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January 03, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, this caught my attention:


Colder than damn Mars.  Look, I saw that movie where Matt Damon got left on Mars and that place looked colder than a well digger’s butt in the Klondike.

If you live along the coast, please check in – especially my friends in the Carolinas who are not used to this crapola.


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  1. I live about 52 miles upriver from the Chesapeake Bay. If any storms roll inland from the coast I just might catch a little, but I also hear lately that there is something also coming in from the west. We are all set. We have peanut butter! And TP! And all kinds of batteries and even some lamp oil for the antique lanterns. We are also well stocked on things long and maybe itchy. Just the other day I did an inventory on blankets, quilt, etc. We had so many we gave some to GoodWill. Just one thing. We aint’ got no popcorn! Woe is us!

  2. e platypus onion says:

    You’ll survive the cold and the snow and the freezing blasts of wind. You may not survive the dumbest son of a whisker biscuit ever to disgrace the halls of the White House.

    I know people say iowa is a flyover state but the brutal arctic weather has taken a liking to me for the past four or five days. It is someone else’s turn, now. Please and thank you.

  3. Carol Davis says:

    Stop the presses, it will be cold, snowy, and windy in Vermont in Winter!

  4. Ted in Austin says:

    You just know that the Tweeter-in-Chief* will glom onto this as one more bit of evidence that Global Warming is a nefarious Chineeeese plot to bankrupt the West!

  5. Ted in Austin says:

    And, thank you JJ for getting rid of Captcha!

  6. We are not exactly coastal here in DC, but we are expecting a “dusting” of snow by morning. Highs tomorrow through Saturday at around 20. My poor farmer has to drive down here from Pennsylvania on Saturday morning so that I can pick up my order of eggs and potatoes. I suppose it’s a living . . .

  7. It’s all very strange. I am returning to Alaska in two days, but I’ve been on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington for some time now, and we still have roses blooming in the garden here.

  8. My grandsons 2nd birthday party has been cancelled this weekend due to blizzard warnings. They live near Boston.
    We are only having 2-4 inches of snow, but -25 to -45 temps with windchill in upstate NY. We are too far west of the storm to get the snow.

    I’m already sick of the inside of my house.
    Party will be next weekend, weather permitting

  9. Dunno what part of the state BarbinDC’s farmer comes from, but if he lives in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country he will find 20 degrees comparatively toasty: we’re expecting record low temperatures for the next several days, topped off by 3″ to 6″ of snow. No worries: We can warm our hearts by following (okay, GLOATING over) the Bannon-Trump insult-slinging match.

  10. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Make that “some parts of Mars” and you’re on to something. We expect to be able to have liquid water in about a week.

  11. Here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, about 45 minutes west of Winston-Salem, it was a balmy 11 this morning after a low of 5 yesterday. The wind chill was in the minus numbers in places. No precipitation. Youngest, three hours east in FayetteNam, is expecting 2-3 inches of snow. He works with emergency services and is dreading the reactions of people not used to driving in snow.

  12. Tilphousia says:

    Got batteries
    Got tp
    Got blankets
    Got warm dogs
    Got popcorn

  13. Coprolite says:

    You all come up to Alaska, it’s a balmly 30 in the big city of Anchorage. And Squarebanks is barely zero. Tee shirt weather.

  14. Betty in Georgetown says:

    “…the dumbest son of a whisker biscuit…” Thank you, epo, for adding to my arsenal.

  15. I could suggest you come to the desert of southern New Mexico where our ice is in our margaritas. Forgive me. Th at was tacky.

  16. Opinionated Hussy says:

    RA, you’re 45 minutes east of me and a bit lower in altitude! Howdy neighbor!

    It’s been a mite nippy here today, and is expected to get all the way up to a balmy 13 tomorrow with wind and some more snow. Tomorrow is our day to take the week’s coffee over to the homeless shelter in the morning – we’ll find people stacked in the dining room and conference room to handle the overflow and you can bet they’ll all need hot coffee to keep spirits up.

    We’re used to wind, cold, and snow – I have my quilts in the closet, wool socks (I knit!), some chicken parts in the freezer just waiting to be turned into soup, good tires on the Subaru, and snowshoes in the mudroom in case of cabin fever….and a visit to the WMDBS if we get to feeling isolated. Life is good. So y’all take care out there!

  17. Hi there back at ya Opinionated Hussy. Ooooh, you’re in the mountains. Y’all usually get the worst of whatever the weather gods offer. Good on ya for supporting your homeless shelter. Ours is set up for families and single women. I’ll have to check if they have extreme weather contingencies.

    You knit socks?! I’ve never had the patience. I don’t knit much anymore but am trying to finish my even brighter pink (am I allowed to say p*ssy here at the salon?) hat to wear the rest of the winter. My first one will be my substitute when this one needs washing.

    Keep those feet warm and the soup pot bubbling.

  18. Here in NoVa, we got sort of a tad more than a dusting. But schools are closed and I don’t know how my new car (Ford Fiesta ST w/ standard tranny) will behave on slippery stuff, so I’m working from home today.

    I grew up in Pennsyltucky where it snowed a lot, and I’m pretty sure I’d be OK (even with the new car), but my 18 mile commute on I-66 is 45 minutes on a good day and no one in these parts knows how to drive in snow.

    Two kitties and flannel PJ’s to keep me warm. 🙂

  19. Yesterday was the first day our high got into the twenties in almost 3 weeks. It made it all the way to 21 degrees. Today back down the rabbit hole with single digit highs and below zero wind chills. I’m in Pittsburgh and I usually take my little beagle out at night to relieve himself. Too cold now, I’m afraid it will form a peecicle from the ground up, so I have been mopping up in the laundry room every morning.
    Danger is if those hurricane force winds take out power lines along the east coast, with such low temps people and animals will be at risk. Stay warm.

  20. Sandridge says:

    Good WX to y’all affected by this arctic cyclone. The link below shows just how intense it is, it looked even worse over the last two days on this analysis 4-panel page (from Unisys, who put out some of the best weather pages anywhere).
    Of course we didn’t even have a winter last year down here, so better not complain.

    All the ‘climate deniers’ are out in farce trying to spin this event, as usual.
    The dumbasses won’t mention that over the rest of the Northern Hemisphere (like the actual Arctic and Siberia, etc) temperatures are far higher than normal, the ‘polar vortex/airmass’ having been anomalously displaced down over North America with this very abnormal WX pattern. Nothing to see here…

    (weather model page) NAM – US – SL Pres/Prec – 4Panel:

    WX has been effen chilly here too, hovering 27-35deg for the last few days at night. Fixing to go to 60deg+ today, heading for 70 by Sunday, much better (and the time of the year I wish I still lived in the Valley, ’cause anything under 80deg really sux IMO).

  21. Elizabeth2 says:

    I’m a bit northwest of Boston, so out of the worst of it. We’re supposed to get a foot of snow and 45 MPH winds, which is more palatable than the foot and a half and 75 MPH wind they’re predicting for the coast. The high temp Saturday is supposed to be one below. But it will warm up some next week, and the skiing should be great, and for the time being I have food and wine and books and music, so all’s well.

  22. Wind is howling. Can’t open doors from snow piled up. But have power and lots of food. Can see the plows and salt trucks going up and down the block (I live on a hill). Wind chill is +10 def F.

  23. Y’all stay safe and warm! It’s balmy here on the west side of Oregon (40 this morning). A friend in N. Dakota has been reporting on temps of -23, and that she was hopeful that the forecast was all the way up to zero in a few days. Brrrrrr!!!

  24. Iowa? that’s cute, you are practically a southerner…. come play in the Dakotas…..i’d type more but my fingers are frozen…. 🙂

  25. Linda Phipps says:

    Maggie I saw on the news that fishermen in the Chesapeake area are watching their boats (and livelihoods) freeze in the ice and are in danger of sinking. That makes the fact that a large shutter – which has been attached to the house for 50 years – just got torn off seem completely minor. Fairfax County VA

  26. Sandridge says:

    My weather station (reports to NOAA, etc) is showing 60degF now and rapidly rising, humidity 40%/dewpoint33F, winds ~1-2mphSSE, baro30.34inHg, brilliant sunshine, veeerry nice. Think I’ll take my iced coffee outside and sit a bit.

    RE: that graphic model link I gave above–I had saved a few images of it over the last few days, shows the whole development of this bombocyclone, wish I could post here.

    Here’s a couple more links:
    Jetstream image (N polar, current):

    World winds (zoomable, pannable, etc), flows, speeds and tons more info (and other ‘layers’ for various different parameters, like radar, temps, waves, clouds, etc) from “Windy”; a fantastic display:,-97.309,8

  27. Carol Davis,
    I know, right? Snow in New England. In January. Who’d ever think it? How did we ever survive 1978? or ’93? or ’96? or….

    Here’s a little something to keep you amused until shovel out time, Bombo Bingo.

  28. @lazrgrl, the Bingo should have included “Reporter gets creamed by snowplow wake.” Always good for a laugh, that.

  29. e platypus onion says:

    Roger, I spent my formative weekends sitting on a barstool in the old Buckaroo Bar, Hudson SD. I spent so many weekends there before it was legal for me to drink in iowa, I had my own personalized barstool.

    I’m in NW iowa less than 2 counties from SD. It has been awfully cold here for better than a week. If I went to South Dakota, Jackley and Daugaard might have me arrested as an undesirable.

    If you haven’t, yet, check out Dakota Free Press Blog.


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