And The Crazier She Gets …

April 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

You know how when Pinocchio told a lie, his nose grew?  Well, something akin to that is happening with Governor Jan Brewer.  The crazier she gets, the bigger her hair grows.


I fear that one day soon she will become a large bleach blonde version of a hot air balloon and become Arizona’s entry into the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  Okay, I’m lying.  I do not fear that.  I look forward to it like a kid at Christmas.

Here’s her latest tumble into the world of having loco camped out in her eyeballs.

Arizona cities and counties that hold community gun buyback events will have to sell the surrendered weapons instead of destroying them under a bill Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law Monday.

She argued that destroying these guns wastes taxpayers dollars.  But, crime scene investigations are cheap?  Plus, the people who surrendered their guns wanted them destroyed to keep them out of the hands of children, bad guys and Arizona Governors.

Brewer also signed a law barring “cities, towns and counties from collecting or maintaining any identifying information about a person who owns or sells a firearm.”

I think the next one is requiring that all legally blind people must carry a firearm at all times.

Thanks to Sam and Julie for the heads up.

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19 Comments to “And The Crazier She Gets …”

  1. So I guess when Arizona holds buyback events one side of the facility will have a line of people surrendering them and on the other side of the facility there will be a line of criminals and crazy people buying them.

  2. maryelle says:

    From now on, people who want their guns off the street in AZ will have to bury them and hope Fido doesn’t dig. Looks like Jan has a few buried in that hair-don’t.

  3. Her hair blew up and imploded her brain, tiny as it was. And next the NRA will buy her some wigs…and mayb even a new brain.

  4. UmptyDump says:

    Hey! Let’s think of the government revenue potential for collectors’ items like the gun that Jared Lee Loughner used on Gabby Giffords and other Tucson area victims! Jan Baby could even headline an auction and run the bidding herself! (No background checks, however, because that would surely impinge on buyers’ Second Amendment rights to promote love and brotherhood by extermination, intimidation and fear.)

  5. daChipster says:

    So sell them to a blacksmith for a penny each so he can beat them into plowshares.

  6. Had to post a question…Do ya think that big hank of hair in front is holding her brain in, or pullin it out?

  7. Just remember, Louisiana just recently had many of its laws denying felons the right to own guns declared unconstitutional, all because the citizens decided to make gun ownership a ‘fundamental right’. So now you’ll see a bank robber using a gun that he purchased right after getting out of jail for bank robbery.

    And you thought Texas (and Arizona) were crazy?

  8. On behalf of all us New Mesicans, let me say that we do NOT look forward to a Brewer Balloon in our fiesta!

    Darth Vader? Cool.
    Smokey da Bear? Way Cool.
    Brewer? Not gonna happen. (I am working on a stoopid-seeking missile as I type.)

    You will note I was not kidding about Darth. Or Smokey!

  9. Perhaps Jan is in competition with Mrs. Gingrich’s “helmet hair” … did you see Callista and Newtie at the White House’s Correspondence Dinner the other night … good grief … she looked like a ballooned out bobble head! Jan’s not there yet, but she’s working on it!

  10. Sam in Kyle says:

    Could Ted Cruz be her love child? GOP-controlled states seem to have a race to the bottom going.

  11. Ever notice how the allegedly conservative Republicans love-love-love local control and hate big govt.? That is, until they ARE the big govt. and the local cities or counties try to exercise that local control.

  12. When I see some of these old Arizona women and what that sun has done to them, I feel better about living in the Alaska rainforest.

  13. TexasEllen says:

    Just for fun, Dems across the state lines from Arizona in Las Vegas ought to hold buy backs and welcome the Arizona folks to “Cross over to Sanity” events. Maybe the casinos would pitch in some chips to sweeten the buyback deals.

  14. I think Jan did try Botox, but it seeped out of face into her hair. That is a strange hairdon’t she has; it looks like the bump-it she usually wears on the back of her head immigrated to the left side.

    Marcia, I noticed Callista’s hair too. It was bigger than any football helmet I’ve ever seen.

  15. I agree with JJ about this governor, but just remember governors can’t sign bills that weren’t passed by the state lege; so, apparently she’s in cahoots with a ton of crazies in the lege. Do most of them have fly-ball hair like Bev or bullet-proof hair like Calista?

  16. Corinne Sabo says:

    Brewer is what Palin will look like in a few years. That is not a compliment to either female.

  17. maryelle says:

    I’m getting an uneasy feeling that the Louisiana Purchase and Texas Annexation might have been huge mistakes, given what’s been coming out of there. No offense to the few rational people left but, can we have a do-over?

  18. RepubAnon says:

    So let me get this straight: Arizona now has “a law barring ‘cities, towns and counties from collecting or maintaining any identifying information about a person who owns or sells a firearm.'”

    So, if a convicted felon or a gang member wants their police files purhed, all they have to do is own or sell a gun? What about folks that sell guns to drug cartel members?

    The mind boggles…

  19. I think wanted to be queen Ann and Jan could be sisters. I want to give a heads up for any others in AZ who couldn’t pay credit card debit and get taken to court. This lovely women signed a law last year that makes it eaiser for them to take everything you have that includes your house. On what is supposed to be unsecured debit, not in AZ. We most likely are being forced into being bankrupt. Just more republicans gone wild, they hate us so much they are letting big money kill off all of us. There is no end to their greed. What they don’t get is someday when they have taken it all from us they will come after them. All of these people are serial killers and have no empathy at all.