Cool. Just What We Needed! Another Person At The Russia Meeting. EDITED

July 14, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, so it turns out that there was another Russian at the Don Junior meeting.

So now we have three versions of what happened.

In the interview, Akhmetshin said he did not know how the Trump Tower meeting was set up. He said he had lunch with Veselnitskaya that day and she asked his advice on what to say at the session: “She said, ‘Why don’t you come with me?’ I said, ‘Really?’ We were having lunch a few blocks north of Trump Tower.”

He said that “as part of her work, with her clients,” Veselnitskaya had found that an American hedge fund was violating Russian tax and securities law and that the fund “seemed linked to the [Democratic National Committee].” He said that Veselnitskaya “left a document behind” after the session.

So the adoption story loses a vote.

Oh dear.  A document. There’s a document.

ON EDIT:  Eight people?  My feeling are hurt that I wasn’t invited!  Hey, the only people who weren’t invited were me, Flo from Progressive, and Dan Quayle.

I finally got a photo of the attendees at the Russia Meeting.



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29 Comments to “Cool. Just What We Needed! Another Person At The Russia Meeting. EDITED”

  1. WA Skeptic says:

    My, my, my…how convenient. A warning from a RUSSIAN bank that a possible Democratic National Committee was involved in a questionable banking transaction?


  2. barbara says:

    Make that 2 more persons beside the Russian lawyer and the 3 stooges!

  3. e platypus onion says:

    Care to guess again, Ms JJ? According to AP-

    So far acknowledged in attendance: Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, Akhmetshin and publicist Rob Goldstone, who helped set up the meeting. A source familiar with the circumstances told CNN there were at least two other people in the room as well, a translator and a representative of the Russian family who had asked Goldstone to set up the meeting. The source did not provide the names.

  4. RepubAnon says:

    As the document never showed up, it was either an obvious forgery… or perhaps the people named were not Democrats. After all, the DNC member reference could just be tradecraft in case of an audio recording.

    Gee, I wonder whose name could have been on that document if the Trumps didn’t disclose it? Possibly someone with extensive business ties with Russia, and refused to make his tax returns public?

  5. Jane & PKM says:

    Stephen Colbert wins the late night with: “the ‘nothing burger’ has become a smorgasbord of indictments.”

    Another comic classic (apologies to the comic but I forgot which one, please forgive me but there’s been a lot of great material this week.) An apology to Err-Reich Drumpf for thinking he was “the dumb one.”

    Fugetabout the Sopranos, the Romanovs or the Godfather. This genetically impaired administration is “The Simpsons” with every clown in it vying to be dumber than Homer.

  6. 8 people now?
    Add a few more Russians to this list, and I might find myself in favor of building a border wall with Russia. If not at an actual border, maybe someplace you can see Russia from your backyard. And make them pay for it.

  7. Jane & PKM says:

    Ms. Juanita Jean Herownself : ON EDIT:  Eight people?  My feeling are hurt that I wasn’t invited!

    Collusion + collision = covfefe!

    Ms. JJ, I like to dance as much as any guy and would seriously enjoy an opportunity to dance with you, but I don’t think either of us benefit from proximity with any music at a Donnie event. Those people are toxic.

  8. So we’re up to eight. I’m gonna have to go barefoot by nightfall just to keep count.

  9. Old Mayfly says:

    Homer Simpson could be a latter-day Republican because Homer is gullible and not too smart. However, Homer is too patriotic to ever follow Trump/

  10. If Dick Cheney was a real American, he’s step forward and offer to get to the truth, by taking Fredo and Sonny to his dungeon and waterboarding them.

  11. e platypus onion says:

    Poor Shep Smith is beside himself. All this stuff coming out after Drumpf Jr came clean and he is complaining that there are people that still believe this is all made up. Welcome to reality, Mr Smith.

    Charles Krauthater is mad as hell. Bungled collusion, incompetent collusion is still collusion, Jr.

    I’m loving it all, except for KA Conartist claiming we were promised institutional collusion or some such garbage. She is moving the goal posts so high no one will have ever committed a crime.

  12. Only 8? The meeting was held in the 25th floor board room — which holds little more than a ginormous conference table that can seat 20+ conspirators.

    For what it might be worth:

  13. Nice photo of the meeting!
    It really captures a moment in time.
    I can’t wait to see if they find an audio tape of the event, especially if there’s a rousing chorus of “I Get By With Some Help From Russian Friends.”

  14. The Gang that couldn’t coup straight.

  15. A translator, of course, is subject to confidentiality agreements. But those agreements may not count if he is questioned by a Federal investigative agency. If that happens, he’s gotta spill.

  16. Okay, in the spirit of retrotransparency associated with this story, I have a confession to make. The.hand behind Paul’s head? That’s right. Me. I just couldn’t get out from behind Stan Laurel’s big honkin head.

  17. @P.P.
    Did you bury Paul?

  18. what does that bring Jared’s count to?

  19. Now there’s a story out at one of the MSM sites that says alt right news is saying it’s Democratic plot….Yeah they’d say something like that.

  20. I think the Beatles are singing “Back to the USSR”.

    Hey, JJ, I wasn’t invited either, and I could do the kazatsky in my younger day!

  21. News flash! Russians eat lunch twice a day and remain thinner than Americans. It’s gotta be the vodka.

  22. maymoon says:

    That meeting was like a clown car…how many people came out of it? Obviously more than you think…

  23. Jim Steffen says:

    Real life Russian nesting dolls. You think there’s only one and then more keep popping out.

  24. @Micr: Full retrotransparency: I have no memory of a Paul burial. Just simply a 5 finger photobomb. Any other inquiries should be directed to my Russian handler, er, associate.

  25. Like I said in a previous post a day or so ago, how the hell could Junior not see the entire Bolshoi Ballet standing behind the lawyer, the “retired” Russian counter-intelligence agent, the sycophant go-between, and on and on.

    As much as I think so little of Jared, at least he had a good sense of smell and boogied early.

  26. e platypus onion says:

    Drumpf hired another personal attorney he can pay and ignore. He doesn’t listen to any of the other attorneys he hired.

  27. Sorry hon, but Flo was there. Quayle got lost.

  28. maryelle says:

    Brings to mind the Marx Bros stateroom scene from Night at the Opera, although not a bit funny.

  29. Now comes an alibi kind of involving the Secret Service whose presence was supposed to make the meeting OK. Except there weren’t any Secret Service. And besides, their job is security, not to make moral choices for anyone or convey an aura of morality on any event.