Chuck Todd Grows a Pair On Live Network Television

January 22, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Apologies to Juanita Jean for stepping all over her this morning.  Great minds do think alike, especially when in crisis.

In one of the most remarkable biological changes in the history of evolution ever witnessed, Chuck Todd of Meet The Press suddenly grew a pair this morning while interviewing Cheeto Jesus’s special advisor liar, Kellyanne Conway. ¬†Todd, who loves the horserace of politics but typically ignores the BS spread by talking heads, underwent a sudden evolutionary change, which apparently gave him the constitution to call a liar a liar in the middle of her lies.

It was classic.

Oh, sorry, Momma.


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21 Comments to “Chuck Todd Grows a Pair On Live Network Television”

  1. Mark Schlemmer says:

    Somehow I had never tuned into this woman before this very morning. Not owning a TV has its advantages. She is frightening.
    I had a seething desire to slap her mouth shut. And, that is simply not a thought I’ve ever had before. It makes you wonder what it must be like when Trump and her are cozied up in the Oval Office. Poor Ann Coulter must be rattled that this woman took her thunder completely. This woman is pure evil incarnate.

  2. 1smartcanerican says:

    For some reason, the youtube link was not in the posting El Jefe but I think I saw it on this morning an AM Joy. I was surprised that Todd called out Kellyanne for “alternative facts”. It was excellent!

  3. Wow the mouth that never stops. Battle of the spin masters!

    What’s it called when a Wingnut Liar calls another Wingnut a Liar? … Reality TV? Conservatism?

  4. Marcia in CO says:

    I saw this on AM Joy this morning, too! Finally, something I can actually “like” Chuck Todd for and TELLING THE TRUTH!! Kellyanne could NOT/CANNOT handle the truth.
    And, neither can Sean the Spawn Spicer!! Lying through his damned teeth … lying for the Orange A-Hole just to make him feel important … despicable!!!
    But they are getting called out on their blatant, bald-faced lies and it’s about damned time!!

  5. Bud Malonee says:

    Chuck need help in other areas. What is he, 5’2″?

  6. Maybe Chuck looked outside yesterday and noticed that there are lots and lots and lots of people paying attention. Perhaps pandering to the fringe is no longer going to get him ratings. Maybe pandering to reality might get him better ratings….

  7. Aggieland Liz says:

    Short men stand up straight-and many of them have changed or challenged the world (Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Winston Churchill, Bernard Montgomery, Attila the Hun – all average or shorter than…)! It’s not too late for poor Chuckles, he’s still breathing! Worth noting: Vlad Putin is only 5’7, and that one, my friends, is a dangerous case of little man!

  8. Her veiled threat of not appearing on his show anymore? (We may have to reevaluate this relationship.) It would be a blessing to America if she never appeared anywhere in public again.

  9. Do my eyes deceive me, or has Trump stopped Tweeting on his personal account? No inaugural Tweets? What’s going on?

  10. Jane & PKM says:

    Just finished watching that kabuki show. El Jefe, you gave Chuck way too much credit. While he did ask the same question multiple times, it’s a mystery as to why he didn’t pull the plunger on Kellyanne’s mic. Wasting an entire segment allowing her to talk in circles was annoying. Is he just dense or is he stupid? Seriously, wasn’t it obvious after the third time he asked the question that she was not about to answer it.

  11. @Mooser Nope. He tweeted
    “Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election! Why didn’t these people vote? Celebs hurt cause badly.”

  12. The tweet was around 4 am 1/22/17

    Not from the White House twit account.

  13. Hope everybody caught the Kate McKinnon portrayal of Kellyanne Conwoman on SNL last night. This is a woman who first sold her soul to Ted Cruz and then moved on to the Super Diabolical Donald. She embodies every fast talking con ever born. I was irritated that Todd did not call them LIES, and instead tried to dress them up as “falsehoods”. She’s a liar in and administration of liars defending the Prevaricator-in-Chief.
    He cannot abide opposition. So let’s give him opposition up the wazoo.

  14. They thrash around with the slight of the moment because there is no long range plan for this presidency. They are making it up as they go along.

  15. Anyone notice how Propaganda Barbie (I wish I’d come up with that one) went out of her way to say how gracious Donnie had been in welcoming the press into the press conference? Gracious in welcoming them to the signing of his first executive order? Just like El Jefe said, a third of the electorate believes anything these descendants of Joseph Goebbels say. No matter that for decades, the press and by extension us, has rightly expected a certain amount of access to the office of the president, so that non classified executive activities can be scrutinized. (The reason for having a press briefing room) Never mind that presidents have depended on the press for publicity for signing important documents (the reason there’s always 47 people standing behind him). Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, etc., will run endless clips of PB’s (Propaganda Barbie) indignation at these “ungrateful, sniveling” reporters (minus pesky questions about truth). And now 30% of us think that we only receive information about the decisions made by our dear leader through his benevolence. And every time a reporter asks an uncomfortable question? 30% of us are OUTRAGED! El Jefe, I know I’m only giving my take on what you were saying, but you’re right. That was the purpose of this, and Steve Bannon is making sure that everyone knows that these weren’t just gonzo campaign tactics. They’re now the SOP of the leader of the free world.

  16. Coprolite says:

    ……Conway’s clients have included Vaseline……I believe that answers just about every reason we hate KellyAnne and her ability to manage the most painful experiences with a smile on her face.

  17. SteveTheReturned says:

    So, how long will it be before Chuckie Todd tucks himself into the fetal position once again, adopts his spineless “both sides are equally guilty of it” stance, and returns to the standard MSNBC gutless routine?

    I’d like to give the guy a little credit for taking on Sewer Rat Barbie—but this ain’t my first rodeo with ol’ Chuckie boy. Let’s get a months’ worth of tough behavior out of him, something approximating actual journalism, then I’ll join in the kudos.

  18. KellyAnne Conjob just proved her moniker is correct once again.

  19. Remember what I said earlier about Steve Bannon serving notice that Donnie’s tactics during the campaign were now SOP for the White House, radically altering the role of the Fourth Estate? (Mostly echoing El Jefe). About 35 minutes ago politico broke a story that a writer for Breitbart, Julia Hahn, is being brought on as special assistant to the president, working under Bannon. Putin may be pulling strings, but I believe Bannon’s the real brains of the operation. And since we never see or hear from him? Makes Cheney look like Little Lord Fauntleroy. You know…comforting.

  20. One outcome from Todd’s repetitive questioning was Conway’s use of the laughable, “…alternative facts…” phrase which should haunt her for a long time. Another result was to show her squirming and grasping for something else to say when Todd kept saying, “You haven’t answered my question…”.

  21. These comments should be enshrined in the White House and the halls of Congress, and Trump Tower. As my beloved late mother said, “Truth is so much easier to remember.”