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June 30, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


An honest to gosh press release from Hector Uribe’s office —

Uribe performs CPR, resuscitates collapsed Capitol jogger

(Austin) Democratic nominee for Texas Land Commissioner Hector Uribe successfully performed CPR on a man who had apparently collapsed with no pulse or respiration while jogging earlier today.

Uribe was walking to his office at 11th and Congress early this afternoon when he noticed a crowd gathering on a Capitol driveway near 11th Street. When Uribe walked over and saw a man on the ground, he joined other onlookers in assessing the man, could not detect a pulse or respiration, and that his eyes were rolled back in his head. Uribe began performing CPR on the man, and a couple of minutes later, the man gasped and began breathing on his own.

State Trooper Husain Roussel, who was recently in the news himself when a gunman fired shots on the Capitol grounds, was among those who arrived at the scene and witnessed the incident.

“I’m all for Texas turning blue, but not like this,” Uribe said. “I was very glad to help, grateful that I knew CPR, and I wish the gentleman the very best of health.”

All in a day’s work for the handsome, smart, and soon to be Land Commissioner, Hector Uribe.

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