And Maybe That’s Why We’re Red in Texas

April 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

The national Democratic Party has used Texas as an ATM machine for longer than I can count.  The state has not gone blue for President since Jimmy Carter.

Check this out

… for 2008, another presidential election year, Texans gave $15.7 million to Democratic candidates and committees and followed up with $17.9 million for 2010. So far this cycle, donors have given $7.4 million.

For decades, Democratic Party leaders and influentials have stood by and watched this happen, even participating.  Meanwhile, local Democratic parties struggle to stay afloat and even pay rent on headquarters.  And the state party is flat broke.

I, too, open my wallet to folks from foreign states.  However, I match those donations at home in Texas.

I have a suggestion.  We need to ask foreign candidates to leave 10% of what they raise in Texas in Texas.  Leave us a tip.  Help fund a program to get out Hispanic voters and Texas will turn blue.  I promise you that.

Let me give you an example of what we’re facing.  Barack Obama came to Houston and raised $2.7 million in one night.  A week after that, I had to drive to Austin and beg, seriously, beg  for 10 Obama rally signs to use at a fundraiser I was giving locally for Get Out The Vote efforts.  And, to make matters worse, I live in the county that HAS to flip if Democrats are to win the state.  We carried 49% for Obama 4 years ago.

I begged and got 8 rally signs.

The campaign  probably pays 25 cents each for those rally signs, maybe even less, but you’d have thought I asked for the Holy Grail just to get 8 stinkin’ rally signs.  I do not blame President Obama for that.  I blame the damn consultants and money men who are totally unwilling to help local parties.

I made $10,000 on the fundraiser for our local Silver Democrats club and we’ll buy our own damn rally signs from an independent supplier.  But, we are limited by law to spending no more than $1,000 on a national campaign.  So, unless someone gives us Obama materials, we’re screwed.  Right along with other Democrats in Texas.

It pisses me off.

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12 Comments to “And Maybe That’s Why We’re Red in Texas”

  1. How much would it cost to make sure everyone that wants a state ID to vote gets one I wonder.
    Fight voter suppersion!

  2. Precinct1233 says:

    How can I order and send you Obama signs? Happy to do it, since I get so much pleasure out of your blog.

    (and yeah, when I was in Dallas, we had exactly the same problems with the national campaigns–we solved them by buying from the national campaign and then selling the signs locally to raise money)

  3. VirginiaMary says:

    Party! Ron Paul and Son are planning a Tea Party rally in Austin this Sunday. I’m sure there will be some opposition who show up and may even be willing to help the State Democratic Party with local donations.

  4. Had the same problem in the last election. Had to go buy an Obama yard sign..This is…. in plain language….. bull-sh**.
    (sorry Momma.) My neighbor down the street has “Paul, Talton, and I forget how many more Repubs he’s pushing.).

    We should not have to “buy and sell” when the national campaigns come here …. year after year…. to raise fund.

    National Democratic Party…. I got news for you.


    Either support us…. or we will NOT….. will NOT support you.

    I’m really sick of this. ..

    You either work for, and with us… or we quit working for you.

  5. daChipster says:

    A long time ago in a smoke-filled room far, far away…


    Episode IV
    a Re Hope

    It is a period of civil war.
    Liberal organizers striking
    from many local offices won
    a great victory against
    the Evil GOP Empire.

    During the battle, liberal
    activists managed to steal
    the secret plans to the GOP’s
    ultimate weapon, the
    DEATH SIGN, an armored
    yard sign with enough
    power to put a serious
    hitch in the planet’s

    Pursued by the Empire’s
    sinister sign crew, Princess
    Juanita Jean races across the
    South, custodian of the
    stolen plans that can save
    her people, and restore
    freedom to the beauty shop…

  6. Uncle Dave says:

    Better the national campaigns should take the money and leave rather than send some political neophyte “down South” to tell us how to appeal to local voters. Too, too often a national Democratic campaign has annointed some bright young person from “back East” to run the local campaign with two repeated, unfortunate results: experienced political operatives who live here and know the voters are ignored, and, worse, the outlanders leave town owing money to local businesses that is only paid if we pay it.

  7. Juanita Jean says:

    Uncle Dave, amen.

    Precinct 1233 – we’re okay for now, but if it happens again, I’ll put out a call. I’m headed back to Texas tomorrow.

  8. OldMayfly says:

    So right, Juanita. Every county needs to build a Democratic field team. I lived in a swing state once where our district had a good opportunity to take a US House seat from the rubber-stamp Republican who held it.

    Our guy was likable, had strong family and business connections in the district, and money to burn. Unfortunately he had no political experience and he hired a “turn-key operation” from DC to run his campaign. No local input at all. The professional experts wasted the candidate’s time and energy, offended locals without knowing it, missed opportunities they didn’t recognize, and generally blew it.

  9. Helen Wheels says:

    I am so tired of constant fund raising calls from the national committees (Democratic Senate Campaign Committee and House Campaign Committee). They clearly hire professional solictors who must work on commission. They are extremely pushy and give democrats a bad name. I also got a call from someone on behalf of the Texas Democratic Party who was a clueless professional solicitor. She just could not vary from her script, even when I said I was in a hurry, to please cut her canned script and I would make a donation. I finally said “honey when someone tells you they are going to give you money you need to quit reading your script and take their money before they change their mind.”

  10. daChipster says:

    I must confess that I was one of those guys from “Back East” with two small differences 1) I was actually from Chicago and 2) I actually had a lot of experience. But I worked with a lot of young, able organizers from East and West, here in the swing state of Ohio, which otuside of the the “3Cs and T” – Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Toledo – is about as Red as it gets.

    I was responsible for two counties, and dealt with two local Democratic county organizations. One group had just been taken over in a coup by a young, go-get ’em attorney whose husband was the new chair. The other had just been taken over in a coup by a young, go-get ’em attorney who was himself the new chair.

    Neither group had a pot to pee in, nor a window to throw it out of. Both groups were rife with factionalism. Everyone in each group had his or her own agenda, most of which involved running for something.

    Many of my volunteers came from people on the outs with the ones in power. I had to kick one of the attorneys OFF the campaign, for being disruptive.

    I only had a budget to open a single office. I cold-called a local Republican factory owner who was known to have Obama signs in his yard. He financed our second office, with both a pot AND a window, through the local Dems.

    Every organizer I worked with had similar stories – good organizations and bad to deal with. As I stayed in Ohio and became involved in politics here more, I also heard the other side of the story from local organizations – good organizers and bad.

    There’s one things that organizers and organizations will NEVER agree on, however.

    We organizers hate, Hate, HATE yard signs.

  11. Jaunita,
    i love you and love to keep up with what’s happening in my native state, But the truth of the matter is that the Dem party in Texas has trouble with the whole ass/elbow thing.
    in 2006, The Dems came calling on my brother Rev. Kerry L Horn, a Friggin Dem. Baptist preacher, to run against smarmy Jim Pitts. Well halfway through the election, the Dems decided they had enough Dirt on Pitts to keep him in line and left my brother hanging out to dry. He damn near went bankrupt funding his campaign himself with no help from the state party and still got over 35 % of the vote.Without even a thank you from the state party, he ended up losing his church, his standing in the community, everything and spent 2 years completely unemployable because he “came Out” as a Baptist Dem. Preacher publicly, at the state parties insistence, Which by the way, should have been the Repugnicans worst nightmare. HE has spent the last 5 years dealing with the fall out which included having to move out of the community he raised his children in, and most recently, having an a near fatal aneurysm brought on by the continued financial stress of running a campaign on Credit Cards and loans because this is America, where anyone can get elected – As long as they have several million in the bank.
    I have not given anything but my vote to the Dem party since – when they pay him back for giving up his livelyhood and economic life for them, I will reconsider.

  12. Uncle Dave says:


    You didn’t go south, or west; you went east! Also you stayed in Ohio, and I’ll wager you paid for the Pizza’s, and the beer, and the office supplies, and the beer that were consumed at both HQs.