Clarence Thomas is a Lonely Jerk

April 20, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Ever since Scalia died and added his soul crushing bones to the pits of hell, poor Claence Thomas has been forced to face his jerkness all alone.


The Supreme Court on Wednesday invalidated a Colorado scheme that forced defendants whose convictions have been tossed or overturned to jump through several legal hoops before they could get back any fines or restitution they may have paid out before they were cleared.

In short, defendants who had their convictions overturned had to sue in state civil court to get their restitution payments back.  In civil court, the burden shifts and they have to prove they are innocent instead of the other way around.  In very short, it’s just a way to scam money from people unjustly convicted.

It was a 7 – 1 decision.

Yeah, Clarence Thomas feels that unjustly convicted people have no right to escape their punishment.  I’m not kidding.

The lonely dissent was by Justice Clarence Thomas, who said both Ginsburg and Alito’s analyses got it wrong, and contested that the defendants in the case had “a right to an automatic refund.” He wrote that the majority’s conclusion lacked a basis in federal or state law.

 Clarence, you damn fool.
Thanks to Sgray for the heads up.
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13 Comments to “Clarence Thomas is a Lonely Jerk”

  1. two crows says:

    “The majority conclusion lacked a basis in federal . . . law.”

    Oh, my mistake.

    Isn’t it a thing, any more, for Supreme Court justices to swear to uphold the Constitution?

    I could have sworn the Constitution was federal law. And isn’t “Innocent till proven guilty” one of its pillars? Coulda sworn that too.

  2. charles phillips says:

    The really good part is, this overturns the whole basis for civil asset forfeiture, where your property gets kept, even if they don’t charge you, the owner, with a crime.

    By similar reasoning, they can’t seize your assets and keep them unless they can prove you’re guilty of a crime.

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    The notorious RBG is too sweet. The next time old Clarie climbs out on his limb of insanity, someone in the Court really needs to do what is right with a chainsaw. Maybe Neil will take over Nino’s old job of babysitting Clarie. The ONLY time that man should be allowed to place pen to opinion is when someone else writes the opinion.

  4. It’s been a while, but I think GASB 34 addresses this situation exactly for State and local governments. And Probably Justice Thomas disagrees with GASB 34 as well.

  5. maryelle says:

    Thomas is just plain old disagreeable. He’s the one who gets things wrong, but his perspective is so tilted against the common folk, he is blind to his blindness.

  6. Old Fart says:

    Is Justice Thomas trying to have the defendants pay for the cost of their own trials? As in unfairly accused and then paying for both defense *and* conviction?

  7. Tilphousia says:

    Many years ago I had business with Thomas. His ability to form sentences was on the “See Spot Run” level. He is a blot on the Supreme Court.

  8. Thomas is a major reason G. H. W Bush should forevermore be confined to the pits of hell.

  9. Frankly I’m surprised by this turn of events. I didn’t think Thomas was capable of expressing an opinion on his own.

    Maybe he’s using a Ouija board to contact Scalia.

    Or just hearing voices.

  10. I’ve only got one thing to say: I passionately hate that f**ker.

  11. Ted in Austin says:

    Micr: either you are a genius or one smart, accountant-type, almost genius!

  12. Really, really would like to know what Neil is silently thinking when he is exposed to the written dissent Clarie rendered. This was one hell of a baptism by fire for the newbie. I bet he actually gave everyone on the bench the benefit of the doubt as to competency for the job. Now taking bets on how long it will be before Neil takes to drink.

  13. @Ted in Austin

    Thankya Thankya very much.

    36 years of ‘sperience livin’ the dream working in Texas state and local govs.