And the Tide Turns

May 15, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Comey Firing, Trump

Last week, beginning in the 24 blazing hours following Trump’s sacking of James Comey, the nature of Trump’s incumbency markedly shifted.  It started with the free flowing lies coming from every single one of his surrogates, then continued when the Big Cheeto threw that very same crew under the bus by contradicting his own talking points the next day after the firing.   Also, that same day, all of the networks, including Fox Noise, started using the word “lie”.  The words “chaos”, “turmoil”, and a dozen other descriptors of the Trump WH are now a regular part of network reporting.

Trump then threatened Comey with “tapes” of their conversations, and that was the moment mainstream GOP leadership started to part ways.  The Senate Intelligence committee has now asked the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to turn over documents related to Trump’s businesses.  Why is that significant?  FinCen enforces laws against MONEY LAUNDERING.  Over the years before Trump’s Atlantic City casino finally closed, it was caught several times money laundering.  This shift into serious investigation into his actually business dealings marks a change in emphasis from dark figures like Manafort, Stone, and Flynn to Trump.  That’s not insignificant. Referring to the request, Mark Warner, the ranking member on the committee, said, “[is] our effort to try to follow the intel no matter where it leads.”

There is now talk of Trump cleaning house and “rebooting” his administration.  Apparently, he’s furious with his staff for doing exactly what he’s told them to do, so the rumble is that he’s going to blow up the West Wing and start over.  Even if he does that, his problems are far from being over.  Money laundering? No one, including Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can ignore that.  Mix in Russian money with that story, and Trump will finally be toast.

Fingers crossed here, but there is a clear shift of support away from Trump.  It can’t come too soon.

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16 Comments to “And the Tide Turns”

  1. The closest bellwether I have for Drumpf support is my little bride’s brother’s wife, who lives in Webster, Tx. MLB axed her this weekend what she now thought of Drumpf, what with all his warts and wrinkles being highlighted in the mainstream media. She tells MLB that she supports Drumpf as much as ever. MLB’s brother, who isn’t a Drumpf supporter either, says she never watches any news.

    So after that sizzled sinking in a moment I though to myownself, How the he77 did the Drumpf campaign get to her in the first place? Word of mouth? Telepathy? Compelling Flyer at a Klan meeting? WHAT????????

  2. maryelle says:

    Much like Trump, his core supporters are people who cannot admit they were wrong. To have voted for that obvious fraud in the first place reveals a huge deficit in critical thinking, as well as possible oppositional defiance disorder, even to the point of hurting their own self-interest.

    Though we may welcome the release of Trump’s financial information as a means to finally exposing his criminality, his core will not allow themselves to believe anything negative
    about him. He is them and they are him.

  3. Rastybob says:

    One thing in common. They are irrational. And that’s what makes an uneducated, low IQ, bigot, Who and what he is.

  4. e platypus onion says:

    Fed in NY just shutdown one major money laundering investigation, apparently without comment. According to Immoral Minority-

  5. Prup (aka Jim Benton) says:

    According to Chris Cuomo (h/t MMfA)

    CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): It’s worthy of note, we’ve tried to get Schumer on the show a lot also, but on the Republican side, we invited all of the Republican leadership. Do you hear me? All of it, right? We tried to get dozens of different Republican lawmakers to come on this show, And often we are chock full. But not right now. We went O for this weekend. All right?

    I think we might finally see GOP supporters ‘backing away and dropping the chalupa. (Sp?) If we’d just get one major House member — not the usual Amash-Walter Jones duet — actively looking to attack.

    I’d have a strong temptation to send them all a tweet — were I on Twitter — “Remember Ed Gurney and Charles Sandman” the two bitter ender Nixon defenders at the end of Watergate.

  6. Still, in all of the brouhaha over Trump and his crew, I worry about what a Pence presidency will bring. CJ may be a nincompoop, but he’s too stupid to have an actual agenda, and too stupid to be consistent with the agendas of his minions.

    Pence, otoh, does have an agenda, and it’s a scary one.

    Somehow, if drumpf goes down, Pence has to go with him, or we’re still screwed.

  7. Aggieland Liz says:

    …does your s-i-l go to a church, by chance, Micr?

  8. Never under estimate the insanity of a psycho Madman.
    Thru lying, tantrums, intimidation and Blackmail, Trump has mastered the art of persuasion.
    He ain’t going nowhere without massive destruction.

  9. @Aggieland Liz

    Uh no. But she’s sure she’s “spiritual”, wetf that means to her.

  10. In the meantime, the Repubs. are still ramming through every ugly thing they can before it’s too late. I want to see them self-destruct along with their fearless leader.

  11. Read long ag a book called “The True Believer” by Erich Hoffer. The die hard go down in flames believer is essentially wayyyy over the edge of sanity. No helping them. They can’t even help themselves.

  12. Tilphousia says:

    Also go after the spawn. The whole family is corrupt. But the trumpeters won’t listen cause their brains are fried. So why argue with them. Especially when you can have fun. Just make sure your facts are solid and you can make them into pretzels.

  13. oldymoldy says:

    @aggieland Liz & Micr:
    re: the does she go to church question.
    It seems an easy target to single out the xtian lunatics, we all have more than our share of friends and fam. like that.
    Curiously enough I happen to have many friends and fam that voted for him that are simply right wing lunatics! Most are at least agnostic and some are committed atheists though most of them won’t admit it. As it turns out if they listen to any news at all it’s fox or worse.
    The xitian ones watch fox incessantly, no doubt egged on by their church leaders.
    that is all.

  14. His supporters won’t change their minds and the Republicans in Congress will won’t impeach under any circumstances because it weakens their own positions. If anything is going to happen it needs to come from the enforcement, prosecutorial, and judicial areas.

  15. The scary thing is that if Trump is removed we’re stuck with a wannabe Nehemiah Scudder.

  16. Aggieland Liz says:

    Oldymoldy: you mistake me! Micr seemed to think his bride’s sister did not have a real news source; Mr Trump was heavily backed in certain churches, by the faithful, if not by the pulpit. So that was a possibility for a news source. Now, it was a wee bit snarky, because the faithful of the church I attend went heavily for Trump, because most of ’em are clueless about what they actually proclaim they believe! As Rhea remarked in a later comment section, they “worship” poor Jesus with zero understanding of what he came to accomplish, utterly unacquainted with the Gospel He proclaimed. And many of them have been misled by their clergy folk, although I don’t think that’s the case at my church, where the clergy are not encouraged to be politically active!