BREAKING: New Photo of WH Press Office Just Released

July 31, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Holy Crap, Trump

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12 Comments to “BREAKING: New Photo of WH Press Office Just Released”

  1. Love it!
    Wonder if that was Kelly’s first official order to mooch the schooch?

  2. Perfect. Any location would’ve worked for the fire. But suggesting that the press office under Donnie is a stinking temporary garbage repository. Perfect.

  3. Old Fart says:

    It is hard to celebrate when that is *our* dumpster…

  4. slipstream says:

    So I didn’t win the pool betting on when Mooch would be fired.

    Time to start the next pool: anybody wanna bet when Kelly gets fired? I have November 17.

  5. In the Trump White House, nobody gets fired. They just want to leave a “clean slate” for the next guy.

  6. Jane & PKM says:

    Gen Kelly has said nice things about James Comey. Donnie will have a mad with his sad. Meanwhile place a filter on your twitter account. If Donnie catches wind of the open letter written by Sen Jeff Flake (R-AZ) he’ll be bursting belt loops pounding out tweets.

  7. It does look like an improvement.

    I generally don’t click on over to Fox News, but since today is a special occasion I thought I’d see what the remnants over there had to say about the Mooch. Keeping in mind they’ve been reporting everything has been fine over the first 6 months of Trump, one lead story says this is a day when Trump turns it all around. He’s back on track.

    Who knew? The glass is already half full! More to come!

  8. Steve, also an old fart says:

    How many Trumpster Dumpster fires can we take? Waiting for Donnie to blame Obama for setting it ablaze. Or Hillary.

  9. Hey, you know those TV videos of a beautiful poetic fire on the hearth complete with sappy music? Well, this would also make a terrific video complete with the Marine Corps hymn.

  10. New betting pool–
    Who gets fired next? Bannon, ConWoman?

  11. Anna The Geek says:

    Looks very similar as the old WH Press Office.

  12. Tilphousia says:

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse. Washington Post reports that daddy traitor trump dictated the stormy little traitor trump told about the Russian meeting. Was “only about adoptions”. When that was proved to be a ‘dumpster fire’ little trumpy revised it. Sigh