And Then, There’s This…

February 25, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Then –

Now –

For some weird reason I can’t explain, this comparison reminds me of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones:

In any case, I’m not feeling well. ┬áNot at all.

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35 Comments to “And Then, There’s This…”

  1. JAKvirginia says:

    Well…. no. No, I can’t. Can’t say it or Momma would was out my mouth with Drano. Just can’t.

  2. How BIG is his a$$?

  3. Some sort of psycho photo op to generate sympathy for illegal immigrant TLOTUS Messalina?

    Epic fail. Send her home now for her own protection.

  4. Micr, doubt we could determine that with technical assistance. However, I can “hear” our HS English teachers parsing every word of our thoughts.

    On the ‘plus’ side, TMI side, we have a suggestion of why Putie finds Donnie attractive.

  5. MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel says:

    Micr beat me to half my thought: Tr*mp has/is a yuuuuge ass.

  6. e platypus onion says:

    When I wuz feeding cattle, you could tell if the critter was getting fat enough by looking around the tail and seeing obvious bulges of fat on either side. Now I am not saying Drumpf is fat enough to slaughter, but just looking at his fat ass reminded me of happier times.

  7. Aggieland Liz says:

    WOW! His hips are WAY bigger than mine! The SCROTUS has a girlie butt! Looks like his hair apparent is trying to hare off into the sunset, too! Can’t we paste a picture of his ugly fat arse next to one of our (sigh) former First Lady walking up stairs? I guarantee she had her hair under control, and always wore things that were well fitting and flattering too! Completely unlike that disheveled hot mess!

  8. He gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money in the ass department. And it looks like his Rogaine prescription needs to be bumped up.

  9. JAKvirginia, I feel your pain/restraint.

    In the solidarity of the 60s and “dick Dick Nixon before he dicks you,” Donnie presents a huge target to screw, before he screws all of us.

    #SendMessalinaBalm It has to chafe wearing what she needs to wear to tap that huge butt. Nor can she be thrilled accepting sloppy seconds from Putie.

  10. Oh Ass, thou has such a yuge bottom…( Thanks, William for the inspiration )

  11. On SCROTUS’ appearance: I saw a video clip of Herr Loser walking out on stage at the CPAC.
    His damned wrinkled red tie (doesn’t he have any others?) was drooping down below his (tiny) crotch! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wear a tie like that. WTF?

    He may have been too cheap to have a personal valet-manservant before, but doesn’t the White House come with one for the (nominal) POTUS?

  12. JAKvirginia says:

    Sandridge: The title is Image Consultant. He can afford one. Too cheap. Too arrogant. Take your pick. The man dresses like a concierge at one of his hotels. All he needs is the nametag.

  13. JAKvirginia,
    Take it easy on concierges. When I was working I’d sometimes stay in corporate lodging that was way upscale from anything I’d stay at on vacation or whatever.
    Some of the apartments and hotels would have concierges, real helpful folks, especially for a country bumpkin.

    Ahhh, sometimes one yearns for some of those perks again…
    Guess the best ever was a high-rise apt in downtown Houston; man, long-term luxury living, awesome views, private pools, parking, gyms, even a real theater (30+ years ago, costing the Co. $2-3K/mo), almost as good as TTower.
    If it had been in Honolulu, I would have been certain I’d died and gone to Heaven ;] .

  14. e platypus onion says:

    Surprised his kids don’t but advertising space on that blimp. What a waste of money making opportunities.

    BTW-in case you hadn’t heard, Ms Drumpf has changed the wording in her lawsuit for $150 million and it no longer sez she was gonna use her time as 1st lady to reap millions in profits for herself. Not sure who she is trying to fool.

  15. Betty@Georgetown says:

    “Does this helicopter make my butt look fat?”

  16. JAKvirginia says:

    Sandridge: I’m not dissing concierges (sp?). The best of them are a godsend. But a concierge has a corporate uniform to wear. Donnie has money, so he alleges. He’s the Prez. So it’s black suits and red ties? Puh-leeze!! If he is representative of what his clothing line was like no wonder Macy’s dropped it.

  17. JAKvirginia says:

    epo (re: Melania) It’s only $150M now? It was $300M. Yeah, she had to change the filing. You have no standing in court asking for damages for something you were “planning” on doing. But this should play out laughably. Suing for defamation for reporting what others were saying? Nice try, bitch. Ain’t gonna fly. Reporting “gossip” is what they do.

  18. e platypus onion says:

    JAK- seems to me like the courts haven’t been near as pliable as Drumpf expected them to be. Bwahahahahahahaha!

  19. Well the D’s have just proven that they do not understand that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result.
    They have just given the corporation’s and bank’s candinate the chair of the DNC so they can protect us from those progressives.
    you know the people like rahm and his disciples who would rather have a donald then a Bernie.
    After all the donald won’t threaten their special snowflake funders on wall street.
    And lets hear it for the party that decide that their losing “consultant” class is more important then the citizens looking to reclaim their freedoms from Citebank etc.
    After all money is speech and perez certainaly knows how to get that no matter who, or what issues, he throws under the bus to ensure his friends get their 10% from the 1% to sell out the 99%

  20. El Jefe, did you have to do that? Did you really HAVE to?!? Eeuuuwwwww! There is not enough eye bleach to erase that sight.
    That is one of the hugest asses I have seen on a male critter. epo, you’re right, he looks ready for market.

