Bet Ya Can’t Guess Who Said This?

March 18, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

“Well, you know, I love to read. Actually, I’m looking at a book, I’m reading a book, I’m trying to get started. Every time I do about a half a page, I get a phone call that there’s some emergency, this or that. But we’re going to see the home of Andrew Jackson today in Tennessee and I’m reading a book on Andrew Jackson. I love to read. I don’t get to read very much, Tucker, because I’m working very hard on lots of different things, including getting costs down. The costs of our country are out of control. But we have a lot of great things happening, we have a lot of tremendous things happening.”

For extra credit, diagram this sentence.

And, no, it was not Sarah Palin. Donald Trump has taken over as leader of the inane and insane.

Thanks to John F for the heads up.

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25 Comments to “Bet Ya Can’t Guess Who Said This?”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    The obvious swat at that rhetorical question would be Orange Foolius.

    Diagram the sentence? For that I present the Donnie diet and allow you to draw your own conclusions as to where it goes from there:

    Donnie wants to withdraw funds from Sesame Street! However will the Intelligence Community format his PDBs, if that happens?

  2. Mark Johnson says:

    I love that comment about him reading a book about Andrew Jackson. HA! As if he reads. Of course, mentioning Andrew Jackson is just throwing red meat to his racist base. These people are filth. Sad!

  3. Mark Johnson says:

    I love that comment about him reading a book about Andrew Jackson. HA! As if he reads. Of course, mentioning Andrew Jackson is just throwing red meat to his racist base. These people are filth. Sad!

  4. Question for lawyers.
    I read that part of a SCOTUS about the CFPB is whether the “Judges” are employees of the CFTB or lesser officials.
    The question being can agencies hire their own “Judges” or they have to be appointed by the pres. and/or confirmed as per usual procedure.
    Question I have is would this effect the Immgration “Judges” or IRS “judges”?
    What would this do to the idiots speed up of deportations if the “judges” he is counting on are declared not to be judges but rather simply another employee of ICE or DOJ?

  5. A book on Andrew Jackson?
    $20 bucks says it’s a bank wrapped stack of $20 bills.
    $10 more says he hasn’t made it past “Federal… Reserve.”

  6. Jane & PKM says:

    Orange Foolius had a busy Friday. After insulting Germany, the British, Ireland and everyone who was either awake or asleep, that madcap multitasker took time out to meet his taxpayer sponsored ride and flip off veterans.

    Golf before veterans. Nice message from a flatulent CiC.

  7. Wyatt Earl says:

    Wonder if his book had already been colored in?

  8. “The costs of our country are out of control.” says the conman who is going to give the military billions of dollars and is spending millions of taxpayer dollars flying to florida every weekend and spending millions more in security for his family in New York. Impeach and jail the mofo traitor and we’ll save hundreds of millions of dollars within the next few months.

  9. A guy who likes every written message on every issue relating to his duties as POTUS to be one or two pages wants us to believe he loves to read? No way, no how am I believing this. Trump has never thought of a lie as a response to any question that he’s not willing to tell if he thinks it will portray him in a positive light.

  10. JAKvirginia says:

    My favorite line from the film “Dinner at Eight”:

    “A book!!?”

    The intellect of a gnat, and I’ll give points to the bug.

  11. I know that excuse. The “I’m too busy to read” one. I long ago worked for a literacy project sponsored by our local library system. It was a favorite of the functional illiterates; the ones who could “get by” but barely. “I left my glasses at home” (video of a deposition for that one) is also a good one.

    He either a) can’t read past a fifth grade at most level, or is b) too damn lazy to bother. Or c) both. Sad!

  12. Only one thing makes me think that Donnie can read: he managed to give a SOTU speech that I’m told was semi-coherent. (I couldn’t watch it myself because I don’t need the dry heaving.) The only way he could do that would be to read the text off the teleprompter and not fly blind the way he does when he ad-libs. But read anything else more than a page long? Only if it’s praise of his perfect and brilliant self.

  13. This is the sort of gibberish that gives English teachers hives! And the rest of us nightmares!

    Now that i’ve taken a deep breath, there are several learning disorders running loose these days. Attention deficit is one of them. Jump-eye is another. That one consists of the inability of an eye or both eyes to follow along in a line such as reading a sentence. No riddle me this: how the hell did he ever get into U-Penn and actually graduate? Who did his exams and his papers?

  14. slipstream says:

    I’ll bet that if he asked nicely, W would lend him his copy of “My Pet Goat.”

    Safe bet. Trump never asks nicely.

  15. This style of expression is stream of consciousness without the consciousness.

  16. Tilphousia says:

    Wow, a 70 yr old who is still in the ‘See Spot run’ stage of reading. Not quite that advanced in speaking, if one wishes to call what cockwomble does is speaking. He makes less sense than a small child with severe autism.

  17. Jane & PKM says:

    K, you asked good questions. Please don’t be discouraged for lack of responses. For a number of good legal reasons writ twits cannot offer free legal advice on the internet; at least not the responsible ones. Oy vey the liabilities …

    However, if you would rephrase a few of your questions, there are those of us who socialize with and/or are married to attorneys that may be able to answer a few of your questions.

    What I mean by “rephrase” for example: ““Judges” are employees of the CFTB or lesser officials.
    The question being can agencies hire their own “Judges” or they have to be appointed by the pres. and/or confirmed as per usual procedure.” Lawyers are generally hired by agencies and sometimes depending require Senate confirmation. Judges are a different category, sometimes appointed, and sometimes elected.

    Sorry to be less than helpful, K. But if you would narrow in on your specific concern, without a doubt someone at the WMDBS will give it their best.

  18. Actually, it should be diagram that crazy train of thought. The man goes off on tangents. He starts off with one thing and then leads it into another and then another. Before you know it you’re lost and you ran out of bread crumbs. He’s obviously insane or more along the lines of Alzheimer’s like his daddy.
    We need to impeach him not because he’s insane, but for the sanity of the world.

  19. Sanborne Addison says:

    Warriner would have cut his throat over that one.

  20. Jane & PKM says:

    Sanborne Addison, ESL teachers would be challenged to use Donnie as the bad example that proves the rules of grammar. Proper grammar cannot overcome twisted logic.

    Not that proper grammar is the ‘end all,’ when conveying a thought is the objective. Beyond Donnie, opposite case study #2, Neil Gorsuch. Neil speaks softly and when writing is a darling of grammar. He doesn’t split infinitives, end his sentences in a preposition or any other number of educated errors. That sneaky SOB is smooth at couching twisted logic in pretty grammar.

  21. i am not looking for legal advice just trying to see if this group are shooting themselves in the foot again.
    In their attempt to hobble, or destroy the CFTB by disqualifying the “Judges” they have if they are also hobbleing the deporation courts ny having the judges declared employees and not judges.
    The case I refer to is against the CFTB by PHH morgage company. Primary interest for this question is if SCOTUS declares the cftb “judges” not to be Judges how would that effect other “Judges” such as immgration “judges’?

  22. elise from CA says:

    He thinks he knows it all, so why bother reading?

    Diagram of his incoherent ramblings: like a skein of yarn after my cats have finished playing with it.

  23. Jane & PKM says:

    K, opinion only, but this case has some odd twists for sure. And, as you noted, it is a bit strange that PHH would make judicial authority part of their argument when arguing before a court.

  24. Actually the way I read the article referenced this issue was raised by the court when calling for a rehearing

    to quote from the article;
    “What happens if the court decides that the administrative law judge who initially decided the case is an “inferior officer” under the law rather than an “employee” of the CFPB?

    While the first two questions have previously been discussed, the last one is a surprise. It means the court is preparing to take up the matter of whether agencies can appoint their own administrative law judges or whether they should be appointed by the president.”

  25. This is going to be a painful comparison to make, so I had best just dive in…

    I don’t think that I ever heard Obama say “I’m reading this book and…”; he just dropped literary allusions into his speaches. I distinctly remember him referencing The Poisonwood Bible several years back, and his final address quoted from To Kill A Mockingbird. And if he didn’t quote Maya Angelou, he should have. It wasn’t a great textual analysis, but you could tell that he had actually read the book that he was talking about.