And in Other News…the Other Shoe

January 11, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Big news days yesterday and today.  The Cheetopalooza in front of the press was, in his own words, “a disgrace”.  While calling the intelligence dossier “fake news”, and unsubstantiated, he categorically denied it.  THEN, a BBC correspondent, Paul Wood, revealed that there is a SECOND source confirming the assertions in the report:

AND, in other well timed irony, the law firm advising CJ on his conflicts, by pure coincidink, is Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, which has been named “Russia Law Firm of the Year” for 2016 by law profession directory Chambers & Partners for its “high-profile” work in Russia.

It doesn’t get any better than this.  I’m popping popcorn.

Can you imagine how difficult it has been today for conservatives today to explain to their children the meaning of golden showers?  LOL!!!

(sorry, Momma)

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23 Comments to “And in Other News…the Other Shoe”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    Bets on which day the final implosion is before 1/20?

  2. Maybe my bad dream will be over soon. At least I can hope. Why is the tape dated 2016? Wasn’t it made in 2017?

  3. So with all this crap showering down all over him and his minions — and we can probably expect it to continue, remind me WHY he is still where he is??? He is such an embarrassment to our country and our beliefs.

    When is someone going to step up and say, “Smile. You’ve been on candid camera now for long enough! It was just a joke.”

  4. If these charges are substantiated, can the whole Trump Circus be impeached? Presumably Mike Pence knew what was afoot as did most of the inner circle. Imagine how wonderful not to hear any of them again. Especially Kellyanne Conwoman. Heard Carl Bernsein refer to her as Propaganda Manager and Trump’s head of disinformation.

  5. Lisbeth Echeandia says:

    Don’t think I imagined it … When the BBC guy asked the question, Trump said, BBC … there’s another beauty. Suggestion. Don’t piss the BBC off. Really.

  6. Bwahahahahahaha!

    Will the cocksplat’s reign be shorter than Garfield’s term? (Is he the pres who died of pneumonia after 19 days?)

  7. Robin Frazier says:

    Trump might die of Polonium though…

  8. slipstream says:

    While I have been using “President Pussygrabber” to refer to our inspiring leader, “President Golden Showers” does have a certain poetic ring to it. Decisions, decisions.

  9. Lol golden showers?
    Sane people understood that’s what Conservatives really meant by their deranged ‘Tinkle Down Economics’, or “I got mine so Piss on you Jack’ Economics

  10. I’m not sure this will have any effect. Trump supporters have ignored every other unsavory thing about him. Why would this be an exception?

  11. LynnN, if these charges are substantiated, Trump’s fate isn’t going to be up to his supporters. It’s going to be decided by Congress. Now I know the Rethugs may rally round their leader, but there seems to be a crack in the party, with more and more Republicans jumping ship over the Russian thing. This just might force a bipartisan move for impeachment. One can only pray.

  12. Debbo, that was William Henry Harrison in 1841. James Garfield was assassinated in 1881.

    None of this is going to get rid of Trump (and if it did we’d have RWNJ Pence). It’s just going to make him uglier and more tainted.

  13. austinhatlady says:

    Been debating with self on which would be more damaging to America: Trump managing not to blow a gasket and being able to wreck irrational havoc on the constitution and laws of this country or dying/being incapacited due to blowing a gasket and leaving Pence to impose cold blooded right-wing fury on the American people. Of course, I’m laid up with mountain cedar inflicted sinus infection & vertigo, and readon my way out of a Puffs with lotion box.

  14. Nancy in IL says:

    It seems 4chan was trolling neocons et al:

    Ya just can’t trust anyone anymore, and certainly not the MSM.

  15. For those who do not have sufficient bandwidth to watch vids or listen to clips (like me)here is a link to the article on BBC

    BBC News – Trump ‘compromising’ claims: How and why did we get here?

  16. Donald Trump has done his fair share of lying to the news organizations about POTUS Obama and he had no problems with his lies.
    Muslim, not a US citizen, remember when he supposedly hired a team of private investigators to go to Hawaii to dig up the dirt on POTUS Obama and we were promised some really salacious stuff? Made all those innuendos and NEVER held the press conference
    Nothing came of any of these accusations and Trump has no problem using news organizations for these false accusations.

    Karma is a wonderful thing. Get used to it Trump.

  17. Jane & PKM says:

    The sleeping media appears to have awakened to a degree. A little late, but they have noticed their “ox is being gored.” It’s not a complex battle. Teamwork. Organize. Unionize.

    Their first big mistake was not rallying around Katy Tur when the Orange Foolius bullied her. So late to the game, but be a team now and protect your own. Ask their question and when necessary form a physical phalanx around whomever OF attacks.

    Reporters may work for one of 6 major organizations, but they can’t fire all of you. Unionize.

    Sean Spicer and Kellyanne have spent any political capital/respect they may have once had defending OF. So when they spin and lie themselves into the ground and refuse to answer questions, cut their mics. Quit inviting them to spew, until their manners improve.

  18. I thought the only Billionaire that took golden showers was Scrooge McDuck…

  19. Linda Phipps says:

    Jane & PKM, I particularly endorse your suggestion to cut the mike. Treat them as “virtual” people.

    I have a couple of packets of powdered cheese (to sprinkle on popcorn), now I don’t know whether to continue to use it or imagine it as “golden showers” … YUM YUM.

  20. Sam in San Antonio says:

    What’s the difference between a lentil and a chickpea?

    Trump would never pay $1000 to have a lentil on his face.

  21. What you hear is me giggling and caching up a storm!
    Holy guacamole!

  22. Damn spell check! I am definitely laughing and CACKLING cuz Trump thinks he’s Jason Bourne! Asset my you know what!

  23. Jane & PKM says:

    *** Mama please do not open this link***

    Samantha Bee takes on Leakgate