Bam! That’s It.

February 28, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Quote of the Month

We are ruled by people who think $250,000 annual income means you’re poor, but the minimum wage is too high and the olds have it too good.

Atrios  (Duncan Bowen Black) is the level best at memorable quotes.

Thanks to Deb for the heads up.

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20 Comments to “Bam! That’s It.”

  1. And think people who get social security are getting too much.

  2. daChipster says:

    …and that black voters just have it too good.

  3. . . . and women are to “delicate” and insensate to make hard decisions for themselves.

  4. Yep. Atrios is terrific, RePigs, NOT.

  5. And ….small businesses employ 500,000 people, make millions in profits, give CEOS freaking huge bonuses, have oversea bank accounts……..but have to lay people off because…OBAMACARE!!!!!

  6. These are the same people who think the best way to stop gun violence is to give more people guns! They also believe it is a great idea to spend 25K a year on a prisoner but scream bloody murder at the idea of spending that on child’s education.

    You can’t argue with logic like that. I might as well discuss quantum physics with my cat!

  7. …it’s a hard knock life out there for the rich! But we seniors are living on Easy Street.

  8. Aggieland liz says:

    @Deb, my cats are all PhD level experts on the Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Momentum, and on inertia as well. I suspect them of working on Chaos Theory in their spare time, if I am interpreting the evidence from the lab (my garden!) correctly!

  9. W C Peterson says:

    I’m pretty sure that not all Republicans are rich. I’m pretty sure a lot of the Republican rank and file are about one missed payment away from losing the 4×4. But what mystifies me is the fervor those Republican unwashed are willing to work against their own best interests. Unless they’re really wealth, Republican unwashed are going to need Social Security and will enroll in Medicare when they retire, yet they’re out campaigning for gutting the programs. If they had any sense at all, they would recognize that they’re being conned.

  10. John Peter Henson says:

    Deb….is your cat up to speed on String Theory?

  11. Sherry Huiner says:

    Deb…I guess your last name isn’t Schrodinger.

  12. Ah John Peter Henson, my cat aced string theory and has moved on. He is currently pursuing his Phd in the use of red lasers and their application to game theory. Like Aggieland Liz’s cats he has become quite adept at chaos theory to such an extent that Cat Tech was actively purr-suing him!

    At first we thought all of the interest was just a joke and then we caught him pretending to sleep on a book by Niels Bohr. It was only then that we realized that when he looked like a cat he was a cat but when he looked like a blur…..

    His middle name is Schrödinger and as you might guess he has a thing about boxes. He sends his regards to all the members of the WMDBS, and to Juanita Jean herownself, of whom he is a regular reader. He particularly enjoys Truman pictures as he was rescued from the Truman-Wallace home down the street.

  13. daChipster says:

    Deb: Cats with lasers? I’ve got a baaaaad feeling about this.

    My Maine coon is called Max. I used to think that was because he is so big, but now you’ve got me thinking it’s after Planck.

    And his favorite movie is Quantum of Solace.

    What if all cats are reincarnated physicists? Better hope they never evolve thumbs.

  14. W C: I think we need another designation for those who vote and those who run for the Rs. Maybe the nominees/candidates/elected are “republican,” but the ones who keep voting them in are the “republiconned.”

  15. To all you cat lovers out there – I’m one too, with four at home – check out this site. You’ll see cats participating in all sorts of quantum physics, string theory, etc. Even boxes!

  16. Posted this on the wrong place the first time.

    Da Chipster,

    Cats are developing thumbs.

    Hope this comes through.

  17. daChipster says:

    uh oh

  18. Sounds like catmagedon to me Lindy!

  19. TexasEllen says:

    Our cat, Milton, is of the hunter/gatherer/rural yeoman school. He deposits his prey in the bathtub, where escape is futile. In the evenings, he sits on John’s shoulder and reads “Tractor By Net” with him. His life goal is to shed on Scalia’s robe.