Arkansas Border Patrol

June 30, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Apparently the state of Arkansas has a border patrol all around the state ready to stop incoming former first ladies.

And I know that because

Asked how [Hillary] Clinton would fare in Arkansas if she pursued the presidency in 2016, 2nd Congressional District chairman Johnny Rhoda told U.S. News, “She’d probably get shot at the state line.”

When a reporter noted that Clinton undoubtedly enjoys a measurable amount of support in a state where her husband served as governor, Rhoda replied, “Nobody has any affection for her. The majority don’t.”

However, Public Policy Polling says that Hillary is strong in Arkansas.

PPP’s newest Arkansas poll finds that the Clinton brand is still pretty strong in the state. Bill Clinton has a 55/37 favorability rating there, and Hillary Clinton leads all but one of the leading Republicans there in hypothetical 2016 match ups despite the state’s recent Republican lurch. Clinton leads Jeb Bush 46/41, Rand Paul 48/42, and Chris Christie 47/38.

You know who is not popular in Arkansas?

Johnny Rhoda.

He was asked to resign.

I think maybe he’s driving a cab now because this is the latest picture of him I could find on Google.



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9 Comments to “Arkansas Border Patrol”

  1. Asked to resign? They should have fired him.

  2. maryelle says:

    That was a thinly veiled threat and should have resulted in federal charges. Haven’t heard much from him lately, but come the presidential campaign let’s hope the Secret Service has him in their scopes.

  3. Math always did have a liberal bias.

    Further proof that math is not a conservative strength?

  4. Zyzomma: If he was fired he would be eligible for unemployment. This way he’s on his own!

  5. I’m just asking…. because I live in Texass.

    Do you reckon we have the Border Patrol. and all those fences………. at the WRONG borders?

    Darn….. Seems like our neighbors to the NORTH are a bunch more crazy than our neighbors to the SOUTH.

    Just Sayin’

    Never heard NO “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” make a threat to A possible Presidential Candidate…… or anybody else.
    And …. NEVER HEARD NO “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” say his political opposition…. is a fake double.

    Good Grief!

  6. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    The really sad part of this is that it ties in to the previous post about Oklahoma. When my friend from Ohio was attending graduate school in Fayetteville, he said that when anyone wanted to attend any kind of cultural event, they would have to drive to Tulsa. I imagine the border patrol crowd wouldn’t look kindly on people who wanted to go to a play.

  7. Rhoda is probably grumbling to anyone who will listen that Hillary Clinton caused him to lose his job.

    And we can all reply, “Good for her!”

  8. Aw, just look at him! He really needs all the uninterrupted free time to go someplace like a men’s version of Red Door and un-beef! What else could you expect of hog thinking?

  9. e platypus onion says:

    He may be onto something. Time will tell if wingnuts try to prevent the Secret Service from protecting Clinton when she declares for Potus. Would not surprise me in the least that wingnut controlled House tries to deny her protection. Equal rights doncha know. Even assassins should have equal chances to kill another Dem with impunity. I could see the NRA filing a friend of the court brief for assassin’s rights.