And The Crazier He Gets …

April 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Republicans created Ted Cruz, knew he was a snake, and are now acting all shocked that he’s biting them with venom strong enough to jump start a nuclear submarine.

Take Romney hack Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post today.  She calls him a jerk for his narcissistic attack on his fellow Republicans, recounting how he baffled them all with one simple word:  squishes.

Ted Cruz is the only person I know who can strut sitting down.

Rubin says Cruz shows a lack of maturity and sophistication.   No shoot, Sherlock.  And those are his good qualities.

She continues —

For starters, it’s just not smart to annoy colleagues whose cooperation and support you’ll need in the future. Second, as a conservative he should understand humility and grace are not incompatible with “standing on principle”; the absence of these qualities doesn’t make him more principled or more effective. Third, for a guy who lacks manners (see his condescending questioning of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) he comes across as whiny. They yelled at me! Boo hoo, senator.

I’d like to say one thing to Rubin, the Republican political hack:  you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.  He’s yours.  You built him, Dr. Frankenstein.

Ted Cruz wants to be Mr. Republican.  That’s fine with me.  He doesn’t care whose ox he gores, just so long he draws blood and gets credit for it.  That’s why he’s a Republican.

Thanks to Steve for the heads up.

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19 Comments to “And The Crazier He Gets …”

  1. Ted is determined to drag dumb down to a whole ‘nother level..

  2. maryelle says:

    Cruz is a true sociopath, lacking empathy and totally focused on his own ends. His only political value lies in his ability to alienate most of the Repugs in the Senate. The danger here is that they don’t know how to stop him.

  3. MCPO Ret says:

    We Texans allowed Cruz to be elected. He doesn’t care who he pisses off, or what party they belong to.
    He’s doing exactly what Texas voters want him to do, look and sound stupid and step on toes.
    If we don’t get off our butts, our whole country will be applauding the Cruzes, Bachmanns, Gohmerts and Stockmans.

  4. Oh my…doesn’t she use a dictionary either? The Repugs and admirers are beginning to sound like battling clicques at a hi school prom, which will appeal to their lowest-common-denominator fan base. They should start publishing their own tabloid. The Donald, Sarah, Glenn and Rush would be so thrilled…Bet they could get start-up funds from Rupert Mudcroak!

  5. UmptyDump says:

    Just like I’ve been sayin’. Cruz is like a fireworks rocket with a huge display and no staying power.

  6. Let me state that I’m a Republican, and have been for years. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve had the prefrontal lobotomy that’s been a requirement of GOP membership over the last 14 years or so. Because I’ve retained my sanity and intelligence, I can still tell the difference between a politician and a walking piece of offal, and Rafael “Ted” Cruz brings shame to offal. But because he pandered to the Tea Party types and the clueless pretending to be an ‘All-American male’ he won the election… and has shown to the rest of the country just how truly stupid our voters are here in Texas.

    If this was the best we could come up with to represent Texas, then next time let’s elect an empty chair.

  7. MCPO Ret says:

    Many people think Cruz is after McCarthy’s place in history.
    He’s after Martin Dies, Jr.’s spot. Martin used his House UnAmerican Activities Committe to claim that 10yr. old Shirley Temple was a communist.

  8. I’m pretty sure that when they all laid down, the dogs didn’t have fleas. What a terrible pestilence to foist off on man’s best furry friends.

  9. Miss Prissybritches..... says:

    Democrats in Texas will be proud to say that voting should be as easy as A B C…. Anyone But Cornyn, Anyone But Cruz. The (R)obot (R)epublicans can stay home from the voting booths in droves, and in shame for what they have done to the nation by sending idiots to Washington… Senate A*N*D the HOUSE of Representatives. Disgraceful. Disgusting. Toads.

  10. Can’t we just declare Cruz an enemy combatant and a threat to America and ship him off to some remote torture location?

    I’m not a fan of those sorts of illegal and unconstitutional actions, but if we are going to be doing them, can’t we at least use them for good instead of evil?

  11. And that mavericky plan worked so well for Gov. Sarah Palin. Why wouldn’t the “brilliant” Sen. Cruz try it?

  12. Uncle Dave says:

    Cruz could not have won without the support of fomer members of the shrinking middle class who vote their prejudices rather than their interests and the interests of their children. Until they wake up and fight back Texans will be represented by the likes of Cruz, Cornyn, Gohmert, Farenthold……..

  13. maryelle simply nailed it in her post!

  14. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Imagine how uncomfortable the Republican Caucus meetings must be when the only one who will sit next to Crazy Cruzy is Rand Paul. And nobody wants to sit next to Rand Paul.

  15. TalG–

    One of my schoolteachers a half a century ago explained the difference between a politician and a statesman, and I think that part of what annoys you is that our government is now run so completely by politicians that statesmen have no chance.

    And no, it’s not “both sides of the aisle”; it’s one side, and it’s loud and it’s noisy and it’s ugly. And an empty chair isn’t the answer (as Clint Eastwood so ably demonstrated); the answer is finding more people like you who understand that “centrist” doesn’t mean “evil” and that “serving one’s country” doesn’t mean undercutting the finest form of government in the world.

    It means getting back to the part of the four gospels that says to love one another, to be kind to those less fortunate, to ignore your own wealth for the sake of those who have less (without blaming them for having less), for leaving others alone to lead their own lives rather than dictating your own sense of justice.

    We have a long way to go, and the loudmouths on one side of the aisle aren’t even close.

  16. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Well they should have known better than to choose someone with the same first name as ole poopy pants Nugent. They do seem to have more than the name in common though.

  17. Ms Rubin says there are conservatives who have grace and humility. Can anyone name some?

  18. gabberflasted says:

    “…. strut while sitting down.” JJ you continue to top yourself. Were I able to convert your word prowess to plant food, I could feed the world.