Culinary Scandal

June 11, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russian Hacking, Sumbitches, Trump

File under “Long Ago in a Galaxy Far Away”…

If you’re like me, you’ve run out of words to describe the slow motion train wreck that is today’s White House.  Shocked.  Stunned. Astonished. Embarrassed.  Humiliated. Outraged. Aggrieved. None of those words sufficiently describe the relentless onslaught on our senses these last months as The. Worst. President. In. U.S. History. eviscerates virtually every tradition, custom, and law that governs our executive branch.  Common decency suffered a quick death at 12:01 on January 20th.  After that, this walking, talking violation of the Constitution has been urinating all over our society while stuffing his pockets full of foreign money.  Have I described this administration accurately?  I believe I have.

So.  Let’s go back to this same point in Barack Obama’s first term.  He was also dealing with a HUGE scandal himself.  The scandal?  He went out for a hamburger with his pal, VP Joe Biden and dared to order his burger with dijon mustard.  That’s right, folks, that sissy latte’ sipping secret Muslim from Kenya dared to order a traditional American dish with a French mustard.  Outrageous.  The noise machine lit up, lead by the knuckle dragger, Sean Hannity.  Have a look:

That same noise machine today (what’s left of it) is whistling past the grave yard, defending Trump and his mob buddies for cozying up to despots and hackers.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if characters from The Empire showed up as Trump surrogates on national television.

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15 Comments to “Culinary Scandal”

  1. charles phillips says:

    I like Dijon on my burnt dogs, but whole grain garlic mustard on da burgers.

  2. anomprop says:

    So watt? I like honey mustard, lettuce, onion, tomato & mayo on mine — and make it a veggie burger on a bagel.

  3. Rastybob says:

    The right all get to ride on the [ Traitor Trump Train. ]
    That’s TTT for short.

  4. Maymoon says:

    Oh my, what a scandal!

  5. I think it is easier to describe the Trump white house than it is to explain the still far-too-numerous voters who think he is doing a great job.

  6. That Other Jean says:

    Wow. Dijon Mustard. That really was in another universe.

  7. BarbinDC says:

    Now you know why I have never had cable TV. I never wanted a single cent of my money to go to Faux News.

    In retrospect, this clip looks almost quaint, given the real problem who occupies the White House these days.

  8. Trump can do, and has done, more horrifying and nation-embarrassing things in ten seconds than Obama did in eight years. Just like a toddler is gonna poop on the floor a lot more often than an adult will.

  9. Sandridge says:

    And Obama did such other truly horrific things like wear a brown sportcoat, put his feet up on his desk, flub a salute once at Marine One, etcetcetc… then there’s Michelle’s veggie garden, school nutrition efforts, a top that had TOO SHORT OF SLEEVES, etcetcetc…
    OMFG, how did the Dow almost triple, millions get employed, GM and Chrysler get saved from getting dismembered for pennies the dollar, etc.
    I think the only Democrat to get in hot water then was Henry Cisneros, for a relatively minor problem. Hordes of Repukes have been in all kinds of bad things from before then to today.

    Those teabagging cretins worked themselves into a sweaty lather over absolutely nothing constantly, but totally ignore the cunning dissolution of our very nation and Constitution every day by the treasonous Rescummies and their dreamprez.

    Scammity himself started running a major fraudulent ‘charity’ operation in 2003, the sucky Freedom Concerts, wherein most of the proceeds from the dupes attending were skimmed off the top and never went to the supposed ‘charity’ recipients (I was part of an informal forensic effort to expose it).

    Don’t y’all underestimate the enemy. The core Rethugs, all their team, and the minions, are still 100% solid Trump.
    I just watched a few Sunday pundit shows and they are out in force running down Comey, Mueller, Dems, and anyone not “R”. All while lying, diverting, and distorting as much as they can spew out in their alloted time.

  10. Dijon mustard???? Oh, lawsy! Where is my fainting couch!

  11. Oh the inhumanity of it. Imagine. The freedom to choose. The seasoning you want. On your own hamburger. Surely mere mortals cannot cope with such freedom. Surely they need an arbiter to choose for them. And what of those who prefer mayo on their burger. Or no onions. Gosh can women voting be right next? Non-whites of every sort coming to the USofA? Blacks pitching in G*d’s own game? Mexican cuisine some in Huh?merica?

  12. oldymoldy says:

    I’m not a Dijon expert but if memory serves, it’s pretty nearly a wholly made American thing, at least that snooty English one so many of us know as Gray Poop On.
    Here, let me look, I have a bottle right here in the fridge… ah yes, there it is there on the back of the bottle… “Made in the USA by KRAFT” Mmmm! That’s funny. I also have a bottle that came from WalMart and a couple more from other local grocery chains. In the past I’ve had some with French names on the label but seem to remember that at least a couple of them were U.S. made also.

    There are at least half a dozen other U.S. makers of Dijon.
    The Wiki post on Dijon is enlightening and a bit disheartening.

    Of course it was pretty nuts of Obama to ask for Dijon in a U.S. chain burger place. We all know they only have yellow mustard in those little plastic packets (not that there’s anything wrong with that) , just like hannity likes it. Hannity should have been hounded to the ends of the earth for this one. Maybe it time to bring it back up!

  13. oldymoldy says:

    Somehow that Kraft is also the maker of “our favorite” macaroni strikes me as amusing.
    Of course Yankee Doodle was a macaroni-er, so maybe it makes sense after all!

  14. oldymoldy says:

    Well now I feel like a complete fool! ‘just left the local grocery. There were at least a dozen Dijons. All of them made in the U.S.

  15. I guess they prefer people who order well-done steak with KETCHUP. (Ewwwwwww)