Day By Day

January 19, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Here’s something you might want to bookmark in case you ever need to know where last year went or you want to play Trump Trivia at a cocktail party.

Day By Day With the Trump Presidency

No kidding.  They do all 365 days. Remember when had a real president and on some days, literally nothing crazy happened?



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5 Comments to “Day By Day”

  1. I started to read that. I meant to read that. But then my ADD, ADHD, or conscience kicked in and I didn’t. Gosh what a year. Who could have predicted that it could all go so far to he77 in just 365 days.

  2. Jane & PKM says:

    Micr, good choice. We need to keep our eyes well rested, the beer cold, and the popcorn popped for when the Mueller Report is available.

  3. And speaking of reports, I was in a hurry earlier this afternoon and I did not get the entire news flash on how some committee on Capitol Hill with of course a nest of conservative members finally got a look at the Steele dossier, recoiled in horror (“it’s worse than Watergate!) and tried to whip up a way to purge the evidence before it went big time public. Well, of course, purging evidence is obstruction of justice but heck for them that would be a hobby. Anyway, Mueller has already seen this document and I flaming can’t wait to see the reaction!

  4. Tilphousia says:

    Popcorn- check (with butter)
    Comfy chair, couch

    Right on, all, it’s Mueller time!

  5. On day 365 demented donnie the self proclaimed king of bankruptcy, and debt, presided over another successful bankrupcy by shutting down the US gov.
    By the way have they prepared furlough lists/notices?
    Do government employees, and sub contractors, know who is suppose to show up and who isn’t?
    From my reading there is a good possibility that the answers are No. ( obvious exceptions made on either side of requirements/necessity i.e The Coasties absolute necessity)
    No one is in charge. Empty offices and not even the awareness that planning is needed.
    What a calendar.