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No, seriously, delusional.

Rick Perry on Sunday sought to reassure GOP primary voters concerned about his wobbly presidential debate performances, saying he would draw sharp distinctions with the Democratic incumbent in televised showdowns next year.

“I’m not worried a bit that I’ll be able to stand on the stage with Barack Obama and draw a very bright line,” Perry said.

Whoa, wait, Rick, imma real happy for you and imma let you finish but Barack Obama has one of the best debates of all time.

(Yes, this is Juanita’s, where 4 year old memes are just now surfacing.)

Rick, Dude, I not think you should be using the word ‘bright’ very often.  You know, it just reminds people that you ain’t.

“I have been a consistent conservative,” Perry said. “I don’t get confused with just telling the truth.”

No, Rick, you don’t get confused.  You stay confused.

He’s dipping in the cough syrup again.  I swear he is.  Can you even imagine the beatin’ he’s gonna get from Anita tonight?

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9 Comments to “Delusional”

  1. I just finished reading this article:

    I absolutely can’t believe Texans kept voting this amoral guy into office.

  2. Republicans just woke up in Texas… According to the latest Texas Tribune poll Herman Cain is currently leading in the primaries at 27% with Rick Perry at 26% and Ron Paul at 12%.

  3. Did he recently have back surgery?
    Thought I remember reading that somewhere.
    Could be the meds.

    Although he has never sounded any smarter then GW.
    Which means he is pretty dumb. Or would that be stupid?

  4. Well, Mike, I’m not sure taking Cain over Tricky Ricky shows any kind of awakening.

    And besides, all yous people should stop picking on poor little Ricky and persecuting him because God and Anita already told you too, and your know it. We don’t gotta have no elitist who can actually talk and think to be President. That ain’t in the Constitution.

  5. A little bit off topic, JuanitaJean, but I just saw that Crockett Keller is being investigated by the Feds about his gun instruction school. It’s on the Google news page. I’m stunned!

  6. @Grammy: He ran into Thom Hartman’s logical mind on the radio today and finally had to admit that he won’t turn anybody away. He was just kiddin’, ya know?

  7. I think that even if Perry doesn’t win the nomination he should have to debate Obama. I’d pay to see that.

  8. RE: Crockett Keller…I’m glad his 15 minutes is almost up…every time I see a pic of him in that ridiculous hat, I think of this:

  9. Lorraine in Spring says:

    If it’s alcohol, pain medication or just Rick’s Fun Friday, his behavior confirms he’s not fit for any office. Can you imagine the 3am phone call? Rick probably wouldn’t be able to find his own pants let alone remember where the Oval Office is located.

    Jack Kennedy suffered from back pain too yet he didn’t make a fool of himself in public.

    As for debating President Obama… yes please. Even if Ricky drops out, I still want to see that debate. They can do it for a Texas charity but the loser has to quit his current job.