    K, the Democrats did not elect my Minnesota pal, Keith Ellison, but I have a very liberal and wise friend who believes that (other guy, can’t remember his name) may be better than we think. I’m going to wait and see, hoping he focuses on the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

  21. Now, now, judging Trump on his appearance is not kind, but judging him on the spew that comes pouring out of his big fat mouth is far more on point and far more enlightened.

  22. JAKvirginia says:


    Not going to White House Correspondents Dinner!

    Bwahk! Bwahk! Bwahk!

  23. Marcia in CO says:

    It must be Halloween and Trumplethinskin is transporting yuuuuge pumpkins in his back pockets!! Or he’s got one big ass pumpkin packed back there!!

  24. I was more thinking along the lines of Spaceballs, “why didn’t someone tell me my a$$ was this big.”

  25. Well Perez will certainly be better for the consultants and lobbyist as he has shown with his whole hearted endorsement of them sitting at the very pinnacles of decision making on the DNC.
    Judging from his past record he will certainly be better for the bankers and wall street since his record of fundraising from them while allowing them to write the D message/platform on the memo line of their checks.
    Since the newcomers and the natural constituency of the D party can’t afford 7 figure checks they will have to learn to obey the instructions from their banker/lobbyist/consultant political masters who will continue to control the DNC no matter what their record of failure is.
    The DNC will continue to recycle r’s who are willing to pretend to be d’s over any progressive who dares raise their heads in any election.
    He will continue to keep rahm’s acoltypes whose mantra is better a tea party win then allow a progressive in.
    He will continue to defend a broken system rather then trying to fix it.
    With his past full throated support for the flawed TPP aka “corporate overlord enshrinement trade pact” that the D party will continue to have that can tied to its tail.
    Yeah I am sure that the bankers and wall street people are confident that perez will be better then expected

  26. K, I don’t know anything about Perez, but I had reservations about Ellison because he’s a US representative. Seems to me that’s a full-time job already, or should be, and I don’t think he could give the party chair post as much attention as it deserves, since it ought to be a full-time job too.

  27. And the so-called president has said he is only 20 lbs. overweight. He must have been talking about each cheek.

  28. Ellison had stated that he would resign from his House seat if elected chair for just the reason you mentioned.

    Also Ellison did not have anyone mounting religious/ethnic assaults on his oppenent unlike Perez’s allies who were fear mongering all the way about Ellison. So Perez running a compaign based upon fear and bigotry has shown that the DNC is, like the electoral college, susseptible to a CJ type of campaign and gave the bigots another victory.
    After all we can’t have another funny furriner type running the party just as we got rid of that other guy.
    And now the big money that is the 1% has consolidated its grip on both the parties with the d’s coming to heel at their financial masters (dog) whistle of fear and bigotry.
    Great example they set.

  29. I envy that military dude standing to attention and saluting. Cuz he’s got his back to tha tRump and can’t see what I so devoutly wish I could UNsee.

  30. two crows: “I envy that military dude…”
    That “dude” is a highly-decorated US Marine Sergeant (E-5) with at least eight years of service, and he’s wearing “Dress Blues”, as is the pilot of Marine One, a Captain* (O-3).

    Semper Fi
    *Keep in mind that there is a large difference in rank-grade between services. A Captain (O-6) in the Navy or Coast Guard is the same grade as a Colonel in the Marines, Army, Air Force; where a Captain is equivalent to a N/CG Lieutenant.

  31. JAKvirginia says:

    Looks at butt: If only they were brains!

  32. carpe diem says:

    Is he sporting a wedgy?

  33. carpe diem, it’s unlikely that anyone has the arm span to give Donnie a wedgy. Why Donnie’s drawers are sticking is open to speculation. Maybe he doesn’t know how to #1 use a bidet after he entertains Putie (Santorum issue), #2 the quality of toilet tissue in the WH could use an upgrade, or #3 more probably Donnie has never been properly trained on wiping his own too ample posterior.

    If Freud is to be believed on toilet training, both Donnie’s sticky drawers and marginal personality disorder are likely to be a result of speculation #3.

    Or, theory #4$, lousy tailoring. Maybe Donnie is still wearing his cheap flammable suits and ties, plus drawers from the Ivanka collection of slave labor wage products.

  34. I can’t unsee that. Ick!

  35. Malarkey, let’s hope for a prolific news day, when Ms. JJ, daChipster, El jefe and Primo post their excellence and send that ‘image’ to page two.

    Anna, the sweetest and most competent not a geek tech wonder, we know you are all over every glitch at the WMDBS, but … while you are fixing things, would ya could ya install a feature that sends ugly pictures to oblivion after say a six hour period, so that those with strong stomachs have an opportunity to observe and comment?

    Or, better yet a feature that warns and protects us, where the image is there, but we don’t see it without deliberately clicking the link. TIA