Comey Tried to Go Public on Russian Hacking Last Summer – Obama Shut It Down

March 29, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election

Newsweek is now reporting that FBI director James Comey tried to go public last summer in an editorial exposing Russian interference in the presidential election.  The overly cautious Obama White House said no.  After it became so obvious in the early fall, Obama finally consulted the goddam Republicans about the hacking, who predictably chose party over country, so blatant interference was allowed to continue through election day.  The worst case scenario resulted.

So, should we now add Obama to the list of people to blame for the catastrophe and daily slow train wreck unfolding on national television?

Unfortunately, methinks yes.

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21 Comments to “Comey Tried to Go Public on Russian Hacking Last Summer – Obama Shut It Down”

  1. That Other Jean says:

    Unfortunately, I would agree with you. President Obama, trying to look Presidential and not influence the election, bent over backwards so far that he got his head stuck up his nether parts and failed to pass along important information. James Comey, in his turn, helped out the Republicans by doing in Hillary Clinton, linking her to an investigation–twice–that turned up nothing. There’s a lot of blame to go around.

  2. Annabelle Lee says:

    I don’t know the whole story, and I doubt any of us will for a few years yet; but my understanding is that the investigation was of Russian organized crime, and that the FBI thought it was close to hauling in the nets. Obama erred on the side of allowing an ongoing investigation to proceed, perhaps not yet realizing that said investigation would touch upon the Republican candidate.

    I don’t know. It’s all very discouraging.

  3. Chloe Bear says:

    He did not need approval to go public. He certainly did not ask permission to go public with his comments about the faux Clinton investigation.

  4. Sandridge says:

    Glad to see y’all are coming around to what I’ve been howling about for over eight years now.
    Obama may have been a truly great President, ‘if only’.
    He might have been the most intelligent and nicest guy ever to hold the office, but he had very, very few far-seeing “Leadership” abilities. All his good points are moot and being rapidly negated now.
    His Prez ranking is going to be quite low, little to nothing of his pretty good “legacy” will remain in a short time (and much worse, all of his predecessor’s good legacies, as the proto-fascist Rethugs destroy everything in sight).

    We all are beginning to pay a massive price for Obama’s complete failures of leadership.

  5. two crows says:

    Spinelessness seems to be the Democrats’ signature these days and Obama fits that mold to a T. That lack is, unfortunately, a sight to behold — and the loser is the nation.

  6. Add to this the fact that Comey was Kenneth Starr’s deputy in the Whitewater witch hunt and presaged his slanderous press conference last July and subsequent trashing of HRC by engaging in the same fact free act of slander of the Clintons back in the ’90’s. And yet, knowing this and with the certainty that Clinton would run for president, Obama STILL NOMINATED COMEY to the one office from which he would have the best opportunity to sandbag Clinton again.

    Not saying that Obama selected Comey with any nefarious intent but jeepers, how naive do you have to be to do something this self defeating? Comey is the number 1 proximate cause of President Trump and Obama is the number 1 proximate cause of director Comey. It’s on Obama and he did it for no discernable purpose except his pointless pursuit of the very obviously lost cause of bipartisanship.

  7. Grey One talks sass says:

    Let’s play “what if”

    What if Pres Obama had let the story break. How do you believe that would have played to a press deep in Trumps pocket?

    The lowest common denominators were already calling for Hillary to be hung. Violence was the go-to response.

    Comey could have kept his mouth shut about Hillary to balance his silence about the Russian investigation. He could have spilled the beans on everything.

    To me Comey is only now fessing up because he knows the damage he can do to the progressive agenda. There is nothing noble in his confession.

  8. Marge Wood says:

    What about the DNC asking for resignations from everyone on the committee? And I liked Obama. It took too long for him to realize that he couldn’t play dominoes with the GOPS. They only played with sharp knives.

  9. Chloe Bear says:

    Marge, Nearly every new leader of the DNC asks the staff to resign this is not new. Some news outlets are making it to be something it is not and not giving the readers context.

  10. Tilphousia says:

    I really hate the blame game. Should Obama have acted? Yes, but then the uproar would have been heard to Mars and back. Obama was damned either way. Do I wish he had acted? Yes! Do I understand the GOP? Yes, they are immoral greedy evil bastards who hate America, and the traitors in the White House are prime examples. Perhaps this cluster f*** is necessary for the people to get their heads out of their butts and realize that democracy requires WORK! And hard work at that.

  11. Another factor we have to contend with is the GOP money (Koch, et al.) who have been putting people into every office in the land–usually without competition–for years now. For a lot of those offices, the price of getting some jerk on the ballot is low, so the Kochs have gotten more than their money’s worth: they control way too many of the country’s political offices for their relatively small investment.

    What progressives have to do is start flooding the ballots with people who are willing to run for office. It shouldn’t take much to find better folks than the Kochs have backed, but unless we have *somebody* on the blue side of the ballot, this isn’t going to get better.

  12. maryelle says:

    This article concerning Comey’ supposed desire to reveal the Russian connection is absolutely self-serving and I don’t believe a word of it.

  13. treehugger says:

    How can anybody trust Comey after his disgraceful politically-motivated behavior against Hillary at the end of the campaign? There is no way I will believe he will ever look at anything with an unbiased attitude. I totally with you @Tilphousia.

  14. Lunargent says:

    Q: Who hates Democrats more than the Republicans do?
    A: Other Democrats.

    I’m about done with this site. It seems like all most of us do any more is piss, bitch, moan, and play endless rounds of “if only”.

    It’s depressing – and unproductive.

  15. I’ve been waiting for some word on this!

    Why, when, how come, reasoning, etc. did Obama know about Russian hacking and influence/collusion over Trump???

  16. Thanks lumpkin good points!
    I know ‘money’ ultimately controls our Government. Just don’t know who’s money controls how much of whom.
    Why Obama nominated Comey would answer some questions.

  17. This seems to be a very simple description of what had to be a complex situation.

    I normally err on the cynical side, but I believe that Obama knows more about politics and governing than I do, so I’ll give him a bye unless I see more evidence than this.

  18. Pigburner says:

    I think Obama wants to see the RW Republican Party implode. Look at how many have used Russian money (thru their personal or campaign PACS) that have been exposed. Also, Gowdy received cash from trump to extend the Benghazi probe.It will explode. Just not fast enough for us honest people.

  19. Aggieland Liz says:

    Lunargent, don’t go! This snarling and growling has to be got through so we can carry on and do something reasonable. This is all so much Monday-morning-quarterbacking, but we need to get it out of our systems! Maybe take a break, but do come back!
    I have a question y’all, in good faith: what do you do when ALL the answers are bad? What do you do when you have suspicions, but no proof? I mean, it’s all very easy to look back and play shoulda-woulda-coulda; to make YOU happy, Sandridge, we would have had to have a completely different candidate-or even a completely different party! I know this because my beloved spouse has been worrying me like a chew toy for 17 years now (ever since the 2000 debacle, when the Rd stole the first election, then started honing their skills) for all the same reasons! But as someone upthread said, WE aren’t allowed to know all the ins and outs and classified stuff. And you can say what you want about poor Mr Obama, but surely he was better than Mitt Romney or McCain/Palin?? I think he did a damn good job under very punishing circumstances and he kept his nose clean and stuck to the high road too. No blue dresses under HIS desk! If you want to play what-if, how about what-if Mr damn Clinton could have behaved himself for eight years, instead of gifting the religious fruit loops with enough ammunition to last the rest of his and Hilz life? We really need to start looking forward, not back!

    I think Mitch McConnell should be hung from the neck til just nearly dead, be cut down and drawn and have his steaming entrails shoved down his throat, and then four fast horses allowed to pull his quartered remains to the four compass points. That treasonous SOB has a great deal to answer for!

  20. Whoa Aggieland! You’ve got serious plans for McTurtle. Can I send a few others your way? I’m thinking Orange Whore, Bannon, Darth Cheney, Ann Coulter, that creepy looking Miller guy? Thanks, but I don’t want to watch.

  21. Let me see if I’ve got this right. The role of the FBI is, like any other law enforcement organization, to gather evidence of criminal activity and present it to prosecutors, in this case, the Justice Department. Comey finds evidence of Russian interference, but instead of presenting it for prosecution, he wants to write a freakin’ editorial about it. And it’s put to a vote??? How does that make any sense at all? No wonder the Russians seem to have had their way with us.