Comey Gets Taste of Own Medicine

January 12, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Sumbitches

Ya’ll remember James Comey, that really nice FBI director who’s letter to Congress about Hillary’s emails 11 days before the election hung over her campaign like a fart in church?  (sorry, Momma) Then remember how he said, “NNNNEEEEVVVVEERRRRR MMMIIIINNNDDDD” several days later? Well.  Looks like Mr. Letter Writer might just get his.  He’s being investigated by the Justice Department for possible political motivation (oh, say it ain’t so, Joe; say it ain’t so); AND, it turns out that his deputy director is also in deep doo-doo because, as he was investigating Hillary, his wife was running for Virginia State Senate.  Apparently he should have recused himself.  They’re also investigating whether someone leaked the info to Hillary’s campaign.  I wonder if they’re going to investigate why Rudy Giuliani knew about the email letter weeks before it hit?

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11 Comments to “Comey Gets Taste of Own Medicine”

  1. A welcome bit of good news. Don’t miss the Senator from Maine questioning Comey.

  2. It is good news but will it survive beyond 1/20?

  3. two crows says:

    Well, I guess Donnie was right after all — yada, yada, stopped clock and all that. The election WAS rigged after all!

    Raise your hand if you’re surprised. I’m sitting on my hands and typing this with my nose. Just so you know.

  4. Jane & PKM says:

    bud, Angus King (I-ME)? His down east humor is sharp and dry. Hope he gave Comey some good lashes.

  5. Honestly, sometimes with the bleep hits the fan, a rainbow forms.

  6. But the deputy is apparently a Democrat (at least, his wife was running for office on the D side of the ticket), and that’s very bad for the good guys. We don’t need misbehavior in our ranks that is going to drag us down with the jokers!

  7. Then there’s this column about how Comey crapped on Clinton but kept the stuff on Trump’s Russia connections blocked off:

  8. Sadly, once Drumpf is in charge, anything resembling a fair investigation dissolves. He can put his own flunky in as Inspector General, and the deputy position goes to the Rethugs too. If Jeff Sessions is confirmed as Attorney General, all is lost.

  9. Tilphousia says:

    Hopefully Comey and crew will have a great run. In the prison exercise yard.

  10. I hope Lady karma give Comey the deep probe without the K-Y. He deserves it…

  11. Comey is as crooked as a “Z,” but less ethical.