that lumps of coal are waaayyy too classy for this bunch of scum sucking bottom dwellers. Isn’t it ironic that when Santa left that gift wrapped package of horse s**t for Mnuchin he credited the American people, instead of the other way around?

  5. That Other Jean says:

    I hope every Democrat within earshot of anyone mentioning that atrocity of a tax bill, foisted on the American people by the Republicans, brings up that Trump quote, every time.

  6. Yep, he just said to the 99%: IN YOUR FACE!

  7. slipstream says:

    On Christmas Eve, a suspicious package was delivered to the Bel Air mansion of Treasury Secretary Mnuchin. The package was examined and discovered to be full of horse manure.

    My question: how is that different than the new tax bill?


  8. @slipstream: horse manure can be used to fertilize your garden and help to grow flowers or food, thus enriching your emotional or physical well-being. The same cannot be said of the GOP’s tax bill.

    And let’s call it the GOP tax bill every single time, since every one of them voted for it, no matter what they said about it, and no Democrats voted for it.

  9. joel hanes says:

    In a garden, horse manure actually promotes growth — roses love a shovelful of well-rotted horse manure a couple times a year.

    This bill does not promote growth, and will do nothing for your roses.

  10. Sadly, we are all Bob Cratchit.

  11. Rick:

    One can only imagine what the service people (the maids, the food servers, the bar tenders) must be thinking as they hear Trump and his rich s.o.b friends crow how rich they just became off this tax bill.

  12. e platypus onion says:

    One word of caution using horse pucky for fertilizer, if the horse(s) have been recently dewormed the manure can and probably will kill “nightcrawlers”.

    Slip wins the Christmas internets.

  13. He may have said, “You just got a lot richer,” but even that was a lie — or, at least, not his actual point. THAT was, “_I_ just got a lot richer.”

  14. e platypus onion says:


    Orrin Hatch got gobsmacked with a whole lotta truth by the Salt Lake Tribune in a Christmas editorial. No holds barred. And Nut Hatch is down for the count.

  15. e platypus onion says:

    Gotta feel a bit for Attorney Perjurer Sessions. Drumpf said if Sessions had stayed in the senate, Alabama wouldn’t have elected a Democrat.

    It prolly never occurred to Drumpf that his hiring Sessions as AG is what caused Sessions to leave the Senate, I cannot truly believe a 70 year old American can be that gawd damn dumb!

  16. elise from CA says:

    Just one addition: the tax bill not only rewards donors but also sets the stage for gutting social insurance programs, i.e. Social Security and Medicare, plus Medicaid and the few programs remaining that help the poor.

    Randi Rhodes made an insightful comment on her program last week: the first big rounds of tax cuts under raygun and chimpy were paid for by gutting welfare, i.e. programs for the poor. Now, for the current tax cuts, the GOPee is going to get the tranche of money from middle class programs. They are systematically looting the country and shoveling the money upwards.


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