Creepiest Damn SuperPAC Ad Ever

March 31, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

It’s from Katich’s SuperPAC

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20 Comments to “Creepiest Damn SuperPAC Ad Ever”

  1. Yeah, that’s creepy, but how do we know it wasn’t just filmed from life?

  2. Mah Fellow Murkuhn says:

    Creepy, but also true. I guess the Katich referenced is just a typo.

  3. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    SuperPACs keeping it classy, so candidates don’t have to ….

    Actually, that looks more like a Donnie Drumpf sci-fi snuff film, “The Schlonging of Loathsome Ted.”

  4. Well, my first question is how big are his hands?.

  5. The snacilbupeR are REALLY phallic-centric are they not?

  6. The Milwaukee Brewers have a 7th inning sausage race. I wanna see Ted run in that!

  7. RepubAnon says:

    Looked something like a pink elephant’s trunk to me. Perhaps that’s why the GOP has an animal with a very long nose as its mascot – they can start out with a bunch of lies…

  8. Rasty Bob says:

    That Ad is as creepy as Ted himself. Bless his heart.

  9. slipstream says:

    I’m gonna have nightmares for a week.

  10. Eeeeuwwwwwww! Now how am I supposed to get that out of my mind? Eeeeuwww again,

  11. Hollyanna says:

    There is not enough brain bleach in the universe…

  12. maryelle says:

    “But, Geppetto, I had nothing to do with that ad about Trump’s wife, or shutting down the government, or believing I am the anointed one. Why doesn’t anyone believe me?”

  13. This is why I do not have TV in the house.

  14. I think this ad tells us more about Kasich than it does about Cruz.

    Remember a decade ago when Huckabee presented himself as a religious conservative, but basically a nice, rational guy? Kasich is just as much a sham.

  15. Amazing that the anti-Cruz ad masters went Pinocchio. The author of the book, Carlo Collodi, was actually trying to make a point about how families sustain themselves through thick and thin with the love and support of family members. But I do understand the damn nose!

  16. Fred Farklestone says:

    Who is “Katich?”

  17. Sam in San Antonio says:

    Hi Ted, is that your nose or are you just glad to see me?

  18. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    Agreed LynnN!

  19. Numero Uno cartoon! And everyone voting GOP needs to take a drug test before casting that ballot!