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Russian Oligarch Shows Up in Palm Beach in Advance of Trump

November 18, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russians, Trump

Russian oligarch, close ally of Putin, and owner of the Chelsea Football Club in London just parked his 500 foot yacht in Palm Beach in advance of Trump’s migration to the Winter White Shit House for Thanksgiving.  I’m sure this was a pure coinkinkydink, right?

Well, This is Going Well…

July 21, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russians, Trump

The Washington Post is reporting this morning that several sources have said that Trump and his attorneys are investigating his powers to pardon his staff, his family, and even himself.  That’s right, folks, the President of the United States, SIX MONTHS INTO HIS TERM, is already trying to figure out how to get out of criminal charges that are surely forthcoming.  At the same time, his talking heads, lead by his Chief Bloviator, Newt Gingrich, are already trying to discredit special prosecutor Bob Mueller and his team of high powered lawyers.

Now, I understand that I’m just a dumb bread baker and beer brewer from Way-the-Hell-Down-in-Texas, but I’m just recalling what my Old Man taught me when I was a mere sprite working with him in his wood shop – he said to me, “Those who scream the loudest are the most guilty.” – or at least something like that.  That lesson certainly applies here.  Trump who is a career huckster and liar knows deep-down that there is one truth…he and his family are guilty as hell, and he KNOWS he’s going to get caught – Bigly.


DOJ Abruptly Settles Russian Money Laundering Case – Nothing to See Here

July 13, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Congress, Russians, Trump

In May, two days before trial, Jeff Session’s DOJ abruptly settled a $230 million Russian money laundering case for a measly $6 million.  The case, United States v. Prevezon Holdings Ltd, alleged that Russians were using New York real estate to launder Russian money into the US.  To add just a little intrigue, the Russian attorney who discovered the fraud, Sergei Magnitsky, died in a Russian prison under mysterious circumstances.  Even more important, though, was that one of the attorneys representing Prevezon in the case was none other than Natalia Veselnitskaya…that’s right, that Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met with DJT Jr last summer promising dirt on Hillary.

But that’s not all.  The US attorney in New York who was going after Prevezon?  Correct. Preet Bharara, who Trump summarily fired earlier this year.  In describing the case before he was fired, Bharara said,

In 2007, a Russian criminal organization engaged in an elaborate tax refund fraud scheme resulting in a fraudulently-obtained tax refund of approximately $230 million  from the Russian treasury….

Members of the criminal organization, and associates of those members, have also engaged in a broad pattern of money laundering in order to conceal the proceeds of the fraud scheme. In a complex series of transfers through shell corporations, the $230 million from the Russian treasury was laundered into numerous accounts in Russia and other countries ….

PREVEZON HOLDINGS laundered these fraud proceeds into its real estate holdings, including investment in multiple units of high-end commercial space and luxury apartments in Manhattan, and created multiple other corporations, also subject to the forfeiture action, to hold these properties.

Why was Bharara fired?  We’ll never really know, but he was hot after Trump’s Russia connections and other cases involving him and his companies.

This case received little attention in May when the settlement happened, but in the wake of the firestorm around DJT Jr’s emails and meeting with Veselnitskaya last summer, Democrats in Congress are beginning to connect the dots and have now demanded disclosure from Jeff Sessions about this case and its connections to both Trump and DJT Jr.  Are all of these Trump/Russia intersections simply coinkidink?  I think not, but it will take persistence of the press and honest prosecutors to uncover it, for sure.

Drip, drip, drip.

More Boasting – This Time from the Russians

May 20, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russians

If all this were in a mystery novel, no one would believe it; they would think it was too far-fetched.  The latest shoe to drop is that, during the campaign last year, US intelligence intercepted communications from Russians who were bragging that they already had Michael Flynn in their pocket and could use him to influence US policy should Trump be elected.  ALL of that came true.

The next shoe to drop will be the identity of the current senior advisor to Trump that has been labeled a person of interest.  My current guess is that it’s Jared Kushner, but who knows? It could be Ivanka since she was pushing he clothing line in Russia during the campaign.

This slow-motion train wreck threatens to come completely off the rails


Trumps Boasts About Firing Comey

May 19, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russians

The NY Times is now reporting that Trump boasted to the Russians in the Oval Office about firing “nut job” James Comey, and that the investigation would be relaxed.  Quote:

“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Mr. Trump said, according to the document, which was read to The New York Times by an American official. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

This clown is unhinged.

BREAKING: DOJ Names Special Counsel

May 17, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russians

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been named by the DOJ as special counsel in charge of the entire Russia investigation.