Adopt a County!


It’s that season again!

The Texas Democratic Party sponsors a program that mails ballot by mail applications to identified Democrats over the age of 65 in Texas.  The party organizes the program and gets us a cut rate on the mailing costs.  However, each county Democratic Party has to pay for their own.

It works, dammit!  Click here if I had you at “Help!”

Not all county parties in Texas have the funds to participate in the program.  So, for the past three elections, Glen Maxey and I have raised the money to pay for this program in the counties who can’t pay at all or can only pay a portion of the cost.


We have the mail applications coded so we will know who sent their’s back.  Then we can spend our time tracking down those we didn’t hear from.  I have volunteers willing to do that.

Ballot by mail applications cover an entire year.  It will cover both the primary and the general election.

CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  None of the money goes to overhead or consultants.  Glen and I volunteer to do this.

If there’s specific county that you want to adopt, please send me a note under Ask Juanita and ask about the price!

Archer County     $9 PAID

Bailey County    $11  PAID

Bandar County     $58

Garza County $7

Bosque County     $63  PAID

Lee County     $68

Brooks County     $149 PAID

Brewster County     $99 (Largest County in Texas)

Red River County      $4

Edwards County     $5

Crockett County $19

Coleman County     $20

DeWitt County     $42

Gray County     $22

Grimes County $80  PAID

Upton County     $10

Walker County     $185

Goliad County    $24

Wise County     $160

Yoakum County     $2 PAID

Upsher County     $89

Swisher County     $89 PAID

San Saba County      $3

Parmer County     $8

Menard County      $4

Deaf Smith County    $43

Colorado County    $54

Sutton County     $10

Bandera County    $58

Cottle County    $5



Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

All donors $5.00 and up will get a genuine postcard from Juanita before Christmas. Okay, make that Easter.


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