Been There, Done That. No, Seriously, Been There, Done That.

April 29, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Fox News is frighteningly excited about Donald Trump proclaiming May 1st as Loyalty Day like it was the best damn idea ever.

What a damn burden that Trump has to come up with all the good ideas!  Why didn’t any other President think of this before now?

Uh.  Yeah.

Loyalty Day has been recognized with an official proclamation every year by every president since its inception as a legal holiday in 1958.

By tomorrow morning Trump will add “Got Loyalty Day” to his list of accomplishment, announce it was the biggest Loyalty Day ever, and describe the cake he was eating when he thought of it.


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19 Comments to “Been There, Done That. No, Seriously, Been There, Done That.”

  1. slipstream says:

    Really, it was the most beautiful cake you ever saw.

    Too bad you couldn’t have any.

  2. I hope Trump comes up with an idea for a holiday at the end of May, to balance the month. Something memorable. I’m sure if he brainstorms, pushes the red button on his desk, and asks the butler for suggestions when he brings in a Coke, Trump will continue winning.

  3. Somebody called Tea Pain tweeted ” Trump proclaims May 1st Loyalty Day. Ivana and Marla Maples were unavailable for comment.”

  4. Karen Byrd says:

    Do we have to wear orange on Loyalty Day?

  5. When I was in the Navy, we were warned May Day was a communist holiday and to be careful if on liberty in a foreign port

  6. RepubAnon says:

    I guess that we can all start saying “MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY”

  7. Never heard of Loyalty Day, but all good (and bad) Pagans know that the first of May is Beltane, when we celebrate fertility with Maypoles and other such things. Women can come up with a lot of things to yell when they’ve managed to steal the guys’ maypole….

    Hooray hooray, the First of May,
    Hedgerow tupping starts today! (Hedgerow means in the bushes, and tupping means what you think it does.)

  8. Marcia in CO says:

    Never heard of Loyalty Day either … not in N. Illinois, anyway! As kids, we celebrated May Day and the elementary school I went to even made a May pole out in the playground area. Plus, we’d make construction paper May baskets that we could put goodies in or flowers or a little gift for friends, hang the baskets on their door knobs, knock on the door and quickly run away!! It was a fun time for the kids! LOL

  9. PP, I follow Tea Pain too. He’s pretty good.

    I attend a Unitarian Universalist fellowship and we celebrate all those fun holidays. We get ’em all- pagan, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, etc. It’s all cool. We’re what those churches could be if they didn’t spend so much time and energy hating. (Except pagans. I’ve never heard them talk about hating.)

  10. Loyalty Day? Any idea what we’re supposed to be loyal to? And if we aren’t loyal to it, is having a day for loyalty to it going to help? And can we ease up on all the other days?

    This is like having a “Be Faithful to your Spouse Day.”

    Though Trump wouldn’t be celebrating that one.

  11. Really? Actually, it translates like this: Mommy, mommy, look at meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  12. Love your site Juanita Jean Yourownself…please keep us all in stitches –
    crazy laughing ’til the cheeto dust settles /blows away !
    Armadillo purses forever…
    (sorry Extinction Symbol…Tea Pain is way fun, too…)
    XOx, Gilded

  13. Jane & PKM says:

    Rick, “…Trump will continue winning.” Errant spellcheck version of whining in Donnie’s twitterverse?

    Last night Spike Lee paid Donnie his best sobriquet to date – “Agent Orange.” Orange Foolius will be delighted, unless someone clues him in that the lethal chemical has no relationship to the fictional agent 007. Double ouch to Vanilla Lice Spicer, history and the use of chemical weapons on the battlefield. But job security for alternative fact(s) Skullanus Wrongway who is the ‘perfect’ person to wedge Vietnam ahead of WWI in the history books.

  14. Loyal to the principles that are the founding of this country. I suggest the Orange Blob (though now faded) try to stick to those principles rather than ignore and try to change them with every breath he takes.

  15. Politico has a piece providing 100 quotes from Donnie Douchebag. And if you can read it without regurgitating, there are some pretty good ones. My two favorites are “I’m a nationalist and a globalist. I’m both.” And number one with a bullet? “We have had great success. We just don’t talk about it.”

  16. e platypus onion says:

    Just a note to tell you my yard in nw iowa is covered in snow tonight. If that ain’t a sign that Drumpf must be gotten rid of, I have never seen a sign before. 🙂

  17. Marge Wood says:

    It seems strange to me that Trump used to grin or at least holler. Now he’s taken to scowling in all his pictures. Is that supposed to make him look tougher or something?

  18. Sandridge says:

    e platypus onion,
    JFC, we continue to sweat our behinds off down here. There was some snow up in the Panhandle though, but that’s several worlds away from here. Did catch the tailend of that big frontal system Saturday evening, lots of wind, lightning and rain, with a little hail.

    The PBS Newshour had a segment on how the first quarter of 2017 has cost the insurance industry, for weather related hazards, more than any other first quarter: ~$7 Billion, versus the historical average of about $1.7 Billion.
    No such thing as ‘climate change/global warming though, no siree…

  19. Sandridge says:

    P.S.: It’s 84.6 °F at this moment, high of 87 °F today, mid 90’s °F this last month.

    Anybody else have this problem: At this time of the evening, the purple martins go on an aerial feeding frenzy all around the house (it’s on a slight ridge which gives a steady upslope SE breeze, sweeping up lots of bugs).
    The little freakin’ aerobatics wizards keep setting off my surveillance camera alarms. Guess I should just disarm the system, eh?
    But they’re sure fun to watch, from inside or out.
    Holy crap, now it’s a ‘giant’ bug crawling on one of the cams, aiyaiyeeee